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Qeshm Olive Park; A combination of excitement and calm

Qeshm is known for several things in general: the beach, the sea and entertainment that can not be found anywhere. Today I want to introduce you to Qeshm Olive Park, which is a complete package of all three; In Olive Park you can enjoy the sands and waves of the sea and experience the fun that you will not forget for a lifetime.In this article, we intend to be like a professional travel guide, below and Bam, we will share this beach park with you and together we will decide whether it will be included in the list of places of interest for our trip to Qeshm or not?

What are the amusements of Qeshm Olive Park?

Swimming, live music, water sports such as boating, diving, hiking and cycling

What are the working hours of Olive Park?

This park is open 24 hours a day.

What is the address of Qeshm Olive Park?

Hormozgan, Qeshm Island, Darya St., in front of the intersection of Charbagh Boulevard and Darya St., Zaytoun St., Qeshm Olive Park.

Qeshm Olive Park; Green-blue frame

Qeshm Olive Beach Park is a 24-hour park with an area of ​​45,000 square meters, located 2 km from the south coast of the island. Olive Park is very popular due to its large size. If we want to photograph Qeshm Olive Park before you see it, we must first tell you about the unique combination of green and blue.

The landscape, which was born from the confluence of the sea and the park, has become more spectacular with the addition of beach palms. If you feel good about seeing order in design, we have to say that this beach park will probably make you enjoy it. The park space is clean, green and has indoor pavilions, which is often the first choice of tourists in this park.

نمای کلی پارک زیتون قشم

The park is completely adjacent to the sea. This geographical location in the autumn, winter and early spring seasons means cool and pleasant winds blowing from the sea. Of course, this pleasant proximity in late spring and summer can make the weather sultry and annoying.

Park or the beach?

When you hear the name of this beach park, these questions come to mind: Park or beach? Sneakers or sandals? Balls and badminton or water utensils?

Since the destination conditions influence our choices, from the style of dress to the type of food and entertainment, it is necessary to know whether we are facing a park or the beach will be our host? Honestly, the answer is both!

ساحل پارک زیتون در قشم If you want to have a picnic and relax in the open air, do you like to play beach volleyball, are eager to ride a bike or are looking for a clean beach to swim, mark with an arrow and Olive Park Make Qeshm your destination.

‌ It is possible to set up travel tents in this park, and many tourists choose Qeshm Olive Park because of its proximity to the sea and the high security of this beach, and spend their time safely. If you want to go camping, you can count on Qeshm Olive Park.

If you have chosen sunny days to spend time in this park, you should be rude and rusty to find a canopy as a shelter sooner than others. Really be prepared to see mosquitoes, because the sea in this area, in addition to fish, also provides favorable living conditions for mosquitoes and will probably be your host!

With the information we have found from this beach park, it seems that having these tools will be helpful:

  1. Sunscreen
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Sun hat
  4. Travel tent or mat
  5. Sandals or slippers
  6. Trash bag
  7. Comfort clothing
  8. Extra clothing for wet clothes

Qeshm Olive Park Amusement; All options are on the table!

If you are looking for an excuse not to participate in entertainment, do not choose Qeshm Olive Park. The variety of amusements in this park is so attractive and great that it is finally a suitable option for even the most demanding people. It’s good to get acquainted with all kinds of entertainment offers and choose one or more of them from now on.

تفریحات پارک زیتون قشم Swimming

In Qeshm Olive Park, although there is no swimming plan and no special arrangements have been made for swimming, but people welcome this beach for swimming and swimming. The best time to swim is in the early hours of the day or evening when the sun is a little less powerful and less intense.

In the middle of the day, the heat and intensity of the sunlight is so great that it not only minimizes the pleasure of swimming, but is also very dangerous to health, so if you are going to sunbathe, sunscreen Do not forget.

آب‌تنی و شنا When the water level rises and the probability of hitting rocks decreases, the sea is more suitable for swimming. It is better to get the thought of swimming out of your mind during the night! Since the sea on this beach hosts fish at night, so take the “warning” sign of the fish on the beach seriously and be satisfied with your share of daily swimming!

Live music performance

The seed of southern music has closed in the heat of the south and inherited its passion and warmth from this region. If we are lucky, we will meet local musicians who perform live music in the park and we will hear the sound of the sea waves with the taste of beautiful and warm southern music.

In the busy days of traveling to Qeshm Island, such as Nowruz, we mostly see these live performances and battles of joy.


No matter how much you do not walk or exercise, the pleasant weather and clean sandy beach will encourage you to walk. Walk safely and do not worry about getting tired. Green lawns, beautiful beaches and benches in the park can be your backyard walk.


