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Side tourist area; A fun and quiet place in Turkey

This area is a historic area and one of the most well-known tourist areas Turkey It counts. To the east of the Side area, where the pine forests are located, is the Surgun, which contains the Titiyoneol flower, which means the trembling flower with the blue flag and the calm beach, and Kızılagach. These areas have become a relaxing place for tourists due to their sandy beaches and calm sea. In addition, all the recreational and leisure facilities are available in Side area Antalya . Join us in this fascinating article to know where Seyedeh tourist area is and get acquainted with the tourist attractions of Seyedeh Antalya area.


To the west of Side is KumKōy, a tourist center that includes cholakli and Kamelya. If you are interested in relaxing by the sea and sunbathing, be sure to visit this area. At a distance of 15 km north of Side area there is a place called Bucakşihlar. In this area, you should not miss visiting the Roman baths, temples, churches, large tombs, theater hall and beautiful bazaar.

Other tourist attractions of the region

The theater hall, which has beautiful columns, is one of the most beautiful and largest halls in this area. The Apollo Temple Market and Cemetery near the sea are other historical sites in the area. The Roman bath is also one of the most important sights of this region, in which a collection of the best archeological works has been exposed to the public. Countless shops, cafes and restaurants are located around the streets of Side Park, all of which have a beautiful view of the sea. During the holidays, be sure to visit the tourist area of ​​Side and enjoy with your family.

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