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Take a look at Arak souvenirs from the most delicious to the most beautiful

Take a look at Arak souvenirs from the most delicious to the most beautiful

One of the sights and historical places of beautiful Iran is Markazi province and Arak city. Arak is also one of the largest industrial cities in Iran and many factories are located around this city. The largest city in central Iran covers an area of ​​70 square kilometers and its climate is often hot and dry. The history of Arak city and the antiquity of historical monuments and monuments in it, generally dates back to the Qajar period and Fath Ali Shah Qajar. Some may think that Arak is not an attractive tourist destination for travel, but contrary to this perception, its natural attractions such as proximity to the desert and clear skies, historical monuments and tourism, handicrafts and souvenirs of Arak are the unrivaled attractions of this central city.

What is the most important souvenir of Arak?

Arak has various souvenirs, each of which is very famous and popular, but the most important souvenirs of Arak are Saveh pomegranate, Sarooghi carpet and Giveh.

What ingredients is Arak bread made from?

Arak Fatir bread has its own recipe, but in general it is made of Sangak flour, sugar, milk, eggs, turmeric, ginger powder and for bread napkins, egg yolk Chicken, sesame, black seed, portulaca oleracea and safflower are prepared.

What are Arak handicrafts?

Among the most famous handicrafts of Arak, we can name Arak Sarooq carpet and rug, Giveh, coppersmith and engraving art, etc.

All of us who travel and know well know that one of the best parts of traveling is touring the markets, especially local and indigenous markets, and buying travel souvenirs for ourselves or our loved ones. The thought of carrying with you pieces of memories and memories of your trip and the city you visited, or discovering new tastes and flavors of your souvenir food, can be very tempting!

 شکم‌گردی میان سوغات اراک When you travel to Arak, you should know that by going to Arak Indoor Market, which is one of the most beautiful indoor markets in Iran, in addition to enjoying the market space, you can enjoy Arak handicrafts and souvenirs. You may have heard the name of the most famous souvenir of Arak and your heart has been weakened many times by thinking about the taste of unleavened bread!

But to know other types of Arak souvenirs, we have come to your aid in this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine. Maybe the destination of your next trip is this desert city that may make your mouth water until the end of the arithmetic article!

Abrak souvenir among the souvenirs

The largest volume of souvenirs in Arak consists of delicious and varied foods and snacks that, ironically, have serious and full-fledged fans all over Iran. For example, it is impossible for anyone to describe the quality and deliciousness of pomegranate and not say that pomegranate is Saveh pomegranate! Or when traveling to Arak, he did not see the long queue to buy a large number of unleavened bread!

شکم‌گردی میان سوغات اراک Perhaps the most delicious flavors and experiences are what make those who are into a variety of delicious and traditional foods at least once a year. Visit the central city and in addition visit Arak handicrafts.

Delicious foods and souvenirs of Arak include bread, pomegranate, grapes and raisins, walnuts, nutmeg, dairy products and elephant ears, etc. If this is not the paradise of central cities, then where can it be?

شکم‌گردی میان سوغات اراک

1- Walnut

Among the various nuts and dried fruits, walnuts are one of the most popular. Walnut consumption and its taste can be found in a variety of Iranian foods and Iranian meals. Foods such as fesanjan, sour chicken, eggplant curd, etc., as well as the famous and delicious Iranian breakfast, ie bread, cheese and walnuts, are among the reasons why this product is so popular and popular.

In many orchards of villages around Arak, large walnut orchards can be seen and Arak walnuts are one of the best types of walnuts in Iran and one of the most important souvenirs of Arak.

گردو 2- Grapes and Raisins

One of the most popular souvenirs of Arak is the grapes and raisins of this city. Around Arak, there are many large vineyards that provide more than 20% of the country’s need for grapes. Hazaveh village in Arak is one of the most important villages in the country in terms of planting and harvesting grapes.

From grapes, products such as grape juice, grape syrup, grape vinegar, raisins, raisins and sap vinegar are made and sold in this city.

انگور و کشمش 3- Pomegranate

Pomegranate is one of the main products of Markazi province and souvenirs of Arak as well as Saveh city. Saveh pomegranate is undoubtedly one of the best pomegranates in Iran. The pomegranate harvest season is from early autumn to late autumn, and this abundance and importance of pomegranates in the city of Saveh, Arak, has led to the holding of a pomegranate festival every year in the city of Saveh.

