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Seeing palaces shows that we must serve history

Mehr News Agency / According to the Deputy Minister of Cultural Heritage, seeing the palaces shows that we must serve history.

Ali Darabi on the sidelines of visiting Golestan Palace stated: In this World Heritage Site, good work has been done in the field of protection and restoration of works and services Suitable for visitors. The eastern door of Golestan Palace, which is known as Bab Aali, was reopened to the public after 60 years on Naser Khosrow Street. This made it easier for people to visit this historical cultural complex.

He stated: Golestan Palace is a large collection that has been registered worldwide and depicts the history and art of Iranians in the Qajar period along with the artists of our ancestors, a series that existed in the past and can be a clear history and Be a guide to the services of artists and at the same time browse the pages of history.

He stated: In the words of Mr. Ebrahim Teymouri, author of the book “Age of Unawareness”, in an age when the world was developing, we saw that Amir The great reformer and architect of its construction fails in his work and is martyred by the order of the king. This is one of the expenses that we have paid throughout history for the development and prosperity of the country.

Darabi said: “Seeing the palaces with the view that we see both the artists and the history and lifestyle of the people, and at the same time the lessons that we should learn from it, shows that we must serve history.” This is a great heritage and its preservation is a heavy task that is on us today.

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