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Simorgh Kish Beach Park; A resort in southern Iran

Kish Island is one of the most beautiful islands in the Persian Gulf and in It is located next to large and small tonb. The island is so beautiful that it attracts many domestic and foreign travelers. One of the beautiful and natural places of this island, Park Simorgh Kish LT is; A park located in the southeast of Kish Island and next to Kish Dolphinarium Collection is located. Join us in this interesting and readable article to inform you about the address of Simorgh Kish Beach Park as well as the amusements of Simorgh Kish Beach Park.

A fun and attractive attraction

Simorgh Spectacular Park is located between the two roads of the world and the bicycle road. This unique park on Kish Island has an area of ​​more than 15,000 square meters, is located along the beach and has a special beauty and unique landscape. In this park, a lot of space is allocated for children, so that you can take your beloved child to this play space with free wings. In this park, in addition to children’s playgrounds, there are also sports fields; Badminton court, ping pong and skating rink. If you are looking for a park on Kish Island with special facilities and suitable space, you can go to the unique Simorgh Park.

This spectacular park is a great place to spend time Kish tourists have leisure. Simorgh Kish Park is one of the coastal parks of Kish and the Middle East and like other coastal parks in the world, it has suitable recreational and tourism facilities. This park is one of the beautiful parks with special facilities that are enjoyable and joyful not only for adults but also for children. So, do not miss to see this beautiful park and visit this beach park with your family and loved ones and spend happy times together.

Address: Southeast Kish and Neighborhood Dolphinarium

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