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Take a look at Qazvin Chehelston Palace from inside and outside

Take a look at Qazvin Chehelston Palace from inside and outside

In front of Qazvin Chehelston Palace, there are two columns the size of the guards who will cut off your neck if your jacket breaks. It is as if you can not get rid of the bitterness of anything. But Qazvin pergola also say, do not say it has our air to show us one of the sights of Qazvin.

at Alibaba Tourism Magazine from Qapu High Palace We said that Shah Abbas I left Qazvin Chehelston Palace after a few mornings and continued his rule to Naghsh Jahan Square in Isfahan. Although the Chehelston Palace in Qazvin is not in the great stature of Isfahan, but this mansion with its porch and its columns, as if it had been sculpted by an expert and carved, is the same beautiful palace that will create the salts.

Where is Chehelston Palace?

Text address: Iran, Qazvin, Qazvin city center, Azadi Square, Sabzeh Square

What is the best way to get to Chehelston Palace?

Qazvin, Valiasr Square, Qazvin, Taxi ‌Hab Azad or Sabz Square

What are the sights of this palace?

Paintings, Miniatures, Mogharnas, Glassware, and Roof Coverings

General introduction of the palace

Many buildings were built in the Safavid dynasty, especially during the reign of Shah Tahmasb the Great, many of which were destroyed, and only a few of them remain. This mansion is just one of the remaining pavilions in the complex of Shah Tahmaseb royal mansions, all of which have 2 floors.

Although some sources say that this palace was built during the fifth period of the reign of Shah Abbas I or has become the current atmosphere, but many historical quotations say that no, Chehelston Palace was built by order of Shah Tahmaseb in Qazvin and became John And Janan Shah.

کاخ چهلستون قزوین

Both floors of this pergola house are filled with Safavid paintings and flirtations. When Shah Tahmaseb walked up and down this mansion, it now has a calligraphy museum and many spoils in it.

Qazvin Chehelston Palace enchants with its columns every domestic and foreign tourist who pays homage to the Safavid kings. The Pergola Palace has 1 large hall, 4 portable porches and 4 earring rooms. The plan of the building is cross-shaped, cross-shaped and extroverted. کالسکه سواری در قزوینI hope no one hears, but it was a bad time for the elders in the pergola mansion. There was an emergency to build these underground tunnels to the Safavid state complex and away from the city.

A look at the past of the palace

The story goes back to before Shah Abbas. Shah Tahmasb Safavid, one of the Safavid lion kings, had a view of the Ottoman Turks who could plow and recite the Fatiha of the capital of Iran, which was then Tabriz. Shah Tahmaseb, who saw the situation in Scorpio, took the capital from Tabriz in 923 AH, a step away, Qazvin, so that the Ottoman Turks would not hold his hand and foot, but we are the Ottomans. To get to Tabriz, they did not have the liver to come to the other side of Tabriz in Qazvin? تاریخچه کاخ قزوین عکس از : Fardannews site In Qazvin, it was the palace of Chehelston Qazvin Shah Tahmaseb who said the first letter, and the Chehelston Bridge in Isfahan did not even think it had the same name. Shah Tahmaseb, for whom the Silk Road and the development of geographical and political issues were important, and on the other hand did not have the patience and mood to see the Ottomans, did not want to move far from Tabriz, who moved the capital to Qazvin and built the Palace of the Sugar Cube. > کوچه پس کوچه های عمارت Safavids who came to Qazvin and their place in this palace was warm for a few mornings, came to their senses and saw That the whole royal palace should be built in the kingdom of Shah Tahmaseb. Anyway, there is a king and a dynasty that this palace is one of the remaining pavilions of that time. کاخ چهلستون قزوین Shah Tahmaseb, who had a word and went to Qazoo Yen transferred, handed over to experienced Iranian architects to come and build a square garden. The architects, with the construction of the hall, the porch and the pool, seemed to have just warmed up, so they went and built other mansions for the king, one of which would be the Chehelston Palace in Qazvin.

