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Tabriz University; A document on the antiquity of education in Iran

For lovers of science and knowledge, the University Tabriz full of respect and interest Is; A place where many great people, including Mohammad Naghi Braheni, the father of Iranian psychometrics, studied and paved the way for other students. Eight people, including the martyr Siqah al-Islam, were among the graduates of this historic educational base who were hanged by the Russians. In the continuation of the article, boys’ elementary school, join us to know where Tabriz Higher School is and find out its secrets.

Near the Governor’s Palace and northeast of the square of the same name, there is a place where Tabriz University is located. This historical monument, which has seen a lot of progress from teachers, is a living and complete proof of the antiquity of education in the city of Tabriz. Fortunately, over the years, this building has been well preserved and has become one of the most spectacular places in Tabriz.

Before the Tabriz University building became a 24-hour science building, it was a training ground for Russian soldiers to rest. Until 1314, when the Russians did not attack Tabriz, Iranian soldiers were engaged in military training in this building. In March 1941, when the Teacher Training Law was approved in the first Pahlavi period, the first classes of the elementary school were held in the southern building of this building, which was then called Shahedkht High School. It was in 1314 that a serious will was created in the Ministry of Culture to establish Tabriz University, and in the first step, most of the barracks lands were transferred to this ministry in Tabriz by the municipality.

Other sections were purchased for 164,000 Rials at that time from various people around the land, and in May 1315, with the technical assistance of German engineers and the efforts of Iranian architects, the construction of the Tabriz University or The boys’ elementary school started. The construction of this building was completed in July 1318 and during a glorious celebration, and since then, registration has been done for Mehr classes in the same year. In 1329, in order to train sports teachers, two physical education classes were added to the main classes of this school. According to the available documents, 157 students were studying around the clock in the boys’ elementary school in the 1335-1336 academic year.

Based on the article of Tabriz University, where should you know that the land area in which this building is located is 20452 square meters. Ciro, the famous architect of this building, has drawn the plan and provided it to the engineers. It was built in two floors, the lower floor was used for educational activities and the upper floor was used as a dormitory. The students were educated in 6 lower classes of the university, and there was an amphitheater with a capacity of 90 people on this floor. Upstairs there were two dormitories, each with 25 beds, and 15 rooms were built to house various associations, a chemistry and physics laboratory, and administration rooms.

Tabriz University has suffered a lot of damage due to its transfer to the middle school and now it needs to be repaired and rebuilt. The University of Higher Education was registered in the list of national monuments on June 30, 2003, with the number 8909, and became the property of education. Tabriz University Square, where the Faculty of Medicine of Tabriz University once started its work and had not lost its educational nature, lost its function over time by leaving it to education and improper use.

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