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Sights of Kermanshah; The historical land of Iran

Sights of Kermanshah; The historical land of Iran

Have you ever been to Kermanshah? If yes, for sightseeing? Or have you just passed this beautiful city? However, this beautiful city is often known only as Taghestan and Biston. But the sights of Kermanshah are much more than these professions. Kermanshah has many historical, religious, and natural attractions that can make for a unique vacation.

Go to Kermanshah especially in the first months of spring and the first of autumn and enjoy the unique weather of this city. Now that the issue of travel to Kermanshah has been discussed, follow this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine to get to know the westernmost city of Iran better.

What are the natural sights of Kermanshah?

If you want to choose some of the sights of Kermanshah, be sure to go to Qori Qaleh Cave, Niloufar Mirage, and Heshilan Wetland.

What are the historical places of Kermanshah?

The historical places of Kermanshah are much more than you can see in one day. But visiting the Biston site and the Bostan arch should be at the top of any list.

Where is Biston Kermanshah?

Biston is a city 35 km east of Kermanshah, where the historical site of Biston is located. Biston’s attractions include Biston’s lithograph, Hercules statue, Farhad Tarash, and Biston Caravanserai.

Places of Kermanshah

If we want to define Kermanshah in one word, we must say the city of love and historical stories. For this reason, the first place you should see in this city is the historical attractions of Kermanshah. Places like Biston, Bostan Arch, and Anahita Temple are among the first on any tourist list in the city. But when touring this historical city, you should not miss the natural attractions of Kermanshah.

Kermanshah province has a completely different climate from east to west. For this reason, you should not forget to visit the more temperate regions of the province, namely the city of Sahneh, and the tropical regions of the province, namely the cities of Qasr Shirin and Gilan-e-Gharb. Of course, the religious attractions of Kermanshah are not few. Kermanshah mosques are unique examples of several hundred years of Iranian architecture and traditions. In addition to the religious aspect, the pillars also have a historical aspect, which, like a diary, shows different periods. Kermanshah markets should also be on the list of must-see places in Kermanshah. From the darkness of Kermanshah city bazaar, to Javanrood border bazaar and Qasr Shirin bazaar. Each of these markets shows you an aspect of Kermanshah culture and lifestyle that you will not regret seeing.

طاق بوستان تاریخی

Historical Attractions of Kermanshah

As mentioned, the historical attractions of Kermanshah come with stories that we have heard from our elders since childhood. The story of Shirin and Farhad, for whom Mount Biston was torn down, the story of the kings of ancient Iran, who were the symbol of justice, and the story of the lion of men and the lion of women who sacrificed their lives to defend their land.

1- Bistoon historical site is one of the sights of Kermanshah that takes you to the heart of history

In addition to the historical site, Biston is also one of the natural attractions of Kermanshah. That is why the first place you see in Kermanshah can become a memorable picnic for you.

The Biston Historic Site contains many historical artifacts from different periods. These historical monuments include Bistoon inscription, Hercules statue, the role of Mehrdad Ashkani, Farhad Tarash, Sassanid bridge, Ilkhani caravanserai, Shah Abbasi caravanserai and Safavid bridge. Biston’s inscription was carved by order of Darius I on the occasion of the beginning of his reign over the Persian Empire in 521 BC. You can climb the stairs that the Cultural Heritage Organization has installed for tourists to visit. After 2500 years, see the role of Darius I with a bow and arrow in the heart of the mountain and think about the prominent and glorious history of Iran.

After visiting the monuments of Biston Historical Site, it is time to relax in the shade of the pine trees at the foot of the mountain. All you need is a mat and a cup of hot tea. The aroma of tea with the aroma of evergreen trees takes you to a world you have never seen before.

محوطه تاریخی بیستون

Biston Historic Site on Google Map

غذاهای محلی کرمانشاه؛ کبابی، خورشت، آش و همه چیز Kermanshah local food; Grill, stew, soup and everything

Shah Abbas Safavid Caravanserai was built in 1072 AH. In 1394, this caravanserai returned to its main use, which is to accommodate passengers. Today, this caravanserai is one of the best historical places in Kermanshah, where you can both stay and embrace hundreds of years of Iranian history.

Shaw Abbasi Bistoon Caravanserai is better known today as Laleh Bistoon Hotel. But the spirit of this caravanserai has never changed. If you spend the night in one of the 16 rooms of this caravanserai in the morning, you will probably hear the voices of tired travelers for centuries talking about their itinerary with fear and hope. Just like you!

