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Seaside town and an exciting travel experience to the north of Iran

The sea is a separate world from the land and soil world. The Lord has created water and soil in a unique way. Sometimes we turn to the vast expanse of water for indescribable tranquility and immerse ourselves in all this greatness. Cities near the north coast of Iran host many Iranian and foreign tourists every year and Daryakanar Town It is one of the most popular settlements in Iran. Join us in reading this article to know where the seaside is and to know the conditions for entering the seaside.

Ati Saz Company built Daryaknar town in 1979 and after selling many parts of the villas built to individuals and legal entities, the general ownership of the town was transferred from Ati Saz Company to the legal representatives and owners of the time. Since its establishment, the town has been managed without any financial assistance from the municipality and by the owners themselves. The seaside town is a residential seaside resort town located along the Caspian Sea. The construction of this town began with the support of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi in ​​the early 1940s and was completed in the late 40s, and was considered one of the first and largest towns in Iran in the Middle East. Daryaknar is one of the oldest and largest residential towns in northern Iran and currently has more than 1700 villa units.

According to the article Where is the seaside, you should know that the town has a distance of more than 2.7 km along the Caspian Sea and its total area is about 3.1 square kilometers or more than 300 hectares. Daryaknar has 19 streets and the length of the entrance street of the town is equal to 1.2 km and the distance between the first and seventeenth streets is equal to 1.8 km.

The design of the open space and its villas are modeled on Western architecture. Mr. Hossein Amanat, the prominent designer of the field and Freedom Tower played a huge role in the design of this town. The couple’s streets lead to the sea and are covered with large stones. At the end of the first street of this town, there are restaurants, shops and various entertainments with chairs for the people under construction, and the sixth and seventeenth streets by the sea are connected to the swimming beach, which has a lifeguard. Usually in the summer season, the beach of the sixth street is considered for men and the beach of the seventeenth street is considered for women, and when one of these two beaches is not suitable for swimming, the other beach is considered for women from morning to 15 and for men from 15:00 onwards. Is taken.

According to the article Where is the seaside, you should know that this town is famous for being located next to the Caspian Sea, having a lot of green space and a pleasant family environment. Haraz, Firoozkooh and Kanareh roads provide the possibility of intercity travel for residents of cities such as Tehran, Sari, Babol, and most landlords and tenants spend their holidays, especially in summer, by observing the conditions for entering the seaside.

To go to this town, a trip to Fereydoun Kenar or Babolsar should be a priority. Fereydoun Kenar One of the coastal cities of Mazandaran and Babolsar province to the east of this neighboring city As a result, the road from Babolsar to Fereydoun will be next to your goal.

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