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Plane tickets are not expensive

Plane tickets are not expensive

A spokesman for the Civil Aviation Authority said there had been no increase in ticket prices and there were no plans to do so.

A spokesman for the Civil Aviation Authority, referring to some statements made regarding the increase in the price of plane tickets, announced that there would be no increase in the price of domestic flights and stressed the observance of the previously set ceilings. In this regard, he added:

Violation in the sales rate of airline tickets by any airline or other airline ticket providers is a proven and very large violation and its causes. Judicial action will be taken.

Zibakhsh, stating that according to the assessments made so far, no company has committed any violations, emphasized on dealing with the possible high price of plane tickets on domestic routes and said: >

People can inform our aviation authority about possible violations in this area through communication channels to deal with the perpetrators.

Shayaneh It should be noted that plane tickets increased by 10% in November 1399 and the minimum price limit was removed from this tariff.

In the last three days, the Association of Airlines published new tariffs for domestic flights, which are based on That was the maximum price for domestic flights on 227 different routes. According to this price list, 481,900 Tomans is the lowest published rate for the price of domestic flight tickets on short routes and 1,518,500 Tomans is the highest, which is allocated to the Tabriz-Bandar Abbas flight route.

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