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Unforgettable trip to Arjan plain of Shiraz

Shiraz ! A city whose name evokes thousands of historical and natural attractions. If the destination is trip to Shiraz to your heart’s content, you can have a heart full of Places of interest in Shiraz Take a tour. If you have not taken the Kazun-Shiraz route, near Shiraz, there is a pristine and paradise area called Arjan Plain, which if you do not have the opportunity to get acquainted with it, half of your life is lost.

This plain is one of the most popular tourist villages in Shiraz, which attracts every Shirazi to the sights of Arjan plain on holidays. Let me tell you from the beginning, I will empty your heart by introducing delicious food and spectacular attractions of Arjan plain! For a short trip and acquaintance with the delicious foods of Arjan plain until the end of this adventure, follow iranviva Tourism Magazine .

Where is Arjan Plain?

Fars province, between Kazerun and Shiraz, 60 km of Shiraz road

What amenities are there in this plain?

It is one of the most important facilities and welfare services of Arjan plain such as restaurants, cafes, cafeterias, local bazaars, shops, etc.

What is the access route to Arjan Plain?

You can go to Arjan plain via Shiraz-Kazerun road.

What are the sights of Arjan Plain?

Cheroniz waterfall or Arjan plain waterfall, Parishan lake, Bishapour ancient city and local bazaar are some of the sights of Arjan plain.

Arjan Plain; The beautiful nature of Shiraz

The beauties of Fars Province do not end only in Shiraz. Everywhere you go in this province, you will encounter many natural and historical attractions. I have no doubt you will see the beauty and glory of your finger in your mouth! One of the best attractions of Shiraz that every traveler returns to and gives his heart to his sights is Arjan plain of Shiraz.

دشت ارژن شیراز If you have not been to this famous plain of Shiraz, I must say that this plain is one of the best plains in Iran which is in the heart of the South Zagros Mountains has a nice place. In this plain, everything has been done to make Arjan plain one of the five most spectacular plains in Iran . For as long as I can remember, this plain enjoys a great climate and lush nature; Of course, any other plain, instead of Arjan, is a child of the Zagros Mountains, it still flirts.

Background of Arjan Plain of Shiraz

It does not matter if we call this plain Arjan or Arjan and millet. Every name it has is a unit of the land of the Shirazis. Arjan plain of Shiraz is one of the most popular and oldest resorts in Shiraz, so that if the memories of the trip to Shiraz are opened, we will get some sweet stories from the memories of our elders.

Arjan was considered a part of Kazerun until a few years ago, but it has been a child of Shiraz for several years. However, some still consider the Arjan plain to be part of Karzon. It is interesting to know that in Ferdowsi Qaani’s poems, an almond tree was mentioned from this plain, from which a bow was made, and medicine was made from its bitter almond.

Vegetation and fauna of Arjan plain

If it is your turn, it is time for the lush and beautiful vegetation of Arjan plain. Companionship with the Zagros Mountains is a divine gift for this plain and has caused regular rainfall in this region. The mountainous climate and fertile soil on the plains show the growth of trees (oak, hawthorn and almond), lush meadows and the emergence of several lakes and waterfalls.

پوشش گیاهی و جانوری دشت ارژن

If you want romantic season See Arjan plain of Shiraz, in winter you set off to see a plain covered with daffodils and breathe the fragrance of paradise.

Arjan Al-Haq plain is one of the most beautiful Iran’s tourist attractions which with all its Is considered all Shiraz . Undoubtedly, such an area can be a refuge for many purebred Iranian animals. Iranian lion used to live in this area, but there is no trace of this animal anymore! Of course, some species such as deer and deer and other animals such as cattle and sheep continue to live in this area. I hope we appreciate these tongueless animals more and do not neglect to protect them.

Attractions and sights of Arjan plain

To be honest, although there are not many attractions in the Arjan plain of Shiraz, but the same places that it has, each alone has tens of stars on their shoulders. This plain should not be underestimated, especially in the cold winter season. 90% of the time I went to Shiraz, I reached the plain at night, the winter nights when it is icy.

جاذبه‌ها و دیدنی های دشت ارژن Arjan plain is so cold in winter nights that it seems as if the cold counts the heartbeat of the air! With these frosts, I still love this plain and its pleasant weather, and I make a diary to go again. Although I’m not a fan of the plains alone, everyone who has been to this area understands me perfectly and is a fan of Arjan.