انار 4- Fatir

Among the traditional Iranian breads, we can mention Fatir bread, which is the most delicious souvenir of Arak. Fatir bread has a special place in Arak Nowruz tables from ancient times to the present day and has always been used. Arak unleavened bread is made without any dough and is also baked in the traditional way.

Bread is a type of milk bread that is beaten with turmeric and egg yolk and baked in small ovens, the size of a palm, in a tandoor.

نان فطیر 5- Jozghand

Among the souvenirs of Arak, we can mention Jozghand which is a kind of local sweet. Jozghand is a local sweet in Naraq, Arak, which is widely found in other cities of Arak. This dessert is very tasty, laborious and difficult to prepare and bake, but it is well worth trying.

Nutmeg is made from a fruit called “algae” which is a peach family and has a smooth, sour and sweet taste. How to prepare this sweet takes 15 days and because of all this laborious process and the type of fruit that is used for it, it is one of the most expensive local sweets in Iran.

جوزغند Preparing and baking Jozghand sweets in Arak is usually a group work among Naraghi women. To prepare the nutmeg, the algae are peeled and left to soak in the sun for 3 days and dry, then gently remove the core and leave for another day to stay in the sun. The inside of the dried algae is then filled with almond kernels, sugar, cardamom, apricot kernels and sugar soil.

It is good to know that this souvenir of Arak has also been registered in the list of spiritual works of the country.

6- Dairy

Among the types of food and souvenirs of Arak, all kinds of local and delicious dairy products of this city are popular. The city of Ashtian in Arak, with its beautiful and pristine nature and the prosperity of animal husbandry in this region, has the best traditional dairy products in Arak.

In addition to the city of Ashtian and the traditional dairy of Arak, this city has acquired several famous dairy brands throughout the country.

لبنیات 7- Phil Elephant

Is it possible that the Iranians have not heard the delicious combination of elephant ears and doogh? Although this combination is popular and wonderful in Isfahan, Arak elephant ear sweets, which are very crunchy and delicious due to their type of cooking and raw materials, along with local Arak doogh, can be the most delicious combination of your time. That is why the souvenir of Arak should not be forgotten and finished without its elephant ears!

گوش فیل Arak Souvenir Handicrafts

In addition to the delicacies and the most delicious souvenirs of Arak, one should not forget and forget the handicrafts of Arak, which are sometimes even world famous. If you walk in the local market of Arak, you can easily see Arak artists working on their handicrafts and how they carefully and delicately create the art that is the result of their fingers and eyes working around the clock.

صنایع دستی سوغات اراک For example, Arak carpet has been very important and famous from the past until now. Kerman carpet has always been considered a competitor in excellent quality and engraving. Other souvenirs of Arak handicrafts include kilims, carpets, carvings of old stones, various copper utensils and quilts, etc.

1- Sarough carpet, the global popularity of Arak carpets

Sarough Carpet is one of the most popular souvenirs of Arak, which has a great reputation throughout Iran. But why is it called Sarooq carpet? Sarooq is a village 50 km from Arak, which is known in the world as hand-woven carpets.

Arak carpets are divided into three general categories: Mahal, Meshkabad and Sarough, all of which are under the general name of “Sarough Carpet”. The unique texture of Sarooq carpet and its pattern is one of the reasons for its worldwide fame among Arak handicrafts.

فرش ساروق، محبوبیت جهانی قالی اراک 2- Giveh

The history of the art of weaving in Arak dates back to the Qajar era and today many skilled weavers and artists are working in the cities of Arak. Especially in recent years, Giveh has found many fans from all over Iran and even the world, which shows the quality and acceptance of this type of handicrafts in Arak.

Giveh Sanjan is the most famous giver of Arak. Sanjan is a village at the foot of Qasbeh Mountain, where there are many walnut orchards. Giveh is not only a traditional local shoe, but also a genuine Iranian shoe or slipper that keeps the foot cool in the warm seasons and keeps the foot warm in the cold seasons. Also, the texture and texture of the giwa is such that it does not have left or right feet, and due to its fibrous material, it makes the feet do not sweat in it.

From Walnut to Giove in Arak

Among the central cities of Iran, the city of Arak is one of the tourist and industrial destinations of Iran, which due to the variety of products of this city and its famous handicrafts, all kinds of souvenirs and snacks can be found and enjoyed. /

سوغات اراک

From Sarooq carpet, each knot of which is woven by the toiling hands and artists of men and women, and the walnut, grape and pomegranate orchards, and the delicious and special sweets of this city, to the quilts that can always accompany and take care of your feet on hot days of the year. . There are many souvenirs of Arak, it is enough when you travel to this city to see where your heart takes you!

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