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Sarvestan Sassanid Palace; Another view of the life of Bahram Gour Sassanid

Sarvestan Sassanid Palace; Another view of the life of Bahram Gour Sassanid

Sassanid Palace of Sarvestan , the palace of Bahram Gour is Sassanid and in the true sense of the word inspires the glory and grandeur of the governments of different historical periods in Iran. Join us in reading this article to know where the Sassanid palace of Sarvestan is and to know the details of the plan of Sarvestan palace.

کاخ ساسانی سروستان

Sarvestan Palace is a palace with an area of ​​about 25 hectares that was built and paid for by the famous Prime Minister Bahram Goor, Mehr Narsi. The materials used in the construction of Sarvestan Palace were stone and plaster. Sarvestan Sassanid Palace has a square porch in its center, which is estimated to be 13 meters long and 18 meters high and 18 meters high. The existence of the dome and the creation of an enclosed space as the courtyard of the palace in its courtyard are also among its other architectural attractions.

آشنایی با کاخ ساسانی سروستان

The square porch that is located in the center of this structure, first connects to the main hall of this complex and then to the 4 courtyards embedded in it. On the other hand, the south wall of the central hall ends in a side porch outside the main hall. If we look at the northern parts of the palace, we will see a porch that is connected to the space outside the palace by considering a few steps for it. Unlike the north porch, the east porch is connected to the central hall and other parts of the palace, and on either side of the building are two narrow rooms with a rocking arch, which may have been used as a guest room!

According to the article on the Sassanid palace of Sarvestan, where is it? You should know that to place the central dome on the building, they used filpush, which is one of the common methods of turning sharp corners or square sections into round and curved angles. In addition to the earrings on the side of the dome, columns were used to support the circular domes and the ceiling to form the plan of Sarvestan Palace. Sarvestan Sassanid Palace can be interesting because of the extraordinary architecture used in it.

معماری کاخ ساسانی

There are many disagreements about the antiquity of this palace. For example, for a long time the antiquity of this palace was considered to be related to the Achaemenid period, until finally in 1910, a German archaeologist and Iranologist named Ernst Emil Herzfeld with Studying and receiving evidence from the comprehensive history of Tabari, the palace dates back to the reign of Bahram Gore, after which most archaeologists have considered the historical discovery of this German archaeologist. The next difference of opinion is related to the type of use of this Sassanid stone and gypsum building. Some archaeologists, considering the smaller size of this stone and gypsum building compared to the imperial palaces, consider it a monastery or a fire place and do not look at it as a royal palace at all. However, some archaeologists consider its use as a royal resting place and hunting ground during the Sassanid period due to its larger size compared to fire temples and places of worship.

اختلاف نظرها پیرامون قدمت و نوع کاربری

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