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Shopping guide from Qeshm for an ideal marketing

Shopping guide from Qeshm for an ideal marketing

Shopping from Qeshm has been one of the island’s attractions since ancient times. Qeshm, as a free zone, has always offered the most diverse goods at cheap prices and has attracted many tourists every year under the pretext of buying from Qeshm.

Among the countless shopping malls of the island, it is difficult to identify the most suitable markets in Qeshm, which in this section of Alibaba Tourism Magazine We want to make it easy for you.

So join us to get the gist of shopping in Qeshm and experience the ideal purchase.

Summer is the best time to shop in Qeshm, despite the extreme heat, due to the holding of summer festivals and the minimization of prices for goods, as well as tickets and accommodation.

It depends on what kind of clothes you are looking for and what quality and price level, but one of the best offers to buy from Qeshm, City Center 1 and 2, are two dolphins. Dargahan is the old market of Qeshm, the palm market of Dargahan and the shopping center of Setareh Qeshm.

Qeshm Old Bazaar and Dargahan Old Bazaar.

1. Determine the goods we are looking for and refer to its stock market. 2. Complete the information related to our desired product before visiting the market. 3. Pay attention to extra cargo and control purchases. 4. Compare prices and know about it. 5. Receive letterhead invoices and store information on bulk purchases. 6. Check the conditions of exchange and return of goods.

The best time to buy from Qeshm

Qeshm is an island full of beauty and various attractions that have something to say in every season. If you are planning to go to Qeshm for something other than shopping, cold seasons such as autumn and winter are the best times. But if your main goal is to buy from Qeshm, buy the heat of summer and late spring and go to Qeshm at this time. I have 4 reasons for this recommendation:

  1. Naturally, the most important thing for us when shopping in Qeshm is shopping at a reasonable price . During the summer, due to the extreme heat and a significant decrease in tourists, prices fall sharply and thus your purchasing power increases. Summer festivals and discounts this season are another attraction for shopping in Qeshm in summer.
  2. Under the influence of heat and the reduction of tourists and travelers, the opportunity to buy from Qeshm is provided with ease and away from the crowds; So do not miss the opportunity of a private shopping in Qeshm markets!
  3. Another reason for choosing summer as the best time to shop in Qeshm is that the price of plane tickets, trains and even accommodation reservations hotels and hotels to a minimum May arrive . In fact, all your summer expenses will be reduced and more money will be left in your pocket for shopping.
  4. Let me say this to ease your mind and that’s it! When you travel to Qeshm to buy this island, it is natural to spend most of your time in Qeshm markets. The good news is that Qeshm shopping malls are equipped with strong cooling systems and protect you from the extreme heat of hot seasons. .

بهترین زمان خرید از قشم

Qeshm Passages to buy clothes, bags and shoes

When shopping in Qeshm, what you should not worry about at all is finding shopping malls and markets in Qeshm. Qeshm is as full of natural attractions as it is a passage and a shopping center. In this section, we will introduce the best options for buying clothes from Qeshm.

1. Qeshm City Center

To buy from Qeshm If you are looking for passages that sell luxury and modern goods , visit City Center 1 and 2.

The two shopping malls face each other and are connected by a flyover on the top floor. City Center 1 and 2 are very similar to the shopping malls of Iran’s big cities, which offer quality and, of course, more expensive goods (compared to other markets in Qeshm).

سیتی سنتر قشم The presence of a playground on the top floor of City Center provides good conditions for children to have fun Provides you with the time of purchase. Also, the fast food and restaurants in these passages are a good option to rejuvenate and relieve your tiredness.

  • City Center Shopping Hours 1 and 2:10 am to 2 pm – 5 pm to about 12 pm
  • Address: Qeshm, Imam Gholi Khan Boulevard, corner of Darya Boulevard

2. Ferdowsi Qeshm Grand Bazaar

Another suitable option for shopping in Qeshm is Ferdowsi Bazaar. In this passage, compared to the city center, more common goods are offered, and of course, at a reasonable and cheaper price. Ferdowsi Bazaar can be a good choice for those who are looking for cheap shopping .بازار بزرگ فردوسی قشم برای خرید از قشم

  • Hours of Ferdowsi Qeshm Bazaar : 9:30 am to 2 pm – 5 pm to about 12 pm
  • Address: Qeshm, Valiasr Boulevard

3. Qeshm Star Shopping Center

Setareh Shopping Center is one of the most famous markets in Qeshm, where almost everything can be found and it is not specific to clothes!

