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Sulawesi Island in Indonesia; A lost island in the beautiful nature of Asia

Sulawesi is one of the largest islands in the south of Indonesia. And it covers about 400 square kilometers of this area. In this area you can see high angled peaks and rugged cliffs with many ancient caves among them. This place dates back to more than 4000 years ago; Where the first humans lived and today you can easily see the footprints of these people in the heart of this place. In the heart of the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia are found hand-made sculptures dating back several thousand years. Join us in this interesting article to know where Sulawesi Island is and get acquainted with the sights of Sulawesi Island.

According to the article “Where is the island of Sulawesi?” You should know that more than 400 ancient statues have been found on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia, only about 30 of which have human figures. The exact date of construction of these statues is not known, but it is said that they date from one thousand to 5000 years ago. Sculptures are not the only megaliths of this land. More than 400 different megaliths have been discovered on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia that look like water storage containers. Cutting and cutting these stones with such precision and beauty with the tools of four thousand years ago is an unanswered question that occupied the minds of researchers.

A few kilometers above this place and among the nearby mountains, is the location of Ling Ling caves. These caves are dark and shady, but you can see different colors in them that give life; Colors like Maroon Red. At first glance, the pictures on the cave walls may seem strange and unnatural, and the abnormal bodies and slender legs of the paintings may look strange, but when you look at them correctly, they are not. According to the article Where is Sulawesi Island, you should know that on these walls you can also see pictures of the special animal of this area; The Deer Pig (babirusa) is an animal from the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia, and the pictures on the walls of these caves may be the first examples of human art you see.

The colors of the paintings were used in different ways. For example, they sprayed paint on their hands or in their mouths, leaving various shapes on the walls. According to the article “Where is the island of Sulawesi?” Have had hands.

One of the archaeologists at Hassan al-Din University around Makassar is Ivan Sumanterzi. He believes that these caves help researchers to study the growth of the culture of the people of South Sulawesi, because works of art have played a great role in shaping human culture. Prior to this, many scholars believed that art was first created in Europe nearly 35,000 years ago. Evidence of this claim was also known as the paintings of the famous Cave in France. However, with the discovery of the amazing paintings found on the stone walls of Timposang near Marus, it became clear that more antiquity must be considered for this art. In fact, the paintings are estimated to be 39,900 years old, some of which are hand-stenciled.

There are paintings in this area, the youngest of which is about 35,400 years old. Research and estimating the antiquity of the works revealed that in fact the paintings of this region are the oldest works of art in the world. Archaeologists quickly set to work, estimating the antiquity of this part of the island of Sulawesi with a variety of archaeological methods. Research has shown that archaeologists must date its paintings to the same age as the surrounding fossils and lichens. In fact, one way to find out the age of these works is to use the same lichens. However, despite the efforts of researchers, it is still not possible to determine the exact age of the works in this part of the sights of Sulawesi Island.

Sulawesi was created by the merging of two different continents and is therefore very large and, of course, uneven. The wildlife of this region is special and impressive, as researchers know it as Madagascar, Indonesia. This name alone is enough to express the richness of life in this region. The surviving artifacts show that the painters lived in a time when the island’s largest predator was slightly larger than domestic cats. Thus, predators were not considered a threat to humans, and the only threat to them was the warm tropical climate and large snakes in the area.

The discovery of information attracted many archaeologists and art historians; Curious people who wanted to know more about the truth of these ancient tribes. According to the article “Where is the island of Sulawesi?” He believes that Sulawesi was probably a paradise for humans. The island is very large and is very natural and biologically extensive. In terms of food resources, it had good conditions and its inhabitants were not afraid of being far from other human beings.

March Pangkap is not the only cave-covered mountain. This region has a great source of iron ore for this land in its heart. Although Brom was in the early stages of his research, he was able to get an overview of the lives of the people of Mars Pangkap. He believes that these caves were the refuge of the people of the region during the rainy months. In general, you are faced with a small and dynamic population of hunters and gatherers who are constantly moving from place to place, spending most of their time in the woods. The big question is, where did these people get the materials to prepare these works? Although many colors came from nature in the past, there is no indication of the origin of the color.

Go has his own opinion on this as well. He says he has not yet figured out the origins of red in the indigenous environment, and also hypothesizes that the colors and supplies needed were obtained through barter and trade with neighbors and neighboring islands. As it turns out, we have to wait and wait for the exploration of the caves in this area to be completed.

If you walk from the sights of Sulawesi Island to Ramang Ramang Karst, you will hear the sound of explosions in the hills from all sides. There is a place called Bantimurung, known as the Butterfly Park, where migratory and tropical birds breed. However, after crossing the protected areas, it is easy to find places that are destroyed by humans in a row. These places are mountains and hills that explode in a row to produce cement, and this can be a problem in the region. There is a pier in Ramang Ramang where you can rent sun hats from the locals. Then get on the boat and experience a lovely and wonderful boat ride.

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