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Shushtar, along with Yazd and Masouleh, became the complete city of Iran

ISNA / According to the latest news, Shushtar near Yazd and Masouleh It became the complete city of Iran.

Mohammad Reza Bahadori, the director of Shushtar World Heritage Site, stated that the international-specialized publication 2A works in the field of architecture and construction. Historical architecture, urban restoration, reconstruction, etc. Shushtar was able to take great pride in the title of the perfect city.

He continued: In this great event, which was held in the presence of national and international figures in the field of architecture and urban planning at the International Conference Center of the National Archives and Library of Tehran, Shushtar in the historical field and museum near Yazd And Masouleh was able to claim the title of the complete city.

The director of Shushtar World Heritage Site said about the title of Complete City, stating that this title is a very important brand: when a city obtains this title, it will be introduced in the national and world dimension in the specialized community of architecture and urban planning. This title can be used extensively in international interactions, including sisterhood links and more. Explaining that Paragon City is a large and modern city in which the past and memories of the city are linked to the vitality and energy of the present, he added: In such a city, architecture, public space, sustainability, justice Social, transportation, along with other dimensions and features of urban life, go hand in hand and create an atmosphere that answers all the problems and issues of the city and its inhabitants.

Bahadori added: The purpose of introducing a complete city is to achieve a cycle to improve the situation of cities; On the one hand, eligible cities are introduced and introduced as ideal cities in the world, which will have a great impact on their branding and development.

He said: “Such an issue in the long run leads to competition between cities to achieve as Paragon City, by improving their conditions in different urban dimensions and puts them on the path of development; On the other hand, by examining the characteristics of the proposed cities, patterns can be obtained to solve the problems of similar cities.

The director of Shushtar World Heritage Site stated: The museum city is a city whose spaces and buildings have preserved their historical and cultural conditions and act as a telling history. Museum areas are defined as specific geographical areas in the city, which include museums, historical and cultural buildings and the space that includes these buildings, in which, in addition to the possibility of visiting the cultural heritage, the possibility of enjoying the urban space and experiencing life. Social is given to individuals.

He is the type of culture and the existence of special cultures, the existence of historical elements, the quality of public spaces, security and safety, proper access, quality of climate, the existence of facilities and services for tourists, the existence of unique physical qualities, the existence of special ecosystems and He cited specific natural elements as criteria for selecting a perfect city, adding: “Magazine 2A introduces the pioneering concept of a perfect city, or” Paragon City, “in the form of an” Urban Interaction Council “or” Center for Urban Development and Balanced Living Studies. ”

Bahadori added: “The purpose of introducing such a concept is to take a step towards creating a favorable environment for residents around the world. In line with this goal, a framework has been established that helps urban development leaders to use space.” As an effective resource for development, in addition to involving investors along the way, realize their vision.

He expressed his hope that the national and provincial officials with a special view of Shushtar will help us to bring the unique capacities of this city to the forefront.

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