This 3-storey shopping center has quality goods at reasonable prices, and this has made it popular to buy from Qeshm.

مرکز خرید ستاره قشم

I suggest visiting all centers to buy from Qeshm Do not have, put the star of Qeshm in your priorities.

  • Working hours of Setareh Qeshm Shopping Center: 9:30 am to 2 pm – 5 pm to about 12 pm
  • Address: Qeshm, Valiasr Boulevard

4. Qeshm Campus Bazaar

In front of Setareh Shopping Center, there is a relatively new market of Qeshm Campus. This bazaar is located in a 4-storey building, of which only 2 floors are dedicated to the bazaar.

بازار پردیس قشم

If you are looking for clothes when buying from Qeshm, visit Qeshm Campus Bazaar and if you need food and drink, head to the island overnight restaurant on the fourth floor.

  • Working hours of Qeshm Campus Bazaar: 9:30 am to 2 pm – 5 pm to about 12 pm
  • Address: Qeshm, Valiasr Boulevard, Pardis Crossroads

5. Persian Gulf Grand Bazaar

One of the reasons that makes shopping in Qeshm easy is the large number of Qeshm shopping centers and their proximity to each other. The location of the Persian Gulf Grand Bazaar in the city center and proximity to shopping malls such as Setareh has created a good position.

بازار بزرگ خلیج فارس

2 floors of this building are dedicated to shops with cheap goods That has its customers. On the fourth floor there is a restaurant of the same name with this center that can host your tiredness.

  • Working hours: 9:30 am to 2 pm – 5 pm to 11 pm
  • Address: Qeshm, Valiasr Boulevard, Pardis Crossroads

6. Persian Golf Commercial Complex

This shopping center is always one of the busiest shopping centers in Qeshm due to being located in a joint building with Persian Golf Hotel. One of the positive points of Persian Golf is that it has a variety of good products that will meet your various needs when buying from Qeshm.

مجتمع تجاری پرشین گلف برای خرید از قشم

  • Working hours: 9 am to 10 nights
  • Address: Qeshm, Dargahan, behind the sea market, next to the sea parking

7. Dargahan Emerald Shopping Center

Buying clothes in Qeshm is one of the most popular purchases. Emerald Shopping Mall is located in Dargahan, which takes about 20 minutes to get there, 20 minutes that are definitely worth it.

مرکز خرید زمرد درگهان

If you are looking to buy Jeans For the most part, emeralds can be a great shopping center for you. Of course, this does not mean that there is no retail and you will not find other products.

  • Emerald Shopping Center opening hours: Wholesalers 9 am to 4 pm / Other guilds and shops: 9 am to 10 pm
  • Address: Qeshm, Dargahan, next to the sea market

8. Dargahan Sea Commercial Complex

Shopping in Qeshm is generally attractive, but if a shopping center is exactly on the lower floors of your residence, it will be light by light!

Darya commercial complex is located in a building with Singo Qeshm Hotel, which has always caused tourists to shop and shop in this commercial complex.

مجتمع تجاری دریا درگهان

Another market that you may have heard of is the market چینی‌هاست. A market where most of the sellers are Chinese and of course they also sell their country’s goods. Don’t worry about how to communicate with them, they speak Persian more easily than you think!

  • Business hours of Darya Commercial Complex: 9 am to 10 pm
  • Address: Qeshm, Dargahan, Enghelab Square

9. Dargahan Two Dolphin Shopping Center

One of the most famous shopping centers in Qeshm is the Dolphin Shopping Center. Do Dolphins is a very large shopping center with 6 commercial floors, which has a large number of stores and a wide variety of products, making shopping from Qeshm a pleasant experience for you.

مرکز خرید دو دلفین درگهان

The good news is that the prices of two dolphins are even higher than other centers It is also cheaper to buy Qeshm. If you are looking for major Znameh clothes, head to the upper floors of this center.

