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Provide explanations about the latest decisions regarding the restoration of the dome of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

ISNA / Based on the latest news, provide explanations about the latest decisions regarding the restoration of the dome Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque was held.

On the 21st of September of this year, Professor Rahmatollah Rezayat died of coronary heart disease; Veteran architect and restorer who performed important activities such as connecting the dye market on Hakim Street, renovating the entrance of the pavilion, the entrance and entrance of the Allameh Majlisi Museum, renovating the Teymouri Hall, the nave arches on the northeast side of Imamzadeh Ismail, Shah Abdolazim Hassani prayer hall in Rey and remote networking. He had the courtyard of the Isfahan Grand Mosque in his portfolio and since 1398 he has been working with his sons on the project of restoring the dome of Sheikh Lotfollah.

Two days after the death of this veteran professor, whose presence was considered a good reason to leave the ceremony to entrust the restoration of the dome to his children, ILNA News Agency asked Fariba Khattabakhsh, director of the Naghsh Jahan World Heritage Site, about the restoration of Sheikh Lotfollah’s dome after mercy Allah Rezayat asked the question and he pointed out that there are currently masters with another name in Isfahan who can continue the process of restoring the dome of Sheikh Lotfollah, he replied: “There is no need to worry, because on the one hand, Rahmatullah Rezayat He had given the necessary training to his children, and on the other hand, there are other veteran masters in Isfahan who can continue their work. Although these masters may not be satisfied with God’s mercy, and with the death of each of these masters, we lose a treasure, but a new master can be introduced. “The restoration situation is also going well and the molding of the tiles, which is a specialized job, is underway.”

Regarding the dismantling of another part of Sheikh Lotfollah dome tiles during the past few days, Mohsen Nekouei, the senior supervisor of Sheikh Lotfollah dome restoration, was asked to explain the latest status of the restoration of this dome, and what you read below is his answer. “Due to the death of Professor Rezayat, the decision of the organization and the committee of the Technical Council was made that one of the old masters of tiling in Isfahan (Mohammad Hassan Moghazi) be present with the family of the late Rezayat to continue the restoration and work continues with his presence. . »

Good in answering the question of whether the second phase of restoration will be done in the first phase or not? “The method of work in the second phase is to use the same tiles as before, and there is no question of using new tiles,” he said. “Infrastructure will be done according to the plan approved by the Technical Council.”

On the 10th of July of this year, a number of restoration masters and lovers of cultural heritage of Isfahan province attended the office of the handicrafts union of this province and signed an open letter addressed to the judicial authority and representatives of Isfahan in the Islamic Consultative Assembly demanding to stop the restoration of the dome of Sheikh Lotf Mosque Allah was the first to criticize the restoration and remove the doubts in the restoration until the congress is held.

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