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Negin Derakhshan Shakhab Pars; Kish Island

Famous and unique landscapes, sunset and sunrise behind the sea, its reflection in the Persian Gulf along with the ghost of an ancient ship can be seen only on Kish Island. Different types of birds will welcome you to stay with the dolphins for a few hours and enjoy the tunnel of the colorful land of fish. Discovering colorful fish under the sea while diving in the depths of the Persian Gulf or flying over it can be an exciting experience on Kish Island. This time we want to read a complete travel guide to Kish in Alibaba Magazine .

What is the area of ​​Kish Island?

Kish Island is located in Hormozgan province, southern Iran and in the Persian Gulf, and has an area of ​​90 square kilometers.

What is the weather like in Kish?

The air of Kish is hot and humid and its average annual temperature reaches 26.6 degrees Celsius.

How many people live in Kish?

The population of Kish Island in 2016 according to the population and housing census was about 40 thousand people.

What is Kish souvenir?

In addition to southern fish and seafood, chocolate and coffee are popular Kish souvenirs that can be prepared cheaper than other Iranian cities on the island.

Genesis of Kish Island

Mountains are formed due to the movement of the earth’s plates and the pressure on each other. Following this movement about 200 million years ago, the Arabian Peninsula moved northeast, seceding from Africa and joining the Asian continent. This movement put pressure on the Iranian plateau from the southwest and folded, which created the Zagros Mountains.

The height of this mountain range from Dena Peak gradually decreased to the Persian Gulf, and finally these folds were submerged in the Persian Gulf. Kish Island and other islands in the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf are part of these folds. The islands of Hindurabi and Lavan in the northwest and southeast of Kish are other islands formed as a result of this phenomenon. After the formation of Kish Island, the water level of the Persian Gulf rose and the island sank.

The water was shallow and adequate light and heat provided a good breeding ground for corals. In addition, favorable environmental conditions created opportunities for other aquatic and aquatic species, oysters and other animals to grow. Over time, a compact crust formed from the remnants of the coral limestone crust on the surface of the island.

History of Kish Island

In the dialect of the native people, the deep canal where the water comes out of the aqueduct is called “Kish”. Kish is the only island in the Persian Gulf that has a freshwater aqueduct. For this reason, the island was named Kish. Kish was very important during the reigns of the kings of Elam and Assyria. The conflict of the civilizations of that time, especially Sumerian and Elamite, was strongly influenced by the culture of these civilizations. Most ancient ships came directly to the Persian Gulf from Susa and the Karun River and were transported from the Persian Gulf to the northern shores. تاریخچه جزیره کیش The islands of Hormoz, Qeshm and Kish were located at the end of this region and as the main station for preparation and exchange of goods and commercial needs, They were considered naval bases. From the time of the Achaemenids, Parthians and Sassanids, this island was dominated by Iran. Kish Island was first recorded in the memoirs of Nearchus, the Greek sailor, in 325 BC. When he was commissioned by Alexander to explore the Persian Gulf. In the Middle Ages, Kish became an important trading center dominated by the power of the Arab dynasty. With the spread of Islam, the island was occupied by the Umayyad caliphs and this continued until 249 AH.

In that year, one of the people of Iran disobeyed the caliph and occupied all the islands of the Persian Gulf, including Kish. The Portuguese were in Kish until the Safavid era and unfortunately left no trace except destruction. Until finally, after the end of the war against the Ottomans, Shah Abbas began to liberate Bahrain, Hormuz and Kish from foreign domination. During the Seljuk period, the island became the largest commercial center of the Persian Gulf. Kish was at the peak of development and prosperity in the fifth to seventh centuries. In addition, the martyrdom of Iranian and Arab historians and travelers, the remains of the historic city of Harira, is a good testament to the importance of Kish.

Kish was one of the major centers of trade in the Ilkhanid, Timurid and Atabak periods. Kish was famous for the quality of its pearls. When Marco Polo visited the imperial court in China, he spoke of the beauty of the pearls worn by one of the emperor’s wives, that they came from Kish. In the 14th century, Kish declined. During the Pahlavi period, it was developed as a semi-private place for the Shah and his guests. With an international airport, luxury hotels and even a large casino. The island was bought and sold several times. In 1970, delegations of American and Iranian experts visited the island.

Due to its geographical and strategic location, Kish was considered as an international center of tourism and trade. Finally, in 1992, with the establishment of the Kish Free Zone Organization, the rapid development of the island began.