جاهای دیدنی کرمانشاه

Shah Abbasi Biston Caravanserai on Google Map

3- Bostan Arch is one of the historical attractions of Kermanshah at the end of the most beautiful boulevard in the country

Now that you have entered the city of Kermanshah, one of the first places of interest in Kermanshah that you should see is Taq Bostan Boulevard and the famous lithograph of Taq Bostan at the end of it. You have probably seen the photo of Taq-e-Bostan Boulevard this way and that. But seeing the boulevard itself, with soaring trees and a large area for walking and playing, has another beauty. After going up the boulevard to the end, you will reach the petroglyph of Bostan Arch.

Taq Bostan historical complex has been the hunting ground of Sassanid kings. It is true that this area is now in the heart of the city, but from the roaring river of Taq-e Bostan, its ancient trees, and the petroglyph carved in the heart of the mountain, it can be seen that this place deserved to become the hunting ground of kings.

In front of the Bostan arch lithograph, an artificial lake has been built, which doubles the beauty of this historical monument. On sunny days, the reflection of the petroglyph can be seen on the bright and clear surface of the water, and at night, the beautiful lighting of the area of ​​this historical monument is spectacular.

After your visit to the historic site, you can go along the river and choose one of the traditional restaurants of Taq-e Bostan. One of the most delicious kebabs of your life in these restaurants is waiting for you.

طاق بستان کرمانشاه

Arch of Bostan on Google Map

4- Arched, another sight of Kermanshah from the Sassanid era

To see the arch, you have to go to Kermanshah-Sarpol-Zahab road. Archaeologists do not know exactly what the purpose of the arch was, but since the Zagros Gate is one of the arches, the idea of ​​a border station is more plausible than anything else.

Arched is one of the sights of Kermanshah that you can easily see. It is enough to stop for a while after the Kermanshah-Sarpol-e-Zahab checkpoint and walk 500 meters from the main road. It is there that you see the arch-holder who has remained steadfast after thousands of years of wind and storm.

Unfortunately, seeing the archway, you came to the conclusion that the Cultural Heritage Organization should probably have protected this monument more. The place of this beautiful building is covered with ugly lines of people’s memorabilia. These relics have sometimes caused irreparable damage to the building itself.

طاق گرا

Arch-oriented on Google Map

5- Zij Manijeh, a thousand-year-old legend in Sarpol-e Zahab

You probably know the love story of Bijan and Manijeh from Shahnameh. Locals believe Manijeh has lived in the castle for some time. That is why it is called Zij Manijeh. The word zij means observatory or spectator. But archaeologists believe that the Zij Manijeh was mostly a remote settlement.

جاهای دیدنی کرمانشاه

Zij Manijeh is one of the sights of Kermanshah, which consists of a rectangular castle with corridors around it. The castle consists of several chambers whose arches have a cradle shape. You can walk for hours between the corridors and the zig-zag rooms and remember the ups and downs of the stories of Bijan and Manijeh.

Zij Manijeh on Google Map

6- Haj Shahbaz Khan Bath, a relic of one of the elders of the city

Haj Shahbaz Khan Bath is another place of interest in Kermanshah on the list of national monuments of Iran. Haj Shahbaz Khan, son of Manouchehr Khan Bigler Beigi, was one of the greatest men of Kermanshah during the Qajar period. Haj Shahbaz Khan built two public baths in the main neighborhoods of the city at that time, which was a great service to the people of the city.

حمام حاج شهباز خان

The different parts of this bathroom have beautiful beds and decorations that have decorated the greenhouse and the treasury of this old bathroom. The upper parts of the bath have beautiful paintings that are worth seeing. Haj Shahbaz Khan’s bath is located exactly in the heart of the old part of the city. For this reason, among the visits to the historical attractions of the city, you can see the bath of Haj Shahbaz Khan.

7- Kermanshah burial mounds, rooms in the heart of the mountain with untold stories

The tomb is a hole dug by the people of ancient Iran in the heart of the mountain to bury their dead with his belongings. These tombs are usually designed for several people. Tomb tombs were very popular during the Median and Achaemenid eras.

These strange phenomena are seen a lot in Kermanshah. The most amazing part is how ancient humans managed to dig such rooms in the heart of the mountain without any tools or machines.

