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Moroccan Hassan Minaret Tower; A building that was never completed

at Robat , a tower called The Moroccan Hassan Tower , a relic of the Movahedun dynasty, is a memorial to future generations. Join us in this fascinating and readable article to know where Burj Hassan is and get to know its beauties more than before.


The Hassan Minaret Tower belongs to a large mosque, and the remaining minarets date back to the time when the third caliph of the united monarchy in West Africa decided to build the tallest minaret in the world, and he ordered the construction of this great mosque. The reign of Sultan Yaqub al-Mansour was one of the golden eras Morocco and architecture, philosophy and science They reached their peak. According to the article Where is the Tower of Hassan, you should know that the memorial mosque of the booksellers Koutoubia and Al Mansouria in Morocco, the kasbah of the Udayas, was also built during his reign and has been left as a precious heritage for the future from the twelfth century.

The construction of this mosque and its minarets was one of the works of Sultan Yaq Webb al-Mansour, like other ambitious kings, did his best to make a name for himself in the future. However, after his death in 1199, this half-finished minaret was left forever. This mosque with several walls, tall columns, marble floors and incomplete minarets, if completed, would be considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This building has a capacity of twenty thousand worshipers. The height of the tower is now 44 meters, but its actual size was 80 meters. Dorta around the minarets is beautifully decorated and unique in its kind. Ramps used to transport materials by animals still remain. The ramps, in addition to transporting materials, were a place for muezzins to go to the second floor during the call to prayer so that their voices could be heard throughout the city.

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