Geographical location of Kish

Kish Island is located in Hormozgan province, in the south of Iran and in the Persian Gulf, and has an area of ​​90 square kilometers and was known as “Qais” in the past. Kish has a beautiful and unique nature. Kish beaches Calm with coral sands, clear water with unparalleled clarity that you can see aquatic life at a depth of several meters. do. Proper vegetation, greenery and freshness, especially in the seven months of the year, provide a beautiful landscape for the island. Kish attracts more than one million nature and sea lovers every year. Kish Island is relatively flat. The relative height of the island is about 32 meters and the highest point in the east is about 45 meters above sea level. So the beach leads to the sea with a relatively gentle slope. Kish Island has a coral structure. Coral islands are usually formed by the distribution of coral and other organic matter in anticlines, salt domes, and volcanic material.

 Climate Kish

The air of Kish is hot and humid and its average annual temperature reaches 26.6 degrees Celsius. The climate of this island is affected by the northwestern and southern air masses and the amount of rainfall on this island is low. In the winter months, it rains mostly. Humidity is high in summer and can even reach 100%.


Palm orchards, native Iranian melon trees and non-native trees such as Pakistani melon, eucalyptus, acacia, conocarpus and silk are among the vegetation of Kish Island. There are famous vineyards on the island. The rare Lore tree has also been grown on the island since the Portuguese arrived in Kish. Kish is located in the subtropical region of southern Iran in terms of vegetation. The plants of this region are resistant to drought, which has made the plants in the region more adaptable.

Best time to visit Kish

All travelers believe that forecasting the weather of the travel destination is one of the most important points before the trip. Also, to determine the best season to travel to Kish, you need to know the weather of the destination throughout the trip. Due to the high number of tourists on Kish Island, weather information is required for all travelers to make the most of their travel time.


Since the best time to visit Kish Island is early winter to mid-spring, the weather on Kish Island is cool and pleasant this season. However, the sea water is too cold for swimming in winter.


Due to the temperate climate of Kish, autumn is a good season to visit this island. You can also swim in the sea on the first of autumn. Kish is not too crowded in autumn, in addition to having nice weather. However, this season you may encounter heavy rains and stormy seas. So, if you want to enjoy water sports such as shuttle, diving and boating in the fall, be sure to do these activities when the sea is not stormy. To ensure this, check the weather before traveling to Kish.


The weather in Kish is temperate until early May and the humidity does not bother you until early June. Also, at this time you can enjoy swimming and water sports. Note that during Nowruz, Kish is full of tourists, so you should book your tour services in advance or to avoid the crowds of Nowruz, do not travel to this island during this period.


Hot and humid summer weather is not a good season to visit Kish Island. However, travel costs are kept to a minimum this season and shopping malls offer good discounts. Also, due to the school holidays, Kish is full of travelers in summer.

Culture and lifestyle

The population of Kish Island in 2016 according to the population and housing census is about 40 thousand people. Kishvand is the title of the citizens of Kish. Dashdasheh is a long dress worn by local men. Citizens celebrate Eid al-Adha, which is the most important holiday for the people of the region. Not all citizens of Kish are immigrants. There is a group of Kish people who are considered to be among the natives of this island. The culture of the natives of Kish is like the culture of the people of Hormozgan and Bushehr.

The people of this area are very noble and hospitable. The oldest residential area of ​​Kish is Baghu village, for more information about it you can read the article . The natives are engaged in fishing, animal husbandry, seafaring and trade for living in Kish . Also, pearl fishing has been another work of the people of Kish in the past. indigenous and %20are%20mostly%20Dravidian,%20Nordic,%20Sami%20and%20Black%20and%20speak%20Arabic%20and%20Persian.%20Some%20of%20the%20islanders%20do%20service%20work%20through%20tourism%20and%20business%20development,%20while%20others%20do%20traditional%20work%20such%20as%20fishing%20and%20hunting.%20Local%20merchants%20also%20work%20in%20Safin%20Bazaar.%20The%20people%20of%20Kish%20have%20their%20own%20proverbs%20that%20are%20different%20from%20those%20of%20the%20neighboring%20islands.%20Such%20as:” leave the baking of nantes to baker even if he takes half it as his wage and not waste you carry seawater these proverbs may seem a little strange.> But since this island has been a place of trade and business in the past, such proverbs originate from the business thinking and entrepreneurship of the people of Kish. Traditional Kish dishes are often prepared with fish, which can include a variety of roasts, stews, greaves and jams. Named. غذاهای سنتی کیش Many Iranian pop singers hold concerts on Kish Island, which are usually well received by the people. In the field of sports, Kish Island has hosted numerous international sports events. It also has a history of hosting the World Beach Volleyball Championship. Kish is a good place to set up sports camps, and sometimes sports teams hold training camps on the island.

Water sports have a special place in Kish and are very popular. In addition to professional athletes, tourists also enjoy these sports and water sports. Among the water sports are Kish Shuttle, Banana, Parasailing, Diving, Jet Skiing, Kiteboarding, Cable Skiing and most recently Flyboarding.

