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Taftan Mountain; Natural beauty in the heart of Sistan and Baluchestan

Mountains have many properties and humans use them today for fun, entertainment and sports. Doing sports like skiing is just one of the many attractions that we are all well aware of. In addition, the very rich and diverse vegetation, glaciers that supply drinking and agricultural water, and the special animal ecosystem are the reasons that have made the mountains very valuable. Taftan Mountain is one of the beautiful mountains of Iran that has such features. Taftan Mountain with an altitude of 4042 meters above sea level is located in the southeastern region of Iran in Sistan and Baluchestan. Join us in this fascinating article to inform you about the best time to climb Taftan and name the mines of Taftan Mountain.

Taftan has many peaks, such as forty tons, and most of the time, volcanic dust, which also contains sulfur, comes out of this peak. In the Baluchi language, “Tepat” means heat and the name of this mountain is derived from Teptan, which is the plural of the word Tepat. According to locals, forty religious people from the area disappeared on this peak, and for this reason, this mountain is known as forty people. Taftan mountain is 12 km long and forty people or pilgrimage, mother mountain, morning mountain and male mountain are among its peaks. It is necessary to know that rainfall and snow storage in Taftan peak is usually less than Dena and Damavand. The substance that comes out of the peaks of Taftan volcano, if mixed with water, produces a dangerous toxic substance called sulfuric acid, which is known as sharp water Soltani.

At the best time to climb Taftan, I have seen 3 famous lakes called Daryasar, which are two lakes located in the northern part of Taftan, sweet and shallow, and the other lake is relatively large and its water is salty. Also, various rivers, including Ladiz and Gazd, are supplied from this mountain. Among the plants that can grow in Taftan peak, we can name trees such as coriander, almond, turmeric, black wood, artichoke, argan and vegetation such as thyme, mountain onion, thistle, warmth, chicory, rhubarb and mint. The animal cover of the area also consists of foxes, jackals and wolves.

You must first go through Khash . If you move from Khash-Zahedan road to the north of Khash, after traveling 20 km, you will see the big sign of Taftan Mountain. In reverse, from Zahedan-Khash road, you have to travel about 130 km to reach the exit of Tamandan and Kooshe villages. After that, you have to travel another 28 kilometers to reach Taftan.

Taftan can be climbed in four seasons, but in winter it is very difficult due to strong winds. If you are not a professional mountaineer, you can still have an interesting and great experience by climbing Taftan and watching the mines of Taftan Mountain.

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