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Old Tehran Gate in Qazvin; Forgotten monument of Qajar

Old Tehran Gate in Qazvin; Forgotten monument of Qajar

Qazvin is one of the bittersweet cities of our beloved country Iran. According to the available evidence, this city dates back to the time of the Medes! Undoubtedly, a city like Qazvin with such antiquity has many historical attractions in its heart. But which of these attractions are you familiar with? Have you ever heard the name of the gate of old Tehran from the sights of Qazvin? In this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine we intend to take a short trip to Qazvin, one of the historical monuments of Qazvin, namely Introduce the gate of old Tehran to you dear friends.

Where is the address of Old Tehran Gate?

Qazvin Province – Qazvin – Old Tehran Square – the beginning of Old Tehran Street

Is the gate of old Tehran the same as the gate of Tehran Qazvin?

This gate has two names, Old Tehran and Tehran Qazvin, and is known by both names among the people of Qazvin.

How many gates of Tehran do we have in Iran?

There are several gates of Tehran in Iran, which are located in the cities of Qazvin, Isfahan, Arak and Tabriz.

History and antiquity of the gate of old Tehran

You may be wondering why there were gates at the entrance to cities in ancient times? Or rather, what was the purpose of building the gate in the previous governments? It is interesting to know that the old gates were the current police stations and police stations and were built to protect the city limits and prevent attacks, looting and theft.

Qazvin was no exception and 9 gates were built outside the city; Unfortunately, over time, the role of the gates diminished to the point that due to the expansion of the city and the increase in population, most of the gates of this city were destroyed. Out of a total of 9 Qazvin gates, the old Tehran gate and the Kushk gate have remained, and these two gates are now located inside the city.

Due to the antiquity of these historical monuments, at present these monuments are considered as sights of Qazvin.

Gate of Tehran Qazvin was built in 1347 during the Qajar period and is considered as a cultural and artistic element of Qazvin. The gate of old Tehran has been forgotten today and does not have the place it should have now. Tehran Gate Qazvin was one of the most important gates in the Qajar period and people in those days had to pass through it to get around.

دروازه تهران قدیم

Where is the gate of old Tehran?

Old Tehran Gate, also known as Old Tehran Gate, is located at the end of Old Tehran Street – Hashemi Square in Qazvin. This gate is located at the southeastern entrance of Qazvin city, from where the Tehran-Qazvin road used to start in the past.

There are two ways to go to the gate of old Tehran. If you want to go to this historical place in the shortest time and without delay, choose intercity taxis to go to the gate of Tehran Qazvin. The second method is to use intercity buses, which is the most economical option to reach the destination of Tehran Gate.

It is worth mentioning that a bus station is located a short distance from Old Tehran Square, and the Qazvin intercity terminal is located a few steps from the Old Tehran Gate. The proximity of the intercity terminal to Old Tehran Square allows you to take a bus to accommodation and other tourist attractions in Qazvin.

جاهای دیدنی قزوین

Architectural and spectacular features of Tehran Qazvin Gate

The architecture of Tehran-Qazvin Gate, while simple, is a clear example of originality and stability in the Qajar period. The facade of this gate was decorated with traditional tiles and its construction coincided with the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah. The large (middle) arch of the gate of old Tehran was considered a place for people to go.

If we want to describe the architecture of this gate more accurately, Tehran Gate consists of three entrances, the middle of which is wider and higher than the other two arches. If you pay a little attention to these entrances, you will notice the sharp arch of the large arch. The architect of this structure designed the gate of old Tehran by designing eight magnificent garlands as much as possible, and now, after a century, the beauty of this work has not diminished.

Qazvin Gate of Tehran was registered as one of the spectacular and historical places on August 20, 1975 with the number 392 in the list of national monuments of Iran. To book a tour of Qazvin online, you can refer to the valid Alibaba system and experience a safe and enjoyable trip in Qazvin by booking a tour from Alibaba.

دروازه تهران قدیم

Visit cost and address of Tehran Qazvin Gate

The cost of visiting the old gate of Tehran is free and you can visit this historical monument at any time of the day and night and take several photos in this place as a souvenir.

The gate of old Tehran or Qazvin is one of the old and original gates of Iran and has a special historical aspect. In the past, Tehran-Tabriz gate was used as a parking lot, but since 1982, it has been used as a car repair shop. The gate of Tehran Arak was designed by a French engineer and this work became one of the amazing structures of that time; Old Arak had four gates (one of them was Tehran Gate) and the old Arak Bazaar was the point of internal connection with these gates. Tehran Gate Isfahan (Republic Square) have been built in recent decades and is one of the most important squares in the city.

دروازه تهران قدیم

When visiting the Tehran-Qazvin Gate…

The only favor that includes the present of the old Tehran Gate can be considered its non-destruction. Do not damage this monument while visiting this place, because this building belongs to the next generations as well. Unfortunately, the gate of Tehran-Qazvin has been neglected by the people and in some parts of this building, traces of explosion (crackers) and destruction have been seen.

جاهای دیدنی قزوین

We hope that in the future we will not witness these tragic events and take care of our country’s historical monuments. If you have experience visiting this place or you want to visit this tourist attraction soon, share your opinion with us.

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