Kish Travel Guide

If you know about hotels, food, shopping malls and religion, you will experience a better trip.

Where can we find the best hotels in Kish?

You have many options for staying in Kish such as hotels, villas and beach apartments. Due to the reasonable price, beach villas are a good offer for accommodation. But staying in luxury hotels in Kish can also be very exciting. For example, Sorento Hotel, Dariush Kish Hotel , Eram Hotel, hotel ترنج , Marina Park Hotel Kish , Flamingo Hotel and Shayan Kish Hotel The most luxurious and expensive options are for booking Kish Hotel . Shayan, Jamjameh, Sadat, Venus, Shaygan Kish Hotel , Holidays and Shabaviz are other good hotels and They are considered cheap in Kish.

Delicious food in which one of the restaurants in Kish?

Seafood is common in Kish, like other islands. But the island has its own local cuisine such as Samak Mashwi, Margoq or Margoog, Muharram, Mazroubeh, Magboos Lehm. There are many good restaurants in Kish that serve a variety of Iranian dishes as well as international dishes. For example, Kuh-e-Noor, Padideh, Uncle Akbar, Royal Star, Mir Mahna, Totti Frouti and Kish nights restaurants. If you are interested in eating fast food, Superstar Restaurant can be a good choice for you.

Cold drinks are really good because of the hot weather on the island. So Amir Chocolate Coffee Shop and its delicious ice cream can be a good suggestion. There are also beautiful cafes in Kish that you can enjoy, such as Cactus Cafe, Mikafa Cafe, Palm Beach Restaurant Cafe and Milajeh Cafe.

From which shopping centers should we buy Kish?

Each city has its own souvenirs. In addition to southern fish and seafood, chocolate and coffee are popular Kish souvenirs that can be prepared cheaper than other Iranian cities on the island. Kish Island has many shopping malls, most of which are close to each other, so you can visit them without wasting time. Pardis 1 and Pardis 2 shopping malls, Kish commercial center, Zaytoun shopping center and Paniz shopping center are the best places to shop on this island. مراکز خرید کیش

What are the sights and entertainment places of Kish

Kish Island has many tourist attractions and historical sites. For example, this underground city is Kariz, which is 570 million years old; In the ancient city of Harireh, the green tree is one of the oldest trees in Iran, the Greek ship is one of the ancient heritage of the island, the dolphin park, the bird park, the coral reefs, the hut hut and the safari. It is recommended to go to the clubs near the sea and the large recreational pier located in the east of the island. You can also enjoy water sports such as water skiing, scuba diving, jet skiing and parasailing. In the following, we will review some of the sights and entertainment places of Kish.

Dolphin Park

Kish Dolphin Park is a huge amusement park with an area of ​​100 hectares, which is located in the southeastern part of Kish Island. This complex hosts more than 20 species of marine mammals. Huge areas full of species of birds that fly or roam freely. Birds such as eagles, pelicans, flamingos, peacocks, toucans and ostriches. If you are looking for something exciting to do, you can take a photo on your shoulder with a trained hawk.

The second part is for reptiles, such as crocodiles, snakes and lizards, which lie motionless after eating, so you can see them. If you are brave enough, you can also have a souvenir photo with the giant python! After the reptiles section, there is a circus performance with acrobatic movements. There is also a bird show with colorful parrots or different types of birds. The dolphin show will be the last episode. You can watch dolphins play, swim and jump around. Even children can swim with these clever creatures and create happy memories on Kish Island. On the way back you can enjoy a walk in a small aquarium with rare and colorful fish, turtles and sharks in the Persian Gulf. If you are interested in animals, you must visit this place.

Kish Diving and Water Recreation Center

Diving in the depths of the Persian Gulf should be enjoyable. First you will see a quick short tutorial and then you will be given the necessary equipment. When everyone is ready, they will take you to the diving site by motorboat. You will dive into the water with the professions around you. There are special cameras for underwater photography. You do not want to get out of the water by watching the colorful fish and corals around you.

مرکز غواصی کیش

If you have never ridden a flyboard, you can try it on Kish Island. It may be hard at first, but once you learn how to keep your balance, you can enjoy the view of the sea beneath your feet. If you are interested, you can parachute over the sea with your friends or family and leave exciting memories on Kish Island.

جت اسکی

One of the pleasant pastimes for tourists, especially teenagers, is scuba diving. When you ride a parachute, a boat quickly lifts you up into the sky. You will see a beautiful view of Kish Island. You will experience a unique feeling of calm and the highest level of excitement in the azure sky and the clear and beautiful waters of the Persian Gulf.


