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Tabriz is known as the capital of carpets and the cradle of carpets

ISNA / According to the latest news, Tabriz is known as the capital of carpets and the cradle of carpets.

Abdullah Ahrari, a member of the Iranian Scientific Carpet Association, introduced the Azerbaijani carpet and said: “Azerbaijan is a large region including three provinces of West Azerbaijan, East Azerbaijan, Ardabil province and part of Kurdistan province where Azeri compatriots live.” . This large region has always been able to be one of the most important centers of carpet weaving in the country due to its potential. He continued: “After the Safavid dynasty was established at the head of the government, the Tabriz Art School was formed and this issue became a reason for large carpet weaving workshops to be established in the city of Tabriz.” On the other hand, the location of the city of Tabriz and the existence of its hard-working artists has been one of the reasons for the fame of this region.

A member of the Iranian Carpet Scientific Association added: The export of carpets through Tabriz and Azerbaijan has been popular since the second half of the twentieth century and until the end of World War II, the export of Tabriz carpets through Turkey and before that the Ottoman Empire to European countries continued. /

Ahrari pointed out: Tooraj Jouleh in his book “Research on Iranian Carpets” states that the export of Iranian carpets through Tabriz was so proud and important for the Iranian government that pictures of the export of this carpet on the first postcards Ziba, which was printed in the late Qajar period, was embossed and sent to all parts of the world.

He said: “In fact, most of the Iranian merchants who are engaged in buying and selling carpets in all parts of the world are originally from Tabriz. And have laid the carpet trade.

Regarding the most famous carpet manufacturers in Tabriz, a member of the Iranian Scientific Carpet Association said: “Haj Yousef Qalichi”, “Haj Abdullah Qalichi”, “Haj Mirza Jafar Islam” are among the first and largest carpet exporters who were in fact the flag bearers of carpet exports. “Belki”, “Samad Qara Qalichi”, “Mirza Ali Asghar Qalichi”, “Mirza Ali Akbar Qalichi” and “Ismail Qalichi” who were all the children of the late Haj Abdullah Qalichi and Haj Mohammad Mozarani and … mentioned. A significant number of these exporters had a commercial office in Istanbul, in a house called Sarai Valde Khan, where they traded in carpets. Regarding the division of Azerbaijani carpets, Ahrari added: “The carpet weaving area of ​​Azerbaijan province can be divided into several groups, the first part of which includes carpets woven in Tabriz.” These carpets are mainly fine-textured and today they have gone so far that they are famous in general and special, and the name of Tabriz carpet is always current on the languages.

He continued: The other part is related to the nomadic and rural carpets of this region that are woven around Tabriz, which also have a special place for these carpets. Today, carpets that are woven in the cities of “Harris”, “Gravan”, “Mehravan” and parts of these cities belong to this category. Of course, it goes without saying that Shahsoon nomadic carpets have their own place.

Tabriz is the carpet capital of Iran

A member of the Iranian Carpet Scientific Association said: Today, the city of Tabriz is known as the capital of carpets and the cradle of carpets. This city is where the biggest designers and manufacturers of carpets are working. Azerbaijan province feeds most of the carpet producers in the provinces of the country in terms of carpet design in terms of raw materials and weaving techniques and has a major share in carpet weaving in the country.

Ahrari explained about the technical characteristics of Tabriz carpets: The yarn and fabric of Tabriz carpets are made of yarn and sometimes silk, and the lint of this carpet is wool and sometimes of high quality silk. The common knot in Tabriz carpet is a symmetrical knot and the compression of the knots is high, so that it shows the Tabriz carpet quite densely. The lint of Tabriz carpet was a little rough, because the water used for dyeing has a lot of salts.

The use of flower and plant designs in Tabriz carpets is very common

He pointed out: Many products in Tabriz have animal or hunting designs. The use of flower and plant designs in carpet weaving in this area is very common. The city of Tabriz is the center of carpet production and other parts of this city, such as Harris city, is the center of production of various types of carpets. He said: “The most important features of this group of carpets are the variety and multiplicity of colors, smooth movement of colors, vibrant colors, short pile, the presence of longitudinal grooves behind the carpet, having a thicker bottom and two layers.” Noted its existence.

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