Now I do not know whether Shah Tahmaseb was stubbornly inspired by the plan of this palace from the hand of the Ottoman Turkish architect in a small checkerboard pattern or by cunning. It should be noted that Shah Abbas I built the High Qapo Palace in Isfahan to explain to the Ottomans, “This is not to die, this is not to die”; There is a king here, and what a king; But it was Shah Tahmaseb who had recited these arrogances before for the Ottoman High Palace in Qazvin, and now go and see that High Ottoman Palace, of which there is no sign left. تاریکی های داخل عمارت It’s time, it’s the turn of the Qajars, who did not spare anything, but this time Mohammad Baqir Sa’d al-Saltanah was one of the governors of Qazvin at the time, who undertook the reconstruction of the pergola and the Chehelston Palace became the pergola. This palace sat in the heart of the list of historical monuments of Mam Mihan, Iran in February 1334 AH. The forty-column palace of Qazvin, however, had not forgotten its way, and from 1337 onwards it became a treasure trove of historical and ancient objects and the Qazvin Calligraphy Museum.

This is how we should be comfortable that at least this monument of Shah Tahmaseb is in good condition. But what about those gentlemen who think they have taken a corner and think they have taken over Chehelston Palace? جاهای دیدنی قزوین Photo from: Wikipedia site The bouquet has given water to the Pahlavi era The Qajaris should be whitewashed. The Pahlavis, who wanted to change the use of the Chehelston Palace in Qazvin to a governorate, painted the ceilings and plaster the ceilings and paintings with white plaster. However, the plaster, which does not stick to the polished surface of the paintings, imprisoned many of the paintings and tarnished the reputation of whatever art and artist he was.

Why Chehelston?

The early Shah Tahmaseb, who gathered from Tabriz and came to Qazvin to make this province the new capital of Iran, named this palace Qazvin Chehelston Palace; Now its reasons must be seen from the far porch and cut that several brick pillars have stood and piously have embraced this symbol of Safavid rule.

The reflection of these many columns in the fountain in front of the mansion also caused them to be doubled and this mansion was called Chehelston Palace. It passed and passed until one of the governors of the Qajar period in Qazvin repaired and rebuilt this mansion and the palace was transformed into a pergola mansion with this portrait. پنجره های رنگی  Patrol in a beautiful garden Qazvin Chehelston Palace hides itself among the leaves of the trees that if the wind comes and the hair of this beautiful girl falls behind it, your heart will have two or three beats, it will borrow two or three more beats and make you messy. The blue, red, green, and yellow stained-glass windows that you only see in Iranian architecture, on the one hand, and the decorative upholstery that lifts your ceiling off the ground. Tired of staining the stained glass of my house, I count on putting the same stained glass of Qazvin Chehelston Palace on the doors and windows of my house, which put the sunlight so beautifully on the carpets inside the palace and the light. It was the sun that danced. زمستان قزوین

Beautiful Chehelstone Palace

The number of floors can be seen from far and near up to 2 floors. Of course, they are not so dry and empty. From the entrance door are paintings and calligraphy boards that dance with their colors, glazes and lines. Two separate octagonal floors of 500 square meters were stacked on top of each other and became a pergola. I do not know now, but at that time it was impossible for Iranian artists not to dedicate their art to praiseworthy Iranian buildings and not to associate color with their love.

Qazvin Chehelston Palace does not leave a word for its amazing beauty and becomes an honorary hat on the Aryans. The architecture of Qazvin Chehelston Palace was designed to cool the air in the summer heat, and now that they have to cover their windows to protect objects, paintings and miniatures, there is no more ventilation. نمای کلی کاخ چهلستون قزوین

First floor with beautiful pond

The first floor is from the Safavid era, with which large brick columns with semicircles whose blue pattern gives a praiseworthy effect make the columns the brick color of the columns. Of course, these semicircular arches were manipulated by the Qajar people and did not seem to be bad.