Jet skiing is one of the most enjoyable pastimes in Kish. The thrill of speeding in the beautiful waters of the Persian Gulf by jet skiing provides memorable moments for tourists. By visiting one of the diving and sea clubs in Kish, you can use jet skiing and experience happy hours on the water.

Greek ship

The Kuala Lumpur, a Greek ship that has been in the western part of Kish Island since 1345. The cargo ship sank on the island when it was about to return to Greece from Iran. Its crew set it on fire after leaving the ship. This large old ship is located in a shallow bed near the shore and carries mystery and history and is now a symbol of Kish Island. Needless to say, this is the most photogenic place to photograph a sunset with a ship.

Greek ship has become one of the most important tourist attractions in Kish in recent years, where hundreds of people gather on the beach to watch the sunset. In the past, it was possible to visit inside a Greek ship with diving and boating programs. But now, due to the erosion of the ship by the sea, this program has been canceled and the ship can only be watched from the shore.

Kish beaches

Kish coral beaches shine in the sun. While the sandy beaches of many recreational areas around the world do not have such a view. The sea water near the shore is completely clear and the sea floor can be seen from a great distance.

Water transparency is due to the presence of corals around the island that purify the water. Kish has one of the longest coastal areas compared to other surrounding islands. Coconut tree beach is one of the most different and attractive beaches on Kish Island. This beach is located in the east of Kish Island and its area reaches 20,000 square meters. There are about 2,500 to 3,000 coconut trees on this beach. This beach is also used as a local park due to its pavilions and amenities. Marjan Beach Park, which is located near Marjan Bazaar, is one of the most spectacular centers in Kish and connects Marjan Bazaar to the beach. Kish coral beach is so blue and clean that any moving creature such as colorful shells of oysters and various snails and sea rocks that are brought to the beach, was observed underwater. Every year, many travelers and residents of the island spend their leisure time on this beach and enjoy the spectacular views of Kish.

آب های شفاف

Unlike crowded beaches in other places, the beach is a quiet place here. Fish and other unique marine animals live in the coastal waters of Kish. Visitors do not notice the passage of time when watching these species, which are easily visible. At the same time, the best quality edible fish is caught here. The coastal waters of Kish are one of the safest waters in the world where there are no sharks and you can swim in the water with ease. In this article, get to know Marjan Kish beach and its amazing entertainments.

The ancient city of Harira

Harireh, a city created in ancient times, amazes visitors today. This city is located in what is now called Kish. An ancient city in Iran, built in the eighth century. Found in the south-west of Asia due to its ancient architectural style, it is one of the most interesting places to visit.

Harirah has a public bath built for the city’s residents, and a mosque that was also used as a town hall. Also, a large house that passes through the groundwater canal is one of the attractions of this city. Although the city has ancient roots, many of its structures and features indicate that the people were very advanced and thought of meeting the daily needs of society, such as plumbing.

The porridge was originally made for easy access to the commercial port, for the export of one of its main products, date nectar. Lovers of history should definitely visit Harira because it has a lot to learn about ancient civilizations and their way of life.

شهر باستانی حریره

Kariz underground city

The underground city of Kariz Kish is made up of almost 2,000-year-old ancient aqueducts. The tunnels that were once used to transport water are now known as a cultural tourism complex for visitors. Kariz Kish has a lot to offer with its beautiful architecture and a large area of ​​10,000 square kilometers. Inside, there are many tourist facilities such as residential areas, souvenir shops and leisure centers.

The main attraction of this city is its coral roof inside the tunnels, which includes fossilized sea shells that are about 570 million years old. The corals in the tunnels acted as natural filters when transporting water. Kariz Kish also has a museum where you can find anything of historical significance. History lovers can find many historical monuments in Kish. These include many important ancient features such as fossils, ancient architecture and excavation finds.

شهر زیرزمینی کاریز

Boating with glass-bottomed boats

One of the unique and different experiences in the beautiful island of Kish is boating with glass bottom boats. As the name implies, the bottom of these boats is made of glass and the sea can be easily seen underfoot. This means that when you are in these boats, you can see the depths of the sea and its creatures. Watching the clear waters of the Persian Gulf and the unique sea creatures will be a memorable memory.

قایق های کف شیشه ای کیش

Horror Castle

Kish Horror Castle can be a good choice for fans of excitement and horror. This fort is the first fortress of terror in Iran. A cottage a few hundred meters on Kish Island, which is a place for its special enthusiasts, exciting and attractive. It is also an interesting pastime for curious and brave children and teenagers that you can even enjoy as a family. Of course, sometimes you have to run away unintentionally! We hope you find this article useful. If you have not traveled to Kish Island before, this article will be a good guide for you and if you are still planning to visit Kish, this time with more information along with details about the culture and customs of the people of Kish, shopping malls and places of interest and In the right season, visit this gem of the Persian Gulf.

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