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Souvenir of Sanandaj to the sweetness of honey and the beauty of the mountains

Souvenir of Sanandaj to the sweetness of honey and the beauty of the mountains

During one of the several-day trips to Sanandaj, I entered a village where all the women were known for weaving kilims, as if art were falling from their fingers. The variety of textures and colors was so great that I could not decide to buy one. For me, this trip did not only include playing with the beautiful colors of kilims, jajim and carpets, the smell of fresh rice bread baked with Kermanshahi essential oil filled all the back alleys of the village and all I wanted was a kilim spread out It was a mountain and a bowl of rice bread and natural honey from Kurdistan. It was a pleasant experience and that is why in this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine I will introduce you to various souvenirs of Sanandaj and handicrafts of Kurdistan .

What is Sanandaj souvenir?

Sanandaj souvenirs are divided into two main groups of food souvenirs and handicrafts of Kurdistan, which include natural honey, rice bread, turpentine, coke, sesame sweets, burnt almonds and tambourine, daf, respectively. Jajim, kilim and carpet are joinery and klash.

What are burnt almonds made of?

In the preparation of burnt almonds, almonds and sugar are used. In some cases, honey is substituted for sugar.

What are the traditional sweets of Sanandaj?

Kak, sesame sweets and rice bread are among the traditional sweets of Sanandaj.

Sanandaj Foods; Flavors you have never experienced before

There are many food souvenirs in Sanandaj, but some of them are not only known among Iranian tourists, but are also bought as souvenirs by foreign tourists. One of the most important benefits of Sanandaj food is its high shelf life and the use of natural and organic raw materials. In the following, some food souvenirs of Sanandaj that are very popular will be introduced to you.

1- Turpentine, natural chewing gum

Turpentine is a thick sap of wild pistachio tree, which is called “coriander” in the local language. These trees are often found in the mountainous areas of Kurdistan, Kohkiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, Ilam and Kurdistan, and in autumn, a green, thick and sticky gum comes out of the gap created on the trunk of the tree. This concentrated juice turns light yellow after the purification process and its non-edible and oily compounds are removed.

سوغات سنندج

Among the most important properties of this souvenir of Sanandaj can be mentioned to help eliminate bad breath, better digestion of food, stomach tonic, laxative and appetite suppressant. Chewing turpentine is very good for the spleen and liver and helps these organs to function faster and better. The antibiotic properties of turpentine can be used to treat stomach ulcers. In addition, a mixture of turpentine with tallow is used to prevent brittle nails. A mixture of turpentine with olive oil is also used to reduce burning and itching of the body, and rubbing it on the wound helps reduce pain.

2- Sesame sweets

Sesame sweets, also known as Gozangbin or Gozo sesame sweets by the people of Kurdistan, are one of the most popular souvenirs in Sanandaj, which are made from natural raw materials such as sesame and honeysuckle nectar. This souvenir of Kurdistan has many properties due to the presence of honey and sesame.

سوغات سنندج

Honeycomb is the nectar of a small insect that sits on the stem or leaves of the honeycomb tree and, like a bee, produces a thick, sticky nectar. Among the healing properties of honey nectar, we can mention vitamin D and calcium. On the other hand, xanthine is very useful in preventing diseases such as osteoporosis, and consuming a small amount of it acts as a natural medicine to treat constipation. Other properties of this natural nectar include the prevention of cancer due to the high level of magnesium.

Sesame is also a strong and natural reducer of bad cholesterol due to the presence of phytosterols and therefore prevents the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. Sesame is a rich source of minerals such as iron, phosphorus, calcium, manganese, magnesium, copper and potassium. Therefore, sesame sweets will be one of the strongest types of food souvenirs in Kurdistan.

3- Special coke

Kak is a simple but extremely delicious pastry made in Sanandaj, which is prepared from very thin layers of dough. Simple raw materials such as wheat flour, powdered sugar, eggs, animal or vegetable oils, cinnamon and cardamom powder are used to make special coke. Kak is one of the types of souvenirs in Sanandaj, which is very delicious and simple for raw materials and is used for various holidays and ceremonies. This sweet is very brittle because it is composed of very thin layers of dough and is crushed by hand pressure.

سوغات سنندج

4- Rice bread from Sanandaj souvenir

Rice bread is one of the souvenirs of Sanandaj, which is especially popular among all Iranians and even foreign tourists. This delicious sweet has a unique taste and smell due to the use of Kermanshahi oil. The history of baking rice bread in Kermanshah province dates back to more than 150 years ago. It is said that the city of Kermanshah, due to its location on the Silk Road and Karbala, is a place of passage for many pilgrims, and the people of Kermanshah thought of baking sweets that have a long shelf life and can be used in travel, and so it was that Baking rice bread began.

Among the raw materials used to prepare these souvenirs of Kurdistan, we can mention wheat flour, rice flour, powdered sugar or powdered sugar, rose water, eggs, solid oil and Kermanshahi oil.

کاک مخصوص

5- Burnt Almonds

Burnt almonds are one of the most attractive souvenirs in Sanandaj that you can buy in other provinces as well. Only almonds and sugar are used to make this delicious dessert, and the almonds are covered with a coating of caramelized sugar. In many cases, burnt almonds are packaged in plates, but in some provinces they are prepared in tubes. In this way, it will be easier to consume this souvenir of Kurdistan.

بادام سوخته Some local producers also use honey in the preparation of burnt almonds, which creates a unique taste along with the combination of excellent properties of almonds and honey.

