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Shiraz is the only city that passes its travelers under the Quran

Passing under the Quran is one of our travel customs as Iranians, which is still standing and decorated with a bowl of water. The traveler passes under the Qur’an and we leave him to God to return to health. Now think that the ruler of the city tied this custom to the compulsion to build the gate of the Qur’an in the days when they lived.

Build gates around cities to protect the city and determine its boundaries. If you want to travel to Shiraz and on the way to the Quran Gate to Hafez Tomb You walked and enjoyed, with more knowledge about this famous Quranic arch or the gate of the Quran, read this report in Read Alibaba Tourism Magazine and have an imaginary trip to the city of gardens and ancient buildings before the real trip.

Where is the Quran gate in Shiraz?

Fars province, Shiraz, Imam Reza (AS) Boulevard, between Nematullah Sadeghi and Quran Square

How old is the Quran Gate in Shiraz?

Azdoldoleh Deilami built the gate in the year (372-338 AH).

Where is the Quran Gate of the Quran now?

Shiraz Pars Museum

famous gate of Shiraz; Crossroads of Architecture and Religion

Gates were all built at the busiest exits of cities; Passengers and merchants came and went more than any other place. The Quran Gate was built in the north of Shiraz following this law. In Tang-e-Allah-e-Akbar and between Chehel-e-Maqam and Babakohi mountains. From this gate, people went to the belt and Marvdasht road or entered from this route.

The ruler of the city ordered the Qur’an to be placed at the gate so that God would keep everyone safe. The spiritual significance of the Qur’an Gate was so great that people gathered around it at the beginning of each lunar month to shelter it throughout the month.

جاهای دیدنی شیراز Quran Gate is one of the prominent examples of paying attention to the presence of God in all aspects of Iranian life, even when they are going to build a gate for the city. A gate that displays the glory of Iranian Islamic architecture; A gate consisting of a large opening with two small openings on either side. There is a staircase leading to the room above the gate in the western opening. A room with three tiled latticed windows and a Quran memorizing passengers. In the eastern mouth, “Haj Hossein Igar” is resting and of course the gate itself is now one of the Shiraz sights .

What is good for everyone is the gate of the Quran together

Shiraz had several other gates besides the Quran Gate; Isfahan Gate, Saadi Gate, Butcher’s Gate, Kazerun Gate and Shah Dai Gate to God, but only this one remains. Of course, this is the only one of the countless gates of Iranian cities that have been destroyed, and perhaps the reason for this permanence is the sanctity that the Qur’an has given to it above the gate chamber and the belief that people had in it.

To visit the gate, apart from the beauty and splendor of this monument, you can also enjoy the surrounding area. From the peacock statue, which is made of natural flowers and is spectacular in all seasons and refreshes the spirit of tourists, to the landscaping that has been done in recent years and has dedicated a part of the gorge and mountains to it, and there is no news about the texture in the photos. You see the old gate.

دروازه قرآن شیراز The fact that Khajavi Kermani and the tomb of Hafez Jan and Bustan Jahannama are not far from the Quran Gate is also a matter of tourism, which may not have had much time to stay in Shiraz. And wants to hit a few marks with one arrow, what are the signs of interest.

All the historical ups and downs of the gate

Az-Dawla Dailami built the gate from stone and mortar in the year (372-338 AH) and placed a Quran in it to bless the travelers. Karim Khan Zand rebuilt the gate and built a special room for this Qur’an and two very exquisite volumes of the Qur’an are in that room. Qurans in the third line of the famous calligraphy of the Timurid period of Sultan Ibrahim, the grandson of Shah Rukh Teymouri, who were introduced as “Quran seventeen kilograms” or “Quran seventeen me”. It is said that the reason for this naming by the people is the weight and size of these Qurans which have now been transferred to the Pars Museum in Shiraz.

دروازه قرآن Quran Gate has been repaired many times due to natural disasters. Among them was the Qajar earthquake, which was repaired by Mohammad Zaki Khan Nouri. On both sides of this Qur’anic arch, he built two guard rooms to protect the gate, and next to it, he built a reservoir that was filled with water from Roknabad, and as if there was a new traveler, Hafez says:

Give me a butler you will not find in heaven

by the water of Rokanabad and Golgasht Mosalla

But it is sad that the then mayor of Shiraz destroyed the building with dynamite in 1315 to open the way for cars and trucks to pass. As much as the previous ones respected this gate, this man thought of cars to be easy to move.

But since this Quranic arch was of great spiritual importance to the people of Shiraz and gathered next to it from the first rituals of each lunar month, the people were upset by this event until 12 years later (1328) Haj Hossein Agar, a Shirazi merchant Known as Etemad al-Tajjar, he built this gate a short distance from the old gate; Larger, with sharp arched openings, openings on the left and right, and a rectangular chamber for storing the Qur’an.

تمام فراز و نشیب‌های تاریخی All around this gate, the verses of the Quran have been worked in the third line and abrogation; On the north forehead of the arch of the verse: “This Qur’an is a gift for the people.” (Surat al-Isra ‘, verse 9), on the southern forehead and towards the city of Shiraz, verse: “Say: (Surat al-Isra ‘, verse 88) And in the western corner of the arch of the verse: “We are the descendants of remembrance” and in the eastern corner: “And we are the guardians” (Surah Al-Hijr, verse 9). Etemad-al-Tajjar ordered him to be buried on the left side of the gate facing the valley. When you go to visit the gate, pay attention to this wise merchant.

This gate was still a route for cars until 1365, and cars passed under it from the historical route from Isfahan to Shiraz. Until finally, in 1996, it was registered as a national historical monument with the number 1800.

Why did the entrance to the city become known as the Quran Gate?

Az-Dawla Dailami built a gate of mortar and clay for the city of Shiraz and placed a Quran on top of its arch so that travelers could pass under it and go and come to God safely. After that, the people found a firm belief in this gate, and except for the time of travel, they gathered around it on the first of the lunar month to stay away from disaster during the month.

چرا ورودی شهر به دروازه قرآن مشهور شد؟ Quran Gate in Shiraz Pars Museum

From the very beginning of the construction of the gate, the Quran was on its entrance. But as I said, Karim Khan Zand built a special room for this Qur’an and put two volumes of the exquisite Qur’an in it. When you go to Shiraz, see these exquisite Qurans in the Pars Museum.

Where is the gate of Quran in Shiraz?

The gate in the north of Shiraz city, facing Allah Akbar Strait and between Chehel Magham Mountain and Babakohi Mountain, blessed its travelers who were going to the belt and Marvdasht road, and it has remained known by the same name until today.

Until 1365, when it was still the route of car traffic and cars passed under it from the historical route of Isfahan to Shiraz. But now it has changed and is a completely touristy area.

Quran Gate on Google Map

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