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Pamanar village of Dezful; A village full of peace and beauty in Khuzestan

If you want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city for one or more days, you should visit Pamanar village of Dezful; A village full of peace and beauty. When you hear the name Dezful , a dry area may come to mind quickly, but If every area has water, it will be 100% settled and green. In the north of the region, two rivers Dez and there is Karkheh which has made the area very green. Join us in this interesting and readable article to know where Pamanar village is and get acquainted with the climate of Pamanar village of Dezful.

Dez Dam Lake

Pamanar village of Dezful has many places of interest and entertainment. One of them is Dez Dam Lake, where you can go hiking and hiking. According to the article Where is the village of Pamanar, you should know that the lake is located right behind the dam and its activities include fishing, boating and sightseeing. There are some things to keep in mind when riding a boat so that you do not endanger yourself while having fun.

One of these is not to approach the dam area, because the water pressure is very high. This section is dangerous for people who go boating alone, but rest assured that if you go with one of the locals, they will pay attention to these issues. One of the good features of this lake is the presence of fish that, although they are for the river, but are accustomed to living in the sea and deep water. You can finally watch the unification of heaven and earth at sunset and end a good day. This river is one of the wild rivers of Iran in terms of being roaring, and this dam and lake have been built in such a way that they can help people in times of drought.

Shadab Castle

Shadab Castle has only two entrances. According to the article, where is the village of Pamanar? You should know that at the beginning of the construction, the name of the castle was Shah Hussein, which belonged to a large landowner. This fort was originally built as a place to live in the sun and the beautiful sky, which was later used as a defensive fortress in the 20s and 30s, ie the Pahlavi era, because at that time there were many looters in this area. For the past 25 years, this place has been a place to keep sheep in the fall until the end of May.


For sightseeing and entertainment, you can go to the beach at the bottom of the castle of Pamanar village, which also has dense almond trees, and enjoy the climate of Pamanar village of Dezful.

Capo weaving is the oldest among the souvenirs of the region and if you want to buy capo and its designs today, you will see 100% difference with the previous designs, because we have tried to use more of today’s designs and colors. One of the great features of these Pamanar Dezful handicrafts is that they are made only by the hardworking women of the village and have a high value. The colors and designs in the capo are a combination of wool and colored yarns.

If you want to go to Pamanar village, you must first move from your destination to Dezful. If you are in Tehran, you can choose between land and air. Note that only some days of the month airlines fly to Dezful. You can also use the train that goes to Andimeshk every day if you want do. Pamanar village is located 50 km northeast of Dezful and you have to use public transportation from Dezful to the village, and finally, 45 minutes later you will reach Pamanar village.

You can choose to stay in the city, stay in the village or by the lake. If your goal is to stay in the city, Tourism Hotel or Ronash Hotel But, if you decide to stay in the village, you can stay in the houses of the villagers or even, if you are a little more adventurous, you can camp by the lake and spend the night in the morning. During this time you can also prepare your meals from the village or catch and eat fresh fish from the lake.

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