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Rickolta Buenos Aires Cemetery and the experience of horror tourism in Argentina

Tombs are always a relic of great people who were dear to the people and they cherished their memory. Ricoleta Cemetery Buenos Aires Tomb of great celebrities, artists, writers, heroes, There have been presidents and dictators who were once precious and noble to the people. It is interesting to know that the only cemetery where the date of birth is not engraved on the graves and the only date of death that was written is the cemetery of Riculta Buenos Aires. Join us in this interesting and readable article to know where Ricoleta Cemetery is and learn its secrets.

The fate of this cemetery was decided by the monks who came to the Rockwell area in Buenos Aires to build a monastery there to continue their life in silence. According to the article Where is the Ricoleta Cemetery, you should know that in 1822 the gardens that were built around this monastery became a public cemetery for the people. The Rikolta Cemetery in Argentina dates back to the early 18th century, and large 5-hectare gates have given it grandeur. The cemetery was inaugurated on November 17 by the Minister of State, Bernardo Rivad Ovia, and in recent years, he himself was buried in this cemetery.

Where is Ricoleta Cemetery? You should know that the design of this cemetery was done by a Frenchman named Prospero Caitlin in a neoclassical style and inspired by Greek columns. Construction of the cemetery lasted from 1880 to 1930, and raw materials were imported from Paris and Milan to Buenos Aires. This tomb is designed to imitate the architectural styles of Deco Art, Neo Art, Baroque and Neo-Gothic and created a beautiful combination. The Ricoleta Buenos Aires was last renovated in 1881 by an Italian architect and is now on the list of nationally registered Argentine monuments.

Rafina’s fate is heartbreaking and sad; A girl who goes into a coma and is mistakenly buried. A few days later, the sound of his screams reaches the workers from inside the grave, they open the coffin and see a sad scene of his fingerprints on the walls of the coffin and his face. In the 1900s, his mother built a beautiful Neo-Art marble tombstone for him in the Ricleta Buenos Aires Cemetery. His tomb is engraved with roses, and his mother orders a glass wall to be built around his tomb so that he can see him if he comes back to life. After many years, the locals still have not forgotten the sad fate of the girl and sometimes they visit her and give her a flower as a gift.

The tomb of a woman who was once one of the great women and wife of the President of Argentina, Juan Perونn. Oita would never have died if she had known that I would be doomed after death. The body of the president’s wife was mummified after his death for immortality. But after the fall of the government and the military coup, the new rulers stole his body to overthrow it and kept it inside a van parked on the street. The Vatican, with respect for Juan Perونn and his wife, reburied him in Milan under a false name. However, the body, which was doomed to displacement, returned to Madrid two years later and then returned to Argentina and his family tomb by Juan Perونn’s third wife to be protected, and is now in eternal peace.

A journalist whose tomb was added to the list of immortal tombs in Ricoleta Cemetery. An Argentine journalist who was one of the richest people at the time lived in a large, modern building called the Plaza in San Martin. Of course, his tomb is not less than his luxurious house; Decorations with statues of angels made in Paris and a view of black marble that gave a special effect to this building.

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