جاهای دیدنی کرمانشاه

Kermanshah burial mounds has told archaeologists many stories about the city’s thousands of years of history. These stories tell us about the lifestyle and beliefs of the ancient Iranians. In the following, you can see the list of Kermanshah burial mounds:

  • Ishaqvand
  • Closed scene
  • Psychology
  • Shams Abad
  • San Rustam
  • Winning Lovers

8- Kermanshah museums, the story of Kermanshah history and culture from the heart of history

Kermanshah has many museums. From the Anthropological Museum to the houses of the city’s elders, which later became museums. Full acquaintance with Kermanshah museums requires a full day of sightseeing in the old neighborhoods of the city. Of course, this city tour is well worth it, as the objects you see in these museums probably date back hundreds or even thousands of years.

Kermanshah museums can be found everywhere in the city. Of course, most of them are located in the city center and the old texture. You can see the list of these museums below. You can pick up this list and find them one by one in the city.

  • Museum of Ancient Heritage
  • Kermanshah Martyrs Museum
  • Museum and Stamp Exhibition
  • Museum of Sacred Defense
  • Zagros Paleolithic Museum
  • Taghbestan Stone Museum
  • Kazazi Museum and High School
  • Kermanshah Museum of Handicrafts
  • Animal Museum
  • Kermanshah Anthropology Museum
  • Museum of Clothing and Jewelry
  • Kermanshah Museum of Natural History
  • Museum of Calligraphy

موزه های تاریخی کرمانشاه

Kermanshah natural attractions, a combination of mountains, water and plain

Kermanshah is located in the arid and mountainous region of the country. Therefore, wherever there is water or springs, it is one of the natural attractions of Kermanshah. Of course, these sights of Kermanshah have a different atmosphere depending on the city where they are located. That’s why you should spend a few days hiking and mountaineering to see all these sights.

1- Niloufar mirage, one of the natural attractions of Kermanshah

Lotus mirage can make a beautiful and calm day in nature for you. The area around this mirage is park-like. There are pavilions with a grill ready for you to easily set up the barbecue.

سراب نیلوفر

After lunch, you can walk around the lake and enjoy the view of the water and the lotus flowers floating on it. Of course, if you are a swimmer in nature, the proximity of the mirage is possible for you.

2- Heshilan wetland, one of the spectacular attractions of Kermanshah, which means snake nest

Do not be afraid! زیادی There are not many snakes in Heshilan Lagoon. But the name of this wetland comes from the original Kurdish language and means snake nest. Going to Heshilan Lagoon can be an arrow with two marks. That is, by seeing this natural attraction of Kermanshah, you will have the opportunity to swim in one of the coolest and most beautiful waters of Kermanshah, and you will also see a variety of migratory and native birds.

Remember to take everything you need to eat and drink from the city; Because this pristine natural area has no recreational facilities and has been preserved in its natural state. Alibaba’s suggestion is to go to Heshilan Lagoon in one of the months of autumn or spring to use the dull sun of these seasons and the air is cool enough.

تالاب هشیلان

Of course, if you are a skilled swimmer, be sure to remember the swimsuit, because this lagoon is so deep and pristine that it will inspire you to experience swimming in the wild. It is better not to go to Heshilan wetland alone, because the water of the wetland is full of aquatic plants that may make it difficult for you to swim. However, adventure in nature has its dangers!

Heshilan Wetland on Google Map

3- Ghori Qaleh Cave is one of the natural attractions of Kermanshah with 65 million years old

When you want to remember the name of one of the famous caves in Iran, you probably only remember Ali Sadr Cave in Hamedan. But Kermanshah also has one of the most amazing caves not only in Iran but also in the Middle East.

Ghori Qaleh Cave or Ghori Qala Cave on Kermanshah Paveh Road is one of the sights of Kermanshah that you should not miss. This is an incredible sight of the largest blue cave in the entire Middle East. A place to visit will probably capture the best travel memories in your mind.

When entering the cave, you will first see pictures of the stone halls of the castle teapot, which are accompanied by explanations of the cave guide. Once you have started hiking in the cave, you can rediscover these attractions for yourself. Of course, if your heart wants an expert to explain all the sights about the road cave, you can go with one of the guides and go with him to the end of the cave.

غار قوری قلعه

Of course, there are a few things to keep in mind about Qori Qala Cave. First, you have to pay an entrance fee to enter the cave. Secondly, whether you go to see this beautiful cave in summer or in winter, you must have warm clothes with you.

Because the temperature inside the cave is constant in all seasons and between 7 and 11 degrees. In summer, the temperature in Paveh sometimes reaches 40 degrees. Now imagine that you have taken refuge in the coolness of a beautiful and dark cave from the unbearable heat of summer in Paveh! It’s really hard to get discouraged from such a place!