Cheroniz Falls

I bet Cheroniz Falls, which rises from the heart of the mountains on the main road of this plain, is one of the most amazing landscapes you will see in your lifetime. This view is much more spectacular in winter, because due to the extreme cold weather, the water of Qandil waterfall is closed and shows visitors an unparalleled attraction.

آبشار چرونیز

Cheroniz waterfall originates from the mountains of Koohmareh and with water falling from high cliffs, we see spectacular views. The Dalaki River, 170 km long, originates from the southern slopes of the Arjan Plain; After crossing several villages, the river completes its long journey to the Haleh River .

This waterfall is located at the height of the resort route of this plain and like diamonds, it dazzles the eyes with its grandeur and beauty. You hear me, get as close as you can to Cheroniz Falls and relax for a few minutes in the shade. The pleasant sound of a waterfall falling is so pleasant that it makes your heart ache.

Cheroniz waterfall of Arjan plain on Google Map

Parishan Lake, Arjan Plain

Only 60 km from Arjan plain is one of the most beautiful places in Shiraz. The path to the lake is difficult and a bit tedious, but the troubled lake is definitely worth it and the tiredness of the road will take you out of your body.

Watching this dreamy landscape reminds us exactly of the paintings of natural landscapes on the walls of the house; A lake surrounded by mountains, lush vegetation surrounded by a lake, and more I can tell you that everything in this area is ideal for a pleasant walk and recreation.

دریاچه پریشان

The troubled lake is also called Famor . The water of this lake is fresh and it is one of the fish habitats in Shiraz. So if you are a good fisherman and you have the necessary equipment, you will not find a better place than the destination.

Address of Parishan Lake, Arjan Plain, Shiraz

Fars province, Kazerun city, Jarreh and Baladeh section

Local markets and restaurants on the plain

Let me tell you a little about my memories of this market. Every time I get close to the local bazaars of this plain, I roll my eyes to see the delicious shops of Arjan. I would also like to say that it is impossible to go to the plain, but leave empty-handed. There are large shops along the way, with a wide range of pickles, dairy products, home-made snacks, plums, desserts, pastries, toys, local handicrafts, and every small and large passerby to shop for.

بازارچه‌های محلی و رستوران های دشت ارژن

There are also various restaurants in the same order that go to one of the restaurants, the mood of the plain You feel good. Each of the restaurants is arranged with a different decoration and has a menu of delicious and quality food that becomes a fixed base of these restaurants at once.

The best time to visit the nature of the plain

If you are looking for the best time to visit Arjan Plain, I must say that all four seasons of this region are among the rarest areas that spring, summer, autumn and winter are alive for fun and rejuvenation. If you, like me, love winter, there is nothing but spectacular Cheroniz Falls. The water of the waterfall freezes during falling from below zero degrees Celsius and takes on the effects of an icy cartoon like waterfalls.

The winter in the plains is exhausting for some travelers; If you do not like winter, spring in this region will welcome you with a great climate and lush nature. Each of the plain sights, such as Cheroniz Falls, Parishan Lake and the plain, show a different face in the spring.

بهترین زمان بازدید از دشت چه وقت است؟

To be honest, visiting the sights of Arjan plain depends entirely on your interests; All seasons of this plain of Shiraz, with the arrival of the new season, wear their most beautiful clothes so that when you leave, you will not leave anything but a pleasant memory. If you want to enjoy this trip more and have fun, the best time to travel to the plains is spring.

Where is Arjan Plain?

This plain is located in one of the most pleasant points of Shiraz near the mountains of South Zagros between Shiraz and Kazerun. It is interesting to know that this part of Zagros is known as Fars Zagros .

Distance from Arjan plain to Shiraz

If you want to move from Shiraz to Arjan plain, you have to take Kazerun road. It is about 60 km from the entrance of Shiraz to Dasht.

Plain access route

Access to the plain is from southern provinces such as Bushehr and Khuzestan through the city of Kazerun (Kazerun-Shiraz road) and from the central and northern provinces through the city of Shiraz (Shiraz-Kazerun road). Kazerun is approximately 57 km to Arjan plain and 60 km from Shiraz to Dasht. Note that the access routes to the plains from both cities are winding, so make driving safety a priority during your trip.

مسیر دسترسی

It does not matter what time you reach the Arjan plain, there is no such thing as sleep here, and the shops are open 24 hours a day to tourists who have a special devotion to their stomachs. There are also many barbecues in this area, the delicious taste of which makes every traveler, especially Shirazis, go to the plain road on weekends.

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