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Myakjima Island; A polluted island in Japan

One area where one can easily claim to have been a skilled creator in creating strange and memorable memories is Miajima Island in Japan is Miyake Island. Entering an island where we see the natives with masks on their faces, looking at every corner of it, gives us a sense of fear and excitement. Join us in this article to get a little more familiar with Miyake Island in Japan.

Miyakima Volcano has maintained its volcanic activity for many years and covers all areas Tokyo

If we want to know more about how and how much activity of this volcanic mountain, we should be reminded that every day about 42 thousand tons of toxic gas from the crater of this volcanic mountain to the air of Miyakima Island and all the inhabitants Impress. If you ask locals and researchers about the volcano on this mountain, the first thing that will come to your mind is that every 20 years, the time interval between the volcano and the next volcano. I also experienced years on this island where Mask could not help but breathe and continue living. There have been years when the level of pollution has been very low.

If we take a look at the chart of Miyakejima air pollution in Japan Miyake Island, we will see an upward and downward growth. The island has witnessed an earthquake and is uninhabited and has returned to normal with the patience and help of the people.

You may be surprised that such an island with polluted air and full of toxic gases attracts a large number of tourists every year! One of the reasons for the high presence of tourists on Miyake Island can be nothing but the strange faces of the people and the activity of the old volcanic mountain! Miyakima is not an ordinary island or region where everyone can easily enter and go sightseeing and make beautiful memories for themselves! On the contrary!!! If a tourist gets there without information and awareness of pollution, his lungs will undoubtedly suffer serious damage! So if your list of tourist destinations includes Myakjima Island, be sure to complete your research on its special masks and weather conditions.

One of the important tasks of the officials of this region is to install alarm sirens to inform the people about the amount of toxic gases in the air. If you walk on this island, you will notice that experienced doctors are always ready to help the natives and tourists in the corner. Do not worry about volcanoes, because satellite images always provide statistics of mountain activity to people and officials.

Travel to Miyakima Island in Japan to experience the true sense of dread and excitement throughout your life and journey. This island will surely bring you unique memories.

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