  • Working hours of Dolphin Shopping Center: 9 am to 10 pm
  • Address: Qeshm, Dargahan, in front of Noor Commercial Complex

10. Atlas Commercial Complex

Unlike most of Qeshm shopping centers, which have a high variety of products and there is no news of specialized sales of goods, Qeshm Atlas Bazaar is a special market for buying bags and shoes from Qeshm. So if you are looking for this type of product as well as luggage, go straight to Atlas Market without wasting time and wandering around.

مجتمع تجاری اطلس

It is good to know that there is a possibility of bulk purchase in this market, هم خُرد. P>

  • Atlas Business Complex Hours: 9am to 10pm
  • Address: Qeshm, Dargahan, behind Do Dolphin Shopping Center

11. Noor Dargahan Commercial Complex

After buying bags and shoes from Atlas Bazaar, head to Noor Bazaar, which has a good variety of products and completes your purchase. To enter the light market, you can enter either through the main door facing the Atlas Market or through the flyover that connects the Atlas to the light.

  • Working hours of Noor Commercial Complex: 9 am to 10 pm
  • Address: Qeshm, Dargahan, Saheli Boulevard, in front of Do Dolphin Shopping Center

12. Iran Zamin Shopping Center

This shopping center, which is located in Dargahan, is another suitable option for shopping in Qeshm. If you are looking to buy sportswear , go to this small but popular mall.

مرکز خرید ایران زمین برای خرید از قشم It is very likely that you will be able to find quality sports goods from reputable foreign and domestic brands in this center.

  • Iran Zamin Shopping Center working hours: 9 am to 10 pm
  • Address: Qeshm, Dargahan, Enghelab Square

13. Palm Market

Shopping in Qeshm is not always limited to small purchases and many people come to Qeshm mainly to buy clothes. If you are looking for a large wholesale clothing market, visit Dargahan Palm Market.

بازار نخل درگهان Buying from Qeshm has one thing that is online shopping; In this regard, the “Palm Market” application is designed to meet this need.

  • Dargahan Palm Market working hours: 9 am to 10 pm
  • Address: Qeshm, Dargahan, Vahdat Boulevard, Sayadi Boulevard, between Nakhoda Street and Enghelab Square

cosmetics; Paint & Glaze Shopping from Qeshm

Shopping for cosmetics is another popular type of shopping in the area. The special point about this is that you do not need to go to a special shopping center to buy cosmetics from Qeshm; Because in many markets of Qeshm, it is possible to buy these products and the work is easy.

However, for your convenience, I will introduce you to some shopping centers that have a cosmetics store.

1. Star Shopping Center for shopping in Qeshm

If you are looking to buy original cosmetics from a dealer, I recommend Star Shopping Center. Brands such as Niua, Arcansil, Clion and دارند have active branches in this shopping center.

2. City Center

City Center Shopping Centers 1 and 2, which I mentioned above, is another good option for buying cosmetics from Qeshm.

سیتی سنتر

3. Dolphin Shopping Mall

There are definitely cosmetic stores in a very large mall like Dolphin. I must say that in this shopping center, not only is there a large number of cosmetics stores, but it is also possible to find cosmetics of the brand and the original.

4. Sea Shopping Mall

The next option to buy cosmetics from Qeshm is Darya Shopping Center, from which you will not leave empty-handed.

5. Dargahan Emerald Shopping Center

Emerald is one of the shopping centers in Qeshm that has several stores in the field of selling cosmetics.

Home appliances; The most popular shopping from Qeshm

Buying home appliances from Qeshm is one of the reasons that has always attracted many tourists to Qeshm. Qeshm, as one of the free zones in Iran, can be a good opportunity to buy home appliances at economical prices.

Since not all shopping malls sell home appliances and electrical appliances, in this section I will introduce the Qeshm shopping malls that supply these products.

1. Star Bazaar in shopping from Qeshm

Star market again! This shopping center has something to say against all your needs. Well-known brands such as LG, Samsung, Tefal, Philips, Sony, etc. are represented in this shopping center and offer you many choices.

2. City Center

The two branches of City Center are always of interest to tourists due to the supply of up-to-date home appliances and the favorable interior space they have.

سیتی سنتر برای خرید از قشم

3. Qeshm Campus Shopping Center

In Qeshm Campus Shopping Center, you can buy home appliances in retail and wholesale. This newly built shopping center, while offering quality goods, also has reasonable prices.

4. Two Dolphin Shopping Center

One of the worries of shopping in Qeshm is finding the original goods, which will give you a better chance of accessing the original home appliances in the shopping center of two dolphins.

