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Resumption of Austrian flights to Iran

Resumption of Austrian flights to Iran

Austrian Airlines will resume its 1,400 flights to Iran on July 26.

With the resumption of Lufthansa flights to Iran in late April, Austrian Airlines will resume its flights to Iran from July 17, 1400. The airline will operate flights three times a week on the Vienna-Tehran-Vienna route.

Earlier this year, in December of last year, Abolghasem Jalali, Deputy Aviation Director of the Civil Aviation Authority, spoke about European airlines flying to Iran. He said:

In the near future, European airlines will resume flights to our country. Lufthansa will resume flights to Iran from mid-December (until the end of December 1999). With this, all European airlines will resume their flights to our country.

Despite a delay of several months in the resumption of Lufthansa flights, it seems that Abolghasem Jalali’s prediction about the resumption of European flights After Lufthansa returns to Iran, it is being realized.

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