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Palangan village in Kurdistan; A combination of architectural art and the glory of nature

Palangan village in Kurdistan; A combination of architectural art and the glory of nature

Palangan village in Kurdistan with people of simplicity, kindness and of course You will spend happy moments of hospitality and you will experience the most beautiful memories in its unique nature. So, take a break from the daily worries of life, take heart from the urban space and all its hustle and bustle, and leave your heart to the beauties of nature. Join us in reading this article to get acquainted with the nature of Palangan village and the residence in Palangan village.


When you set foot in the heart of nature, what makes you happiest and makes you feel good? Seeing a mountain and its majesty, staring at the beauty of a waterfall or following the path of a river and sometimes the curves of the path that direct the water? How much does the greenness of the scenery play a role in your mood and bring it out of lethargy? If your answer to all these questions is yes, do not hesitate and plan your trip with your companions for a few days in the west of the country.

You will not regret traveling to Palangan village in Kurdistan, because the nature of Palangan village is unparalleled and people with purity and intimacy will immerse you in the beauties of their lives and only ask you that all this beauty of nature Watch and enjoy the time spent at the residence in Palangan village.

آینه تمام نمای زیبایی
آینه تمام نمای زیبایی 2

If you pay special attention to art and especially architecture, carefully examine the type of construction of houses in Palangan village in Kurdistan. If you are a historian, it is good to know that some of the works in the village of Palangan in Kurdistan, such as mosques, gardens and some old houses, are remnants of the Samanid era. When you go to Palangan, be sure to visit the old village cemetery. You will definitely be amazed to see the tombs written in Kufic script on their stones. The nature of Palangan village will still attract you. So, get ready to visit the castle, whose room and fire temple are a legacy of the past, and go to the Tangivar valley, which is exactly 800 meters southeast of Palangan.

دره تنگی ور pi

There, the old and historical castle will surely fascinate and fascinate you. Be careful to drink the refreshing water of Tangivar river while visiting the castle. Do not be afraid, there is no problem for health, because the water of this river is supplied from clear and good water springs. If you would like to know more about the village of Palangan in Kurdistan, the religion and profession of its people, be aware that a population of 1000 people live in this village and due to the God-given facilities, they grow and harvest crops such as pomegranate. Figs, peaches and apricots provide a livelihood. Of course, due to the favorable weather conditions, raising livestock, selling dairy products and other products is also a profession for them.

هلوی پالنگان fThe art of these people, most of whom are Sunnis, and their handicrafts should not be overlooked. Undoubtedly, living in a village with a pleasant climate and the beauties of existence will nurture tasteful and artistic people. Jajim weaving, giwe weaving, wave weaving are among the works of art of these simple and intimate people who play an important role in earning money for them. Of course, preparing natural honey is also one of the important professions for them. By the way, when you are away from the city and you are a guest of nature in Palangan village, if you want to talk to the simple and clean people of Palangan, their accent will be interesting to you. These people speak fluently in the Orami dialect.
مردمان ساده و بی آلایش پالنگان so

You will enjoy natural phenomena and sometimes man-made phenomena in Palangan village, such as houses built of dry porcelain stone, Even if you are a guest of Palangan in the spring, it will be very interesting for you to see the nomads and the ceremonies they perform during the migration, such as the music of weeping, chap and siachmane.

روستای پالنگان زیبا

If you decide to travel to Kurdistan in your own car at the right time and watch the beauties of Palangan village, there are two paths ahead of you; If you are from Tehran or one of the central cities of your homeland, and of course driving on routes that do not have mental traffic, it bothers you, it is much better if you go to Palangan from Kermanshah, because this route is freeway and traffic is smoother than Other routes. Remember that Kamyaran is a sign that you should be careful not to skip. If you went from Kermanshah, you have to drive 55 km to Kamyaran, and if you reach Sanandaj, 75 km to reach Kamyaran, the route is in front of you.

Whichever route you take, when you reach Kamyaran, this is not your final destination and please drive another 55 km along the road to Tobareh Riz village. You will not be bothered much on the Palangan route because of the asphalt road. But those of you who do not prefer to travel by personal vehicle, remember that when you arrive in Kermanshah or Sanandaj, go to Kamyaran by minibus or taxi. From there, there are still two ways to reach the main destination; Or take a minibus, but of course it is not clear when they will leave, and in this regard, you can not have an exact plan. If you want to know the next way, is to use the linear taxis on this route to Palanga. To see these taxis, go to the first road of Tobareh Riz village and take a taxi.

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