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Qeshm salt cave; The longest salt cave in the world

Qeshm Salt Cave is a place to relax and a place for domestic and foreign tourists to spend their leisure time at Qeshm. The inside of this beautiful cave is so dark that you must remember to visit it with a flashlight. This mountain, which is conical and has a height of 397 meters, was formed from the accumulation of sediments and igneous rocks. Join us in this interesting and readable article to know where Qeshm Salt Cave is and get acquainted with the beauties of the longest salt cave in the world.

Natural and amazing sight

The first part of this cave is made of stalactites and from the middle of the cave to the shoe, these colorful stalactites are formed. One of the reasons for the value of this cave, in addition to its natural beauty, is the salts that magnesium is one of their constituent elements and can be used as the best table salts. Another attraction around this mountain is a spring that is constantly boiling under this building and reveals itself outside this mountain. Also, at the bottom of the mountain, there is a pit where pouring this water, a very beautiful pool is created, which is white in color.

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