5. Marjan Shopping Center

If you are looking to buy kitchen utensils and utensils, Marjan Shopping Center, also known as Lulu Center, has a good variety of products and will probably be interesting for you.

  • Working hours of Marjan Qeshm Shopping Center: 9 am to 2 pm – 5 pm to 10 pm
  • Address: Qeshm, Valiasr Boulevard, between Palestine Street and Golha Square

6. Sea, Emerald and Persian Golf shopping centers for shopping from Qeshm

These three shopping malls are other options that also have home appliance and electrical stores. If you have not found the goods you are looking for in the previous centers, look at these three passages.

Buy souvenirs and handicrafts; Shopping from Qeshm in traditional markets

It does not matter if you have traveled to Qeshm for sightseeing or shopping; In any case, you may want to make a souvenir for others or a souvenir for yourself.

Qeshm traditional and local markets are one of the most attractive places in Qeshm that you will remember more and better than any shopping center.

Let me just say that you will see the real picture of this colorful island in these markets.

1. Qeshm Old Bazaar

The texture of Qeshm Old Bazaar is such that you will have the opportunity to meet and chat with the precious natives of this region. People who have made shopping in Qeshm colorful and distinctive with their beautiful clothes.

بازار قدیم قشم

The main customers of this market are the residents of Qeshm who go there to meet their daily needs.

It is good to know that if you are planning to go to Dargahan, Dargahan taxi station is near the old market of Qeshm.

  • Qeshm Old Bazaar working hours: 8:30 am to 2 pm – 5 pm to 10 pm
  • Address: Qeshm, Imam Khomeini St., Jihad Square

2. Dargahan old market for shopping from Qeshm

This old Dargahan market is mostly for people who are looking for bulk purchases. Of course, if you are a Dargahan marketer on New Year’s Eve, try your luck and go to the old market. Usually at this time of year shopkeepers go for a one-off sale at very cheap prices.

بازار قدیم درگهان

  • Dargahan Old Bazaar working hours: 8 am to 3 pm
  • Address: Qeshm, Dargahan, Enghelab Square

The most luxurious and expensive markets in Qeshm

Qeshm is the island of one thousand and one markets, and City Center 1 and 2 shopping centers can be introduced as the most luxurious ones. In these two centers, more special and, of course, more expensive goods can be found.

Do’s and don’ts of buying from Qeshm

There are tips for buying from Qeshm that if you consider them, you will make your shopping process better and easier. So read this section several times and make sure it works.

  1. Before choosing a mall, ask yourself what you want to buy. Then, according to your needs, move to the shopping center, which is the stock exchange of your desired goods, so that your time and energy are not wasted.
  2. Honestly, there is no such thing as the best shopping center in Qeshm! To buy from Qeshm, you should look for the best shops and stores that are distributed in various shopping centers.
  3. If you are looking for a product that has special features, complete your information before going to Qeshm shopping centers so that you can better examine the sellers’ offers.
  4. At the time of purchase, be sure to ask about the terms of return or exchange of goods, especially if you make bulk purchases.
  5. In bulk purchases of letterhead invoices, request detailed product and store information.
  6. Buy original goods only from their reputable agencies and do not be satisfied with the name of the shop with the brand you want.
  7. Most of the items you see in Qeshm are Chinese; So do not pay attention to the German, English and ‌etc writings and focus on checking the quality of the product.
  8. Check and compare the price of the product you want before entering the market or while buying. Note that there is no special monitoring of prices in Qeshm and sellers are free to price; So watch your purchases yourself and pull your hair out of yogurt!
  9. If the most important thing for you in shopping from Qeshm is price, go straight to Dargahan shopping malls.
  10. Think back! Overload as well as controlling purchases is one of the challenges you will face when leaving Qeshm; Especially if you plan to return to your place of residence by boat or train.

Shopping from Qeshm; An experience you want to repeat?

Honestly, the answer is yes! Who hates the great variety of goods and their low prices? Especially if after every beach shopping, silver and blue sea will host your tiredness….

Qeshm is a wonderful combination of shopping, entertainment and tourism that will definitely make you happy again and again!

Make room for us on these trips many times and if you have any questions left unanswered, leave us a comment. Definitely not unanswered.

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