6- Natural honey from Sanandaj souvenir

Kurdistan natural honey is one of the best souvenirs of Sanandaj that is produced in the foothills of this beautiful city. As you know, Kurdistan is one of the mountainous regions of the country and in spring it will be full of wild and various flowers that feed on bees. Due to this high diversity of wild flowers as well as the completely natural diet of bees in this region, natural honey of Kurdistan is known as one of the best types of honey in Iran.

عسل طبیعی سوغات سنندج The production of natural honey may not require much capital in the beginning, but the effort to produce it is much greater than honey in which bees are fed sugar. On the other hand, the properties of natural honey are not comparable to artificial honey and as an organic and natural product, it has many healing properties. Among the types of natural honey produced in Kurdistan, we can mention wild honey from tree trunks or wild honey on the rocks, mountain honey including astragalus and thyme, and jar honey

Sanandaj handicrafts; Beautiful city souvenirs

Kurdistan handicrafts are among the lasting souvenirs that you can buy from locals to enliven a corner of the house. The high variety of handicrafts in this mountainous city has made you tempted to buy all of them when choosing. This is the feeling I had on my last trip to Kurdistan. Here are some of the most popular handicrafts in Kurdistan so that you can easily choose one of them as a souvenir or gift.

1- Joinery of Sanandaj souvenir

The art of carpentry is remarkable in Sanandaj province because this lush and mountainous region has a wide forest cover and this has caused the wood used for handicrafts in Sanandaj to be very diverse because the variety of texture and color is an important factor. It is a beautiful work of art in its formation. Nazakari dates back to 180 years ago and the great master Nematullah Nematian was one of the founders of this art in Kurdistan province.

The art of carpentry is used to make decorative and functional items such as pens, Quran recitations, chessboards, backgammon boards, jigsaws and cigarette cans, jewelry and makeup boxes, photo frames, spectacle frames and many other items. The woods used to make these wooden handicrafts of Kurdistan include walnuts, elm and kikum and the roots or knots of these trees.

نازک کاری سوغات سنندج

2- Traditional weaving

Traditional weaving in Kurdistan has a long history and the variety of fabrics that are woven is exemplary. Examples of traditional fabrics known as Kurdistan handicrafts include the following.

  • Jajim weaving: Jajim weaving is an art that is practiced by almost all the villagers of Kurdistan. Jajim, as the main handicrafts of Sanandaj, is woven in two general types, Jajim Rasteh and Jajim Shaqa. The main difference between Jajim is the order and division in the geometric patterns and texture of the work. Jajimas of Shaqa usually have more patterns.
  • Shawl weaving: The art of shawl weaving is mostly used to sew local men’s clothing (chukhoranik), hats, ties, socks and gloves. The fabrics of these Sanandaj handicrafts are usually woven in natural colors including gray, black, light and dark cream and brown.
  • Sajjadeh weaving: Sajjadeh or Janmaz is another handicraft of Kurdish artists that is woven using wave weaving workshops.
  • Wave weaving: In Kurdistan, a twisted bed is called a wave, and this fabric is mostly used as a seat cover in the cold seasons of the year. Of course, in some cases, it also acts as a curtain and prevents cold from entering the house due to its cohesive texture.

پارچه بافی سنتی

3- klash weaving

The local people of Kurdistan call giwe weaving, klash weaving, and you have certainly seen in various Kurdish ceremonies that Kurdish men wear local clothes with beautiful white giwe. These rugs are millennia-old shoes that, in addition to being durable, are very light and comfortable, and even their soles are woven in such a way that they easily cover the sole of the foot.

One of the cool things about Kalash is that it does not have left or right soles, so your shoes will never be heeled. Kalash is currently one of the most popular souvenirs or handicrafts in Sanandaj.

کلاش بافی

4- Tambourine

The tambourine, also known as the tambourine, is one of the oldest Iranian stringed instruments made in Kurdistan. This instrument dates back to about 5 to 6 thousand years ago and this can be proved by the antiquity of stone sculptures and antiquities of Susa. Mulberry wood is used to make this instrument. The tambourine consists of a semi-pear bowl with long handles, has 3 main strings and its total length is between 70 and 80 cm.


5- Carpets and rugs

Carpets and rugs are among the most important handicrafts and souvenirs of Kurdistan, which are mostly bought by tourists as souvenirs these days. The use of quality raw materials such as wool and natural and solid colors has made these handicrafts very popular among tourists. For the kilim weave, double woolen yarn is woven and for its warp, cotton yarn is used. The patterns are usually mental, and the colors used in kilims and rugs usually include red, pink, green, blue, navy, jujube, yellow, brown, olive, and black.

گلیم و قالی بافی

6- Daf of Sanandaj souvenirs

Daf is another handicraft of Kurdistan that you must have seen in the hands of Kurdish women in special ceremonies of this beautiful land. The daf consists of a round wooden frame, on one side of which the skin is fastened with a few metal studs or sticks. Daf in different provinces are usually made in the same way and the only difference between them can be used in the use of chains, bells and rings or skin type.

Sanandaj souvenirs are sweet and traditional memories

Food souvenirs and handicrafts of Sanandaj are among the things that evoke the memory of talking to zealous Kurds and traveling for a few days to a beautiful, unique and mountainous environment. The beautiful nature of this area will dazzle your eyes and will fascinate you with the hospitality and love of the villagers. In this article, information about food souvenirs and handicrafts of Kurdistan was provided to you so that it may be a guide for you and other tourists who travel to this beautiful region. If you have traveled to Kurdistan before and bought other food or handicraft souvenirs not mentioned in this article, write its name for us so that others can get acquainted with this souvenir.

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