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Rasht shopping centers; An opportunity for fun and shopping

Rasht shopping centers; An opportunity for fun and shopping

Rasht as the largest And the most populous northern city of the country hosts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists every year who come to Rasht for various reasons. Some because of the nature and the incessant rains, some because of the food and shopping centers in Rasht, and some because of the entertainment on the municipal square and its teahouses. Anyway, for whatever reason you have traveled, be sure to look for shopping malls to buy Rasht souvenirs . In the continuation of this article, we are going to introduce the best shopping centers in Rasht. So if you are going to travel to Gilan and Rasht soon, stay tuned for more.

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1- Bazar Bozorg Rasht
2- Rasht Shopping Centers on Golsar Street
3- Golsar Rasht Shopping Center
4- Center Iranian Shopping Rasht
5- Rose Shopping Center
6- Rasht shopping malls around Municipality Square Patrol in other shopping centers in Rasht

Best Which are the shopping centers in Rasht?

Rasht Grand Bazaar and Golsar Shopping Center are among the best shopping centers in Rasht.

What can be bought in Rasht Bazaar?

You can find all kinds of Rasht souvenirs, clothes, Buy handicrafts and..

Where is Rasht Iranian Shopping Center?

Iranian Rasht Passage in Golsar Boulevard, northwest side of the square The slogan is ancient.

1- Rasht Grand Bazaar

It is not possible to have the experience of going to this shopping center in Rasht once and not miss it many times after the trip. I promise, if you come to this market only once, you will miss each of its facilities and carts later. Many people say that the big bazaar of Rasht Arous is the local bazaar in the north of Iran, where you can find everything from chicken milk to human life.

This bazaar does not seem to know day and night. Even if you go there in the early hours of the morning when the sun has not yet risen, you will not return empty-handed. If you are looking for a little taste and vitality, it is better to wake up early in the morning, go to the Municipality Square, walk its cobblestones and take a short walk along Imam Street to the Rasht Grand Bazaar.

بازار بزرگ رشت از مراکز خرید رشت

Remember that you are not just going to one of the shopping centers in Rasht. In fact, you are going to see one of the tourist attractions of Rasht; So take your camera with you and spend two or three hours on this tour.

شگفتانه اپلیکیشن علی بابا – موبایل

Be aware that there is no specific building! This makes some people confused in finding the big market of Rasht. If this happens to you, you can get help from the locals. Do not run away from contact with local people, especially in Rasht! The people of Rasht are lively, hospitable and kind and will guide you patiently.

مراکز خرید رشت Large market history Rasht

There is no historical market among Rasht shopping malls; But since the big bazaar is located in the center and the old texture of the city, it can be said that it has a more or less similar structure to the historical bazaars of Iran in other cities. The difference is that this market is not covered and only the roof of a small part of it, which belongs to the order of goldsmiths, is covered with Aleppo. In this market, fishmongers, goldsmiths, fruit sellers and دارند each have their own mood.

In addition to its squares and squares, this bazaar consists of 14 old caravanserais, each of which belongs to a specific historical period. You may be interested to know that the construction and development of these caravanserais in the Grand Bazaar of Rasht continued until the Pahlavi era and stopped after the revolution of the Islamic Republic.

بازار بزرگ رشت مراکز خرید رشت

These caravanserais were actually intended for the rest of the merchants who traveled to Rasht. You may not find any sign of glamor and electricity in other shopping malls in Rasht in this market; But you can be sure that the variety of colors and smells in this market will delight you.

If your goal is to visit the shopping malls of Rasht to prepare souvenirs, you have come to the right place. Rasht Grand Bazaar is the right choice for both of these things, ie touring and buying souvenirs. Cookies, cookies, Rasht tea, rice, pickles, olives, fish and poultry, spring orange jam, bread and local sweets of Rasht are easily available in the Rasht Grand Bazaar.

If you wanted to Look for handicrafts in Rasht shopping malls, you can still trust big market shops to buy mats, pottery and handmade dolls of local women.

2- Rasht shopping centers in Golsar street

If you are planning to go to Rasht Passage Shopping Centers, Golsar is a very suitable option. But if you are going to buy, it is not bad to know from the beginning that you are going to step on the most expensive street of Rasht.

