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Neshat Garden and Mansion; The most beautiful tourist attraction of Larestan

Larestan was a region centered on Lar, and Iranians migrated from this city to the sheikhdoms south of the Persian Gulf. This city was important during the Safavid period due to its location on the Isfahan-Persian Gulf trade road and had a semi-independent government. His ruler ruled in a place called Neshat Lar Garden and Mansion, which is very spectacular. Join us in this fascinating and readable article to know where the Neshat Garden mansion is and discover its beauties.


The location of Neshat Garden and Mansion is next to the dry river and on the north side of Abbasi Bridge. Neshat mansion has several buildings: the main mansion has 3 floors, its area is 35 by 135 meters and the height of its porch is 2.5 meters. The octagonal opening is located in the central part of the royal residence. This opening was for lighting and ventilation of the underground and its basement has been a zurkhaneh in recent years. The second floor and its windbreak are completely destroyed. This mansion has beautiful beds and moqarnas and there are octagonal pools in its garden.

Bath of garden

This building was built at the same time as the main building during the Afshari period. In this bathroom, there are skylights that have glass in order to prevent cold air from entering and leaving hot air, and sunlight can be received through this way. This bathroom includes Binet, Meander and Greenhouse. In Bineh section, there is a pond that has the status of a water feature and a cold water scoop. These pools were used in ancient baths to prevent various diseases such as colds and flu.

There are two quasi-pools in the meander section and the water of these pools is taken from the main reservoir. One of the middle uses is to trap water vapor from these two ponds, which prevents cold air from entering the main and the greenhouse. The main greenhouse has 4 sections: cold water storage, hot water storage, cleaning area, main greenhouse hall. The greenhouse has four screwed columns, seven and fifty arches and a number of skylights, and its walls are decorated with beautiful limestone.

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