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Supporting investment in the sample tourism area of ​​Sardabeh

Aria Heritage / According to the latest news, investment support in Sardabeh Tourism Sample Area Takes place.

Masoud Emami Yeganeh stated: Accelerating the infrastructure construction operations carried out in the Sardabeh tourism model area can pave the way for its launch as soon as possible and attract tourists.

The governor of Ardabil city emphasized on encouraging investors to invest in the village of Sardabeh tourism destination and said: in this regard, the necessary support should be provided and efforts should be made so that, considering the existing capacities in the region, tourism can flourish in it. Provide.

He considered the measures taken in the tourism sector of Ardabil desirable and appropriate and said: in the field of supply and development of tourism infrastructure, important measures have been taken in the region and we hope to see the continuation of these measures in different areas of the city.

Mohammad Reza Shayeghi, Head of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Department of Ardabil city, also appreciated the efforts of the governor and officials of the city administrations in order to pay attention to the tourism sector and said: Tourism boom in Sardabeh tourism sample area needs more support It has offices. “Given the volume of tourists entering the region, we expect to see special support for tourism investment, especially in rural areas,” he said.

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