The last point is that a local market has been set up for tourists around the cave, where all kinds of food and handicrafts of Paveh are sold. These handicrafts include carvings and decorative ornaments made by rural artists. You can be sure that you will not find such works anywhere in the country at such a price.

Qori Qala Cave on Google Map

4- Paravo cave is one of the sights of Kermanshah for adventurers

If you are not a professional caveman or rock climber, do not go inside the cave! Parav Cave is the most dangerous and deepest vertical cave in Iran. In addition, the temperature of the cave is very cold, between 1 and 3 degrees Celsius. This means that you will need complete rock climbing equipment, as well as waterproof and cold clothing to enter the crowded cave.

But the interesting thing is that the crowded cave is not more than a few minutes away from the city center. This is the cave in the heart of the mountain that casts a shadow over the city and you see it every day from the window of your room. That is why seeing this cave up close can be an unforgettable experience for you.

But if you are a professional caveman, you can contact one of the cave guides and penetrate to the depths of the cave with them. It takes about a week to get to the bottom of the cave and back, and you should have complete supplies for this week.

غار پرآو

Paravo Cave has taken the lives of 5 professional cavers so far. The cause of these people is mostly due to the old equipment and energy depletion due to the difficulty of work and low temperature. That’s why you should know that Parav Cave is not joking with anyone.

If you are just going to the Chalabeh area and the mouth of the cave full of curiosity, we recommend that you take the kebab with you and spend a good day near the cave with family and friends.

Cave full on Google Map

5- Mountain Park, the roof of Kermanshah

Another mountain that casts its shadow on the city of Kermanshah is Mount Mioleh. This mountain has the historical site of Taq-e Bostan on one side, and Razi University of Kermanshah on the other side in its foothills. But it is in the middle of these two mountain parks, which is perhaps one of the best natural attractions of Kermanshah.

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. In this case, your choices are too many. You can put on your hiking boots and climb the mountain for about an hour to reach the top. You can set up breakfast on the lawn in the park.

جاهای دیدنی کرمانشاه

You can choose one of the park’s cafes and restaurants and have breakfast there, or take a stroll along the park’s uphill roads to enjoy the fresh mountain air and light morning exercise. You can even do all these things together!

However, the mountain park is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Kermanshah, which is the best option for spending time in nature in the morning and at sunset. The most interesting thing about Mountain Park is that choosing the type of activity you do is entirely up to you. If you have food with you, you can have it in the mountains, or among the fragrant pine trees, or on the lawn of the park, or even by the artificial waterfall above the park.

Alibaba’s suggestion is to start your walk from the middle of the beautiful Taghbestan Boulevard to proceed to the historical site. After seeing the antiquities of Taghbestan, continue your way and walk to the mountain park. Finally, eat in the food park and enjoy the park space and the city view from above for a few hours.

6- Do Ashkaft Cave, the first houses of Kermanshah residents

Well, now that you have reached the mountain park, do you not want to see the old Neanderthal houses of the Zagros?

Going to Do Ashkaft Cave is not difficult at all. In fact, after reaching the top of the mountain park, you only need to climb for 20 minutes to reach the cave. Archaeologists have unearthed many ancient artifacts from the two caves, indicating that early humans lived in these caves.

غار دو اشکفت

In addition, climbing to these caves means that you can have the whole city under your feet from above. The entrance to the caves has a relatively flat space where you can rest for a while and eat before descending. Anyway, this is one of the natural attractions of Kermanshah that you can easily visit due to its availability.

Cave of two flowers on Google Map

7- Flower garden, one of the natural attractions of Kermanshah that stays in paradise

Kermanshah has the largest flower garden in the country after Isfahan. This beautiful garden was opened in 2014 and has been welcoming Goldust visitors ever since.

In this garden you can see different parts of the French flower garden, the English flower garden, the Italian flower garden, and the Japanese flower garden. Walking among the flowers of this garden, especially in May, when every landscape has heavenly effects, can be one of the most beautiful parts of your trip to Kermanshah.

Kermanshah Flower Garden has educational facilities for children. That’s why when you come to this garden with your beloved children, you can teach them interesting points about flowers and how to care for them. In addition, the flower garden complex also has a parking lot, so you do not have to worry about your car.

Just take two hours to see this natural attraction of Kermanshah. Walk with your family among the paradise flowers of the garden. Capture the memory of your trip forever with beautiful and colorful photos. And make a memorable day for yourself and your family and friends!

Religious attractions of Kermanshah

Like any other city in Iran, the religious attractions of Kermanshah are a combination of religion, history and art of the city. For this reason, even if you are not interested in visiting religious sights, seeing the artistic tiles and the history of several hundred years of these sights of Kermanshah is not without grace. If you are religious and you are interested in seeing these attractions, you are a fan!

