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Shiraz Vakil Bazaar is one of the most beautiful historical markets in Iran

I agree that every city has its own old market and these markets have a relatively similar structure, but the market of each city has its own details and mood that you do not step into its colorful rows and do not see with your own eyes, understanding You will not have it, they have long been right; “Who was hearing like seeing?”

Shiraz Vakil Bazaar is one of the locations of Masoud Kimiaee’s unforgettable film “Dash Akel”, you can find a description of it in this story by Sadegh Hedayat. The protagonist walks under the high arches of Shiraz Bazaar and thinks about his unattainable love… I am also supposed to be in this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine Be your eyes and ears. Let ‘s hold your hand and walk in the stories, travel together in the time tunnel for a few years to see where and how the lawyer market in Shiraz. I’m excited to talk about its charming architecture and rooms, and to think about its ever-vibrant and vibrant atmosphere.

The glory of any market is the noise of the people under the light of the apertures from which light drips. On the one hand, the sound of drummers, on the other hand, the fragrance and color of spices and spring orange; On the other side are colorful rugs and fabrics that caress the eyes. Join me on this journey to learn more about Shiraz Vakil Bazaar.

Is it possible to buy online from the lawyer market?

The lawyer market does not have an online sales department, but due to the expansion of social networks, it is possible to buy goods through the shops’ Instagram pages.

What are the working hours of Shiraz Lawyer Market?

The lawyer market is open from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm and is usually closed on Fridays. Of course, keep in mind that different occasions and special circumstances affect the working hours of the market.

Where is the address of Shiraz Lawyer Market?

Vakil Bazaar has 5 entrances from Zand, Lotfali Khan Zand and Taleghani streets. The main entrance of Vakil Bazaar is located on Zand Street and on the east side of Shahrdari Square.

Shiraz Vakil Bazaar History

Shiraz Vakil Bazaar is one of the most important Shiraz sights whose name is familiar to everyone. You may have noticed that the more information we have about the history of a place or something, the more we realize its true value. That’s why I go to the history of the lawyer market first.

بازار وکیل شیراز Zandieh era was a glorious and prosperous period for Shiraz. Many of the historical monuments of Shiraz, which are still valuable, date back to the Zandieh era. One of these monuments is Vakil Bazaar. This bazaar was built by the order of Karim Khan Zand, the idea of ​​building such a bazaar came to his mind during his trip to Lar and visiting Qaisaria Lar Bazaar. The construction of the bazaar began in 1137 AH and lasted for 19 years.

The Vakil Bazaar was completed with spectacular rows and aisles as a gathering place for businessmen and shopkeepers in 1156. Each row is named according to the activities of its shopkeepers, for example the Crystal Bazaar, the Tailors’ Bazaar, the Bazazan Bazaar, and so on. All business affairs, buying and selling of domestic and foreign goods, issuing remittances and even exchange offices were done in the lawyer market.

It might be interesting to know that according to the report IRNA news site In 1394, a large number of documents related to administrative correspondence and Commercial during restoration, was discovered in Timcheh Ahmadi, Shiraz Vakil Bazaar. According to the report of the Public Relations of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Fars Province , this The documents, which belong to 100 years ago and the Qajar period, help to have a more scientific and accurate knowledge of the historical background of the market and its developments.

تاریخچه بازار وکیل شیراز

Regarding the description of Shiraz lawyer market in historical books, it is better to read parts of the book Shiraznameh or Ajam works, the work of Al-Dawlah Shirazi opportunity:

“Vakil Bazaar is one of the bazaars of the late Karim Khan Vakil. Near Vakil Mosque, there are four bazaars made of brick and plaster. . Few markets in Iran are seen in this way. A large bazaar is forty-one arches to reach the four sides, it is called Bazazan Bazaar. It has any kind of texture. Samar, crystal seller, tailor, etc. are also in it. The other bazaar has forty-six arches. It is called Kolahdozan Bazaar. The other bazaar has ten arches, in which all the serajs and shards are sewn. In the middle of the first bazaar, which is the bazaar bazaar, there are also eleven arches.”

Lawyer Market Architecture

The special architecture of Vakil Bazaar is one of the reasons for tourists to visit this old bazaar at Travel to Shiraz is. Vakil Bazaar is inspired by the architecture of Isfahan Bazaar and Qaisaria Bazaar, so you may feel the traces of Safavid architecture in the architecture of Vakil Bazaar. This market, with an area of ​​21840 square meters, is architecturally divided into three main sections:

  • Passage (a place for people and customers to cross)
  • Shop area (this area is two steps above the ground.)
  • Shop space (refers to the point of sale.)

معماری بازار وکیل

Shiraz lawyer market has some major differences with other satanic markets. The first difference is that the market is a few steps below ground level. The height or ceiling of the lawyer market rows is significantly higher and the width of the market is wider than other old markets. The shops in this market are often two-story, have a closet and are located one meter above the ground due to moisture and humidity.

In front of each of the cells, platforms have been built that were previously decorative and carved with thorns. At present, a trace of the bergamot design remains and the platform is used as a shop counter.

معماری بازار وکیل

All right, now let’s go to the lawyer market lighting and ventilation. On the arch of the bazaar, there are small openings known as horns. The horn is a hole that, in addition to air, provides light to the space. Vakil market openings block direct sunlight while providing market light. The height of the market roof plays the role of ventilation and with the help of simple windbreaks and market architecture, you will always experience the desired temperature.