Golsar street and a few boulevards that come out of this street are the most famous streets of Rasht. In addition to its many cafes and restaurants, Golsar Street is famous for its shops, which are among the most expensive shopping malls in Rasht.

بلوار گلسار از مراکز خرید رشت

If you are looking for branded clothes and you like to spend a few hours browsing in the shop of branded brands, Golsar will satisfy you.

Most famous brands have big branches in this street and the surrounding boulevards. Take a walk, watch the glittering shop windows, shop, go to the Golsar cafes, and in short, be the guests of the excitement of this street for a few hours.

3- Golsar Rasht Shopping Center

We are not done with Golsar Street yet; It is interesting to know that one of the most attractive shopping centers in Rasht is located on this street. Golsar Shopping Center at the corner of 108 Golsar Boulevard is one of the largest and most popular shopping centers in Rasht; In addition to being a place to shop for the first floor cafe and the last floor food court, it has become a hangout for the youth of Rasht.

مرکز خرید گلسار رشت

Golsar Shopping Center is a modern 6-storey building with first and second floors for shopping, third floor for business offices, fourth floor for food court and last two floors. It is a unit of 600 meters. The shops on the first two floors of this passage are not inferior to other shopping centers in Rasht along Golsar Street. Most stores are small representations of a particular brand or sell a variety of brands. This shopping center is open every day except Friday from 6 am to 9 pm.

4- Iranian Rasht Shopping Center

Iranian Shopping is another shopping center in Rasht on Golsar Boulevard. This shopping center is the largest passage in Rasht, of which 7 floors out of 13 floors are for commercial units, 4 floors for parking and 2 floors for office units. This passage is one of the few shopping centers in Rasht on Golsar Street, which is not only for sightseeing and can be offered for shopping.

مرکز خرید ایرانیان از بزرگ ترین مراکز خرید رشت

Iranian Passage of Rasht is located in Golsar Boulevard, northwest side of the ancient square of Shaar.

5- Rose Shopping Center

Rose Shopping Center with two branches in Rasht is a wise and economical choice to buy among other Moroccans Buy Rasht. The first branch of this shopping center is located around Sabzeh-e-Maidan and the second branch is located at km 2 of Anzali road.

مرکز خرید رز

6- Rasht shopping centers around Shahrdari Square Another center that can be selected for an affordable purchase in Rasht is the shops and shopping centers in Rasht around the Municipality Square. This square, which is one of the most famous sights of Rasht, is a good place for walking and sightseeing in the old part of Rasht.

میدان شهرداری در مراکز خرید رشت

If you are looking for small decorative and cheap items to buy souvenirs, you should find one of the four streets that lead to the square. Select the ending municipalities and head to their small shops; But of these four streets, the one between the City Square and the Green Square is the place to walk and see small and large handicraft shops and buy cheap souvenirs. There are several passages along this route that are suitable for purchase in terms of quality and price of goods.

Patrol in other shopping centers of Rasht

If you are looking for more shopping malls, keep these in mind as well. Rasht Escalator Passage, Salar Passage, Tamadon Passage, Bozorgmehr Passage, Kuwaiti Passage, Happy Rasht, Memory Shopping Center and Gilan Mall Hypermarket. These shopping malls in Rasht may not be as famous as the ones we mentioned at the beginning of the text, but they can be introduced among the best shopping malls in Rasht.

Passage of Civilization

Address: Rasht, Sabzeh Maidan.

Bazgmehr Passage

Address: Rasht, Taleghani St.

Kuwaiti Passage

Address: Rasht, between Zarrin Alley Par va Samiei.

Aladdin Passage

Address: Rasht, Lakani Boulevard.

Sepid Rood Passage

Address: Rasht, Azadegan St.

Khatereh Shopping Center

Address: Rasht, Shariati St.

Gohar Passage

Address: Rasht, Hajiabad St.

Gilan Mall Hypermarket

Address: Rasht, Golsar Town, Deilman Boulevard.

In Rasht Passages, you can easily prepare anything you want. These shopping centers are the best choice for souvenirs, handicrafts and traditional arts in Rasht and northern Iran.

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