8- Church of the Sacred Heart is one of the religious attractions of Kermanshah that is more than 100 years old

The Church of the Sacred Heart of Christ in Kermanshah was built in 1293. The church has a simple building decorated with arched windows and a cross on the front wall. From 100 years ago until now, the Church of the Sacred Heart of Christ has been the gathering place of Christians in Kermanshah on holidays. That is why this church is not open to the public.

باغ گل ها

Holy Heart Church on Google Map

9- Relying on the Deputy of Al-Molk, the symbol of Kermanshah religious attractions

If you ask any Kermanshah resident what is the most important religious attraction of Kermanshah province, he will first show the reliance of the Deputy King. This pillar was built during the Qajar period and its architecture and decorations will probably take your breath away.

The reliance of the Deputy King was initially made to hold the Ashura and Tasua ceremonies. But later other sections were added and other religious ceremonies were held there. The amazing thing about this tile is its support. The embossed and semi-embossed tiles of the ceiling, the walls, and the plinth of this pillar are all made of natural colors that are unparalleled in the world.

جاهای دیدنی کرمانشاه

In addition, the murals of Takyeh Ma’id al-Mulk, which are painted with tiles, show the important wars of the beginning of Islam. These paintings have so much detail that you can stare at them for hours and immerse yourself in their artistic world.

The interesting thing about Al-Mulk’s reliance is that the murals and tiles of this building are not limited to religious events. Among the paintings of Imams and Prophets, you can find Shahnameh stories, Persian mythological stories, and even the role of Persepolis. This in itself helps you to better see the fabric of Iranian culture and art in the religion of Kermanshah.

Relying on the Google Map

10. Bigler Beigie, a combination of religion, culture, and art

One of the most interesting points about Kermanshah culture is that Shiites and Sunnis live together in peace. Perhaps this is why the reliance has played such an important role in the daily life of Kermanshah for hundreds of years.

تکیه معاون الملک

Tekiye Begar Beigi is one of the religious attractions of Kermanshah, where you can see the traces of history and religion together. The first place you should see in this reliance is the mirror room, which is one of the architectural wonders of Kermanshah.

Then lean towards the clean courtyard. Next to the large blue pool, you will also see wall tiles that are worth watching. Then you can visit the Museum of Calligraphy in the heart of Tekiyeh, which takes you step by step from the murals of caves by early humans, to the exquisite and handwritten Qurans in the heart of the history of Kermanshah.

Bigler Bigi relies on Google Maps

Kermanshah markets

Is it possible to go to Kermanshah and not buy souvenirs! Is it possible not to try hot and fresh rice bread and delicious cakes from Kermanshah! Say fresh, colorful and beautiful Kurdish clothes and fresh and fragrant mountain spices! To see all these wonders, you have to go to the old streets of Kermanshah and pass through the dark and winding markets of the city.

1- Rice bread market, sweet perfume and oil maker

Oiler or animal oil of Kermanshah is one of the main reasons for the deliciousness of rice bread originally from Kermanshah. For this reason, one of the must-see places in Kermanshah is the city’s rice bread market.

The good thing about Kermanshah rice bread market is that it is not far from other markets in the city and on a spring morning and a few hours walk you can see all the markets of Kermanshah. In this market, wherever you go, there is fresh rice bread that is offered to you.

بازار نان برنجی

In addition to rice bread, coke and date bread are sweets that are prepared in Kermanshah with a special flavor. You may have tried these sweets in other cities, but rest assured they are something else.

2- The traditional bazaar of Kermanshah or the dark bazaar of the sights of Kermanshah to buy fabrics and spices

Right in front of the rice bread market, you will see the traditional market of Kermanshah. How do you know the market? From its large wooden doors, and from the spice shops on either side of the market entrance.

Now that you have found the market, enter and immerse yourself in the heart of colorful fabrics and fragrant spices. In one part of the market, you will see a variety of Kurdish clothing fabrics in different colors and designs. The good thing about this market is that the great tailors of the market prepare the shirt for you the same day. You can also get ready-made vests and other decorations of Kurdish clothes from the market.

جاهای دیدنی کرمانشاه

Of course, you should not be unaware of Kurdish men’s clothes! Sewing these clothes takes a little longer. But ready-made models are available and you can easily get them. Giveh shoes are also handicrafts of Kermanshah that in this market you can buy the best quality for women, men, and children.

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