Shiraz Vakil Bazaar Rules

To get acquainted with the different orders of the lawyer market, it is better to first visualize the general picture of the market in your mind. The bazaar has two rows, north-south and east-west, which are arranged in a + or cross-shaped position and have an intersection in the center, which is called the four souks. With this in mind, I will introduce each of the market segments to you in the following.

راسته های بازار وکیل شیراز The water of the pond was supposed to be supplied through the market waterways, because of the changes that have taken place over the years, now there is no trace of the pond and only the waterway can be seen.

Northern part of the market

The northern row of Vakil Bazaar starts from Isfahan Gate and continues to the four major bazaars. This order includes three houses called Ahmadi House, Oil House and Customs House. The market of cashmere sellers and hat makers is also located in the northern order and it can be said that you will see more local people in this part of the market.

The southern part of the market or the Swordsmen Market

The southern part of the market is one of its busiest segments. The entrance of the southern part of Shiraz Vakil Bazaar, which is known as the Swordsmen Bazaar, is the entrance of Vakil Mosque. The Swordsmen Market has 11 pairs of shops.

In the past, this order was a place for selling all kinds of swords and cold weapons, and this was the reason for naming this order, but today, handicrafts and tribal handicrafts are sold in this section. The entrance of Vakil Caravanserai is located in the southern part of the bazaar, but today it is also known as the Elephant Caravanserai.

بخش جنوبی بازار یا بازار شمشیرگرها

Western part of the market or the market for shrapnel doses

The western part of Shiraz Vakil Bazaar is known as the order of leftover doses. This order has 11 arches and 20 rooms or shops, which is currently considered as a center for selling Iranian hand-woven and original carpets. In line with the shard market, the swordsman market begins and connects to the southern part of the market.

Eastern part of the market or enthusiasts market

The eastern part of Vakil Bazaar is known as the Order of Interests or the Eastern Order. This order has 19 arches and 38 shops that used to produce and sell ribbons, silk ribbons, yarns and 3, but now the Eastern order has become a center for selling carpets and some perfume shops for spices and medicinal plants. Has.

What items are suitable for buying from the lawyer market?

The beauty of the lawyer market is impressive, but the booths and shops are so attractive that they encourage you to buy. Every corner of the market of this size will have a good answer for your purchases. From food, handicrafts, spices, copper utensils to cafes, restaurants and liqueurs, all of them are located under the high roof of Vakil Bazaar in Shiraz. At present, many Iranian and foreign goods are sold in this market. In this article, we will introduce most of it to you.

خرید از بازار وکیل برای چه اقلامی مناسب است؟

Foods, liqueurs and special spices: In the lawyer’s market, foods such as cookies, Make traditional Muscat, Lari Muscat Halva, Rice Bread and Yokheh Bread, all of which are known as Shiraz souvenirs. In addition, Shiraz is famous for its spring orange aroma and natural liqueurs. You can buy a variety of liqueurs, mountain herbs and fragrant spices from Shiraz Vakil Bazaar. Awaken the memory of your trip with orange perfume from time to time.

خرید از بازار وکیل برای چه اقلامی مناسب است؟

Hand-woven industries: Iranian hand-woven carpets, kilims and rugs, works of art They are Iranian nomads who are sold in Vakil market.

  • Fabric: Vakil Bazaar is a colorful fabric, so choose your favorite fabric and leave it to the tailors of the bazaar to remember the beautiful and beautiful clothes from your trip to Shiraz.
  • Handicrafts: Types of engraving, inlay, inlay and other Shiraz handicrafts Available from the lawyer market.

In addition to the items I mentioned, Vakil Bazaar is a good place to buy copper and silverware, local clothing, jewelry, leather, and more.

Is it possible to buy online from Shiraz lawyer market?

Due to the traditional atmosphere of the lawyer market and the variety of shops, it is not possible to buy online from all rooms. Many shops promote and sell goods through their Instagram pages, but this does not mean that the lawyer market benefits from integrated online sales.

Where is the lawyer market?

The entrances of Vakil Bazaar are located in Zand Street, Taleghani Street and Lotfali Khan Zand Street, you can reach the market through any of these streets. The main entrance of Vakil Bazaar is located in Zand Street, east of Shahrdari Square. Access to the lawyer market is possible by public transport, including buses and subways.

بازار وکیل کجاست؟

If you go to the market by bus, it is enough to use the lines that are stationed in Shohada Square have. You will reach the market in a few minutes walk from Shohada Square station.

If you want to use Shiraz metro , you can get off at Zandieh metro station. Zandieh station is about 10 to 15 minutes walk from the bazaar.

بازار وکیل کجاست؟

Vakil Bazaar Address: Shiraz, Lotfali Khan Zand Blvd.

Shiraz Vakil Bazaar Hours: On normal days of the year, the bazaar is open from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm and is usually closed on Fridays. Of course, keep in mind that different occasions and special circumstances affect the working hours of the market.

Lawyer Market on Google Maps

Market of language of colors

The lawyer market is a market in the language of colors. The colors of carpets, fabrics, spices ‌ everything is so colorful and beautiful in this market that you can never pass by its beauties like a normal passerby. Please do not be an ordinary passer-by, be a tourist… Every time, walk in the market rows as if it is the first time. In this way, you will store happy memories of the trip to Shiraz in your heart.

بازاری به زبان رنگ‌ها

Of course, be careful not to take your hat off and do not leave the market empty-handed! Buy souvenirs for yourself and souvenirs for those around you. You need to have a memory to remind you of the days when the lawyer market is not near you, or even a spice that brings the market atmosphere to life when you eat.

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