It is inside the first floor of the miniature that the facade of this mansion is painted and the dancing of flowers and trees and the role of red-breasted birds, sparrows, ducks, pheasants, hudhuds and waterfalls in the miniatures take us. To the Sufis. چهلستون قزوین

There were pools that gave life to the Chehelston Palace in Qazvin and refreshed the air. However, as soon as the northern basin of this mansion was destroyed, its two central and southern basins were engraved with the drought storm of the earth and time with sculpted marble, and after restoration, they became simple marble.

However, to prevent water leakage and damage to the mansion, the tops of these basins have been stretched. 4 rooms are built on this floor that ventilate the indoor air. The ground under the king’s floor was paved with bricks on the first floor of the pergola palace, and after renovation, it was paved with colorful pottery.

بلندی های بادگیر

The roof of the first floor also fascinates us with its prominent gables and moqarnas and lifts us up. In other words, the Safavids had done their job with these first-class paintings and took the juice of our souls with the same miniatures.

Second floor and magnificent porches

As soon as you look from the first floor to the second floor with that magnificent porch, the weak and slender columns and wooden railings of the porch do not leave you, which had many changes during the Qajar period, and the narration of the parliament is above all. If you take the stairs straight and go, you will see the roof coverings. 4 earring rooms On all 4 sides of this floor, you can see one of the earring rooms.

طبقه دوم و ایوان ها

Early rooms from the Qajar period were opened in this pergola palace, and even one of the rooms on the second floor and the lower floor has an inseparable connection with the Chehelston mansion in Qazvin. What can we say from the second floor with which the fountain sash or the art of glass and wood and its beautiful glasses awaken the child inside us.

Architectural attractions and decorations of Chehelston Palace

Mogharnas architecture and roof coverings are also among the beauties with which the Safavids seem to have learned the way to drive us crazy. I do not know if it is the custom of the time or its foolish cowardice that has covered all the views and paintings of this mansion and it seems as if they have moved their hands and painted several layers of paintings on some of the designs.

First, the Safavids painted their lovers on the wall, and then the Safavids, and then the Qajaris, who came and ate artichokes and anchored, also drew a hand on the paintings to say that we will become art now.

جاهای دیدنی کاخ چهلستون قزوین

Sights of the Chehelston Palace Museum

The treasure trove of historical and ancient objects in Chehelston Palace in Qazvin in 1337 AH and in 1383 AH became the calligraphy museum of Chehelston Palace in Qazvin, where other museums came to hold banquets and get drunk. Officials from friendly and neighboring countries also donated gifts, and next to each item you can see the name of the donor, the date of the donation, and the location of the donation.

Best time to visit Cheltenham Palace

These 2 hours that he spends watching a part of Safavid history are worth 2,000 hours, and not to mention that you should not miss any sunny hole.

بهترین زمان بازدید از کاخ چهلستون

Collection working hours

Go all days from 9:00 am to 18:00 pm and on Eid days from 9:00 am to 20:30 pm to see the capital of Shah Tahmaseb. Of course, it is closed on days of mourning. Pay 3 thousand tomans unaffordable. It remains an entrance and many years of memories of Qazvin Chehelston Palace, which is not a big expense. It’s nothing at all.

دیدنی های قزوین

Where is Chehelston Palace?

Text address: Iran, Qazvin, Qazvin city center, Sizeh Maidan (Azadi Square)

What is the access route to the palace?

To get a taxi, go to Valiasr Square in Qazvin and you will see taxis waiting for you in Azadi or Sabz Square. If you have a car, go to Azadi Square or the Green Square and visit the Chehelston Palace in Qazvin.

جاهای دیدنی قزوین

The palace is also an old palace

This is another historical attraction of Qazvin, the theory of which can be seen in the same strange Safavid rule, which is a masterpiece. Now see Shah Tahmaseb with what conquest he came and took the capital from Tabriz to Qazvin. That means moving the capital from one end of the country to the other is not an easy task. Hala Shah Tahmaseb neither took nor left, until he reached Qazvin, he ordered a garden and a square palace to be built for him to take care of him.

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