The opportunity to ride a bike in this park Qeshm should not be missed! The joy of pedaling in the pleasant air that refreshes you instead of boring you; Cycling line and bike rental in Olive Park provide everything you need for this fun.

Marine recreation

Boating is one of the most popular marine activities available on the beach of Qeshm Olive Park. But if you are looking for more excitement, there are other options such as jet ski rental, building, shuttle and fly board.

تفریحات دریایی The rental price of these entertainments is very much influenced by the time of your trip and in the popular times of traveling to Qeshm, the costs are much higher than other times.


Diving in the southern azure waters is one of the attractions of Qeshm Island. Seeing colorful fish up close is a different experience and unlike other pastimes. For diving you can visit two active diving clubs near the park. The diving time from the time the boat moves to the return is about 1 hour, of which you spend 15 minutes underwater.

The cost of preparing a ticket is approximately 300 thousand tomans. Of course, as mentioned before, the solitude or busyness of your travel time does not affect the price. Part of the fun of diving is the photos and videos your diver captures of you and this rewarding experience.

غواصی 4D Cinema

If you want to experience the excitement and events of the film with the senses beyond sight and hearing, instead of just watching a short film, 4D cinema can be an interesting experience for you. Fortunately, Qeshm Olive Park has also provided the possibility of enjoying this entertainment.

How to go to Qeshm Olive Park?

To go to Zaytoun Beach Park Hormoz Island We must follow this address: Hormozgan, Qeshm Island, Darya St., in front of the intersection of Charbagh Boulevard and Darya St., Zaytoun St., Qeshm Olive Park.

How to access Qeshm Olive Park

There are no bus lines or taxis in Qeshm. To access Olive Park, you either have to use a private car or rent a taxi. If you are lucky, you may also find an indirect taxi, which is very unlikely.

Qeshm Olive Park facilities; Fantasy Makers

Around the Qeshm Olive Park, there are more hotels overlooking the beach than the residential areas of the locals. But if you want to socialize with the cute and warm-hearted people of the South, all you have to do is go to cafes and tea houses . Stroll in and around the park and have tea and socialize with these lovely people.

امکانات پارک زیتون قشم seafood . Golden Nights Restaurant is one of the most popular and famous restaurants near Qeshm Olive Park. If you forget about food or other items before coming to the park, you can easily go to one of the Supermarkets Go to Olive Park and meet your needs without worries.

امکانات پارک Playground for children and playgrounds such as volleyball, basketball and … For adults, another great facility is this beach park that has something to offer for all ages.

There are stone benches for relaxing and spending time inside the park. Also, the pavilions provide a good space for camping and camping, and if you are worried about accessing the toilet , we must say that you can rest easy. ; Services are open 24 hours a day.

Are you one of those people who check the parking lot and parking lot before you go? If you go to this park by car, you will feel comfortable about parking, because it is both available and very safe. Police patrols regularly patrol cars and parking lots. Although the Olive Beach Park itself has no entrance, you will have to pay for parking.

Tourist attractions near Qeshm Olive Park

In addition to the attractions inside the Olive Beach Park, there are also places in the vicinity of this park that add to the attractiveness of this park. Such as modern shopping malls and very easy access to Qeshm hotels.

Passages and shopping malls near Qeshm Olive Park

It is not possible to go to Qeshm Olive Park and visit the City Center 1 and 2 shopping malls. These shopping malls are located near the park and can be reached on foot. Inside the park there is also a handicraft market that can be used to buy souvenirs with a southern feel.

Take this opportunity and do not forget that part of the fun of traveling to Qeshm is shopping and shopping.

پاساژها و مراکز خرید نزدیک پارک زیتون Hotels near Qeshm Olive Park

The proximity of Qeshm Olive Park to the sea has caused many hotels in its neighborhood. Hotels with different price levels and facilities, the same diversity has created the opportunity for travelers of different economic levels and tastes.

Arta Hotel, Eram, Irman Boutique, Aram and Behesht are among the hotels close to this beach park. If you are one of the guests of these hotels, Qeshm Olive Park is a permanent and available option for you.

It’s time to prioritize and choose!

If you are still hesitant to choose Qeshm Olive Beach Park, I must say that you will surprise us!

Everything we have said so far shows that this beach park is a place beyond a normal park that can be easily found anywhere else and can make you miss it a lot and remind you of its memories and the desire to travel again.

But if you, like us, believe that it is worth a try and you have included the name “Qeshm Olive Park” in your list of destinations, we will be very happy for you to send us your photos of this park and tell us about your experience.

Your trip is healthy and your heart is happy!

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