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Semnan can take a big step in the field of tourism with the support of the 13th government

IRNA / According to the latest news, Semnan with the support of the 13th government Can take a big step in the field of tourism.

It is an industrial tourism with various attractions that plays an important role in currency exchange for the country, job creation and production boom, and despite being highly affected by various events, the value of this industry is not planted and with a little reflection and comparison between the country’s oil revenue and The tourism industry can be boldly said that tourism has a net profit for the country and is not as endable as oil.

Semnan province has a good capacity for tourism industry to flourish due to its geographical location, rail, air and road transportation network, natural, historical and cultural attractions.

The officials of Semnan province in the past years, considering the different historical, natural, spiritual and cultural capacities with tourism tact and intelligence, have determined tourism as one of the main axes of development of Semnan province, but to realize this strategy, the plan must be implemented quickly. Increase.

Semnan province has more than 1,833 identified historical, cultural, natural and spiritual works, of which 813 works have been registered in the list of national works and has a great capacity to attract investors, but has not yet been able to achieve its true position. In attracting tourists.

Semnan province due to its proximity to the capital and seven important provinces of the country, including Qom, Isfahan, Khorasan Razavi, North Khorasan, South Khorasan, Golestan and Mazandaran Travelers have the capacity to attract domestic and foreign tourists, but the prosperity of this industry requires the attention of government officials and the allocation of credit.

To reach Semnan province, tourists can travel about 220 km from the capital, 586 km from Isfahan, 282 km from Qom, 338 km from Golestan, 200 km from Mazandaran and 674 km from Khorasan Razavi. Aerial, historical and tourist attractions, pristine nature, forests, mountains and deserts.

Semnan province with 2,016 km of roads in the area of ​​the General Directorate of Highways and Road Transport, having 2 airports in Semnan and Shahroud cities and having active railway stations that have more than 90 Ram daily Freight and passenger trains cross the province’s railways, a capacity that could be converted from a thoroughfare to a tourist destination with the efforts of officials.

Introducing Semnan province and the province’s capacities has an important role in attracting tourists, which should be considered more than before, and according to experts, good measures have been taken to introduce the province, but it is not enough.

The ritual of rolling a baby in Damghan , vow Semnopzan in Semnan, preparation of prayer water in Shahroud, marriage-related rituals in the province, palmistry in Mahdishahr and Shahmirzad, including spiritual heritage, Hyrcanian forests in an ocean of clouds, several hundred year old sycamore trees, cheese cave, tall waterfalls and hot springs are among the valuable natural heritage of Semnan province next to the building And historical sites of several hundred years are just a corner of the tourism potential of Semnan province that if this capacity is used, we will undoubtedly see significant economic prosperity in Semnan province.

Abgarm tourism model area in Semnan, Mahdishahr and Sorkheh counties, according to experts, if the private sector invests, it can become one of the most important recreational and medical tourist attractions in Semnan province. This region was approved as a model tourism region in Semnan province in 1986, and now it is expected that with the completion of the infrastructure of this region, it will become a health tourism attraction in the east of the country.

Khorian oil facilities located in Khorian desert in the south of Semnan, as the heritage of the country’s oil industry, which has also been nationally registered, is one of the lesser-known attractions of Semnan province that can attract many tourists to this region every year.

According to reports, there are 305 units of tourism facilities with 1,092 rooms in Semnan province, which have provided employment for 1,195 people.

Creating 1479 job opportunities in Semnan province by completing 30 tourism projects

Director General of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Semnan Province said: The average physical progress of 30 tourism projects under construction in the province is about 40%, after which 1,479 new jobs will be created and 1,338 beds will be built. The accommodation capacity of the province will be increased.

Hamidreza Doost Mohammadi added: 30 investment projects with the aim of increasing and developing tourism infrastructure with an investment of more than 6 thousand and 724 billion rials are being implemented.

“These plans include the creation of a hotel, a traditional residence, a tourist complex, an eco-lodge, accommodation and catering facilities located in a traditional welfare service complex and a dining hall,” he said.

Director General of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Semnan Province, noting that out of a total of 30 projects, eight projects with an investment volume of 4,970 billion rials with a capacity of 836 beds and employment forecast of 860 people in the province, including projects The index is under construction, it was reminded: after the completion of construction operations and operation of these facilities, the tourism indicators of the province will increase significantly.

Dost Mohammadi continued: 29 points of principle agreement were issued during the past year through the system of principle agreement for the establishment of tourism facilities, which are being followed up in various administrative stages to implement the implementation process of the project.

Director General of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Semnan Province pointed out: During this period, eight licenses were created, modified and completed with an investment volume of 1,435 billion rials with a capacity of 286 beds and employment forecast of 322 people and operations Construction of the plans began.

Plans to convert Semnan province from a thoroughfare to a tourist destination

Head of Tourism and Investment of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Semnan Province said: Holding various tourism festivals according to the capabilities of natural, rural and nomadic tourism in different parts of the province, setting up a handicrafts and souvenir market and Introducing tourist attractions in different cities, holding cultural nights and performing local music are among the plans for the prosperity of tourism in Semnan province in the post-crown period.

Mohammad Taherian stated: Holding local indigenous games in the area of ​​handicrafts market, launching a tourist bus to introduce more historical and natural attractions of the city, providing tourism packages by travel service offices in the province and the country, offering discounts Special accommodation for tourists and travelers to encourage travel, providing cheap travel packages to the executive apparatus with the aim of encouraging employees to travel is another plan for the prosperity of tourism in Semnan province in the post-crown period. He added: Issuance of five operating licenses for residential catering complex along the way, traditional dining hall, traditional residence, guest house, facilities and nature parks or agricultural tourism with an investment of 400 billion rials and employment of 50 people. Done in the field of tourism. Taherian, noting that 50 foreign tourists entered Semnan province in the second half of 1999, added: “This number reached 157 in the first six months of this year, despite the corona.”

He stated: 42 thousand domestic tourists in the second half of last year and 55 thousand tourists in the first 6 months of this year stayed in the province.

The Deputy Head of Tourism and Investment of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Semnan Province said: now 15 hotels, 1 apartment hotel, 1 motel and 5 guest houses, 90 eco-lodges, 14 traditional resorts, 73 guest houses, four There is a tourism complex, an agricultural tourism and 6 camps and entertainment centers for tourism and agricultural tourism, 31 travel service offices, 40 restaurants along the way, 20 traditional cafeterias and four tourism education institutes in Semnan province.

Semnan tourism area with the benefit of diverse capacities and strategic position of the province in the path of travelers, has an important role in economic prosperity and planning to use more of these capacities in the post-corona era provides a basis for job creation and dynamism. Provides.

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