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Take a look at the entertainment of Karaj Dam for a day trip

Take a look at the entertainment of Karaj Dam for a day trip

Karaj Dam or Amirkabir Dam is a place of entertainment that satisfies everyone! What people who want to leave Tehran for a day to rest and what people who want to make a short stop on the way to the north. Have you thought about how to spend your time in this dam? Are you familiar with the entertainment of Karaj Dam? Do you know the recreational areas around Amirkabir Dam?

In this article from Alibaba we have reviewed all the entertainment that you can have in Karaj Dam and nearby areas . With this guide, you will have various entertainments and a memorable memory of Amirkabir Dam will remain in your mind.

Karaj Dam from the past till now

The construction project of Amirkabir Dam on the Karaj River began in 1336 and ended in 1340. French engineers carried out the project. Amirkabir was the first multi-purpose dam in Iran, which in addition to providing water and electricity, was also used for fishing and recreation.

The construction of this dam has an interesting story. In addition to the French company that carried out the project, an American company had also proposed a plan to build the Karaj Dam. The American company had proposed the construction of a concrete dam with a height of 10 meters more. At that time, the construction of the dam with this plan would increase costs by 100 million. Finally, research has shown that the cost that Americans have estimated is not necessary. The French company built the dam with a concrete wall thinner than the American design and increased its height by four meters compared to the original design.

تاریخچه و سال ساخت سد

Unfortunately, with the construction of Karaj Dam, a large part They went under water from the villages of Varian, Zarkan and Kushk. Even the Imamzadeh of Varian village went under the water of Amirkabir Lake. Part of Varian on the other side of the lake is out of the water, but is now inaccessible. Because there is no boat in the dam. But since Varian is a tourist village, it is likely that tourists will be able to visit it in the coming years by boating on the dam.

General specifications of the dam and its applications

The catchment area of ​​Karaj Dam is 764 square kilometers and its average annual water flow is 472 million cubic meters. This arched concrete dam is 390 meters long, 180 meters high (from the foundation) and has 6 water drain valves.

The purpose of building the Amirkabir Dam was to control the spring floods in Tehran province in order to reduce the damage caused by the floods and the damage to the villages around the Karaj River. Tehran’s drinking water supply, suburban agricultural water supply, and electricity assistance were other goals of the Amirkabir Dam.

مشخصات کلی سد زیبای امیرکبیر

Karaj Dam is a way for many local families to earn a living. They make a living by raising a variety of salmon. Also, water required for agriculture and animal husbandry in the region is supplied from this dam.

Karaj Dam is also used for recreational purposes, which is the main topic of our discussion in this article. The lake behind the Karaj Dam is a place where many Iranian families, especially the people of Tehran, Karaj and its suburbs, spend their holidays and enjoy the beautiful nature of this lake.

Karaj Dam entertainment for all family members

In my opinion, Karaj Dam is one of the most beautiful dams in Iran and every Iranian should at least See this unique dam and lake once. In this section, we will answer the questions at the beginning of the article and tell you how you can have a great day in Amirkabir Dam and surrounding areas.

سد کرج

In the past, water activities such as swimming, boating and skiing On the water was also on the list of amusements of Amirkabir Dam. But now these entertainments have been banned. Of course, the unique nature of this region has compensated for the limitations of water recreation. In the following, we have examined the recreational facilities of Karaj Dam.

Fishing, a favorite pastime of energetic hunters

Fishing in Karaj Dam has two stages. The first step is to buy or hunt prey! According to experience, the best prey for the fish of Karaj dam are:

  • dough.
  • chicken heart.
  • Bee.
  • locust.
  • Bait sold near the dam.

If you do not intend to buy prey, you can use different methods to hunt prey! There are many locusts near Karaj Dam. Energetic and, of course, patient people who are fans of challenging pastimes go hunting for locusts before fishing! Hunting bees is a little easier. If you place a piece of meat outdoors, the bees will gather around it and you can catch them. Of course, you should also be careful of bee stings!

ماهیگیری در سد کرج

When the level The lower the dam water, the easier the fishing. All you have to do is attach the bait to the hook and drop it into the water. Fishermen float in the Karaj Dam and their hooks are not very deep.

Relax and exercise with nature around the dam

Fishing is a hobby that some people may not be interested in. But I do not know anyone who did not enjoy nature and the positive energy of this work. Karaj Dam Lake has created a unique nature in this region. Different plant and animal species of this region attract nature lovers to this region. Some of them even spend a night or two around the lake and in tents.

تفریحات حوالی سد امیرکبیر

Amir Kabir There are meadows, small forests and bushes that have become habitats for some native animals. Tourists who go to Karaj Dam in winter can see the migratory wild partridges.

Picnic; Simple and lovely family fun

There is a level playing field around Karaj Dam for sitting and holding a picnic. Some parts are in the shade of trees and shrubs and some parts are coastal.

Water is one of the elements of nature that removes negative energies and fatigue from us humans. That’s why we naturally like to spend our free time where there is water. Picnicing and spending time with loved ones in nature is one of our most popular pastimes as Iranians. Amirkabir Dam is an ideal choice for a picnic and a day with family and friends by the water.

Tourist attractions near Karaj Dam

Some Karaj attractions are located near the city dam. If you are one of those people who prefer diversity and do not like to live in one place while having fun, be sure to read the list of recreational attractions around the dam, which I have talked about below.

The pleasant nature of Haft Cheshmeh waterfall

Haft Cheshmeh waterfall is one of the natural attractions of Chalous road. The water of the springs of the mountains of this region goes to the valley and the river Arangeh (Haft Cheshmeh) and this spectacular waterfall is created. Haft Cheshmeh River is one of the main tributaries of Karaj River.

تفریحات سد کرج

Families to visit From Haft Cheshmeh waterfall, you can drive from Chalous road to Arangeh village and reach Haft Cheshmeh parking lot. The rest of the way you have to walk. If you want to see the waterfall up close, there are two ways. The first way is a simple dirt road behind the restaurant and you have to pay to cross it. The second route is more twisted and longer, but does not require a fee.

The nature walk to the more pristine and distant parts of the river and Haft Cheshmeh waterfall. These places are harder to reach and therefore not suitable for family outings.

If you set foot on this path, be careful of the path, because sometimes paths pass between rocks and cliffs. To visit these places, nature lovers must be accompanied by professional nature tourism groups and have the necessary physical preparation to cross difficult areas.

Beautiful villages with spectacular nature

As we said, with the construction of the Karaj Dam, three villages were submerged, but part of the village of Varian is still located near Lake Amirkabir. Although this village is no longer inaccessible, it has enough settlements.

سد کرج The flooding of the area has made the villages around the lake greener than before. Of course, many villages around the dam are now uninhabited and are mostly known as tourist areas.

The names of the villages around Karaj Dam are:

  • Large color
  • Khozkela
  • High pavilion
  • Darvan
  • Minar Peak
  • Moroud
  • Varians
  • Sleep Bridge

Chalous Road

Chalous Road or Road 59 is so famous that it does not need much explanation. Road 59 is one of the the most beautiful roads in Iran . This road became more famous after the construction of Karaj Dam and became one of the busiest routes in the north of the country.

جاده چالوس حوالی سد کرج

The beauty of Chalous Road with nature and the presence of the Karaj River next to it, encourages travelers to choose this route to go north. More recently, even if you do not plan to travel north, you can spend your short free time in the pristine places of this region.

The best time to visit Karaj Dam

Spring and summer are the best times to visit Amirkabir Dam and the surrounding recreational areas. The weather in this region has always been cooler than in Tehran and Karaj. That’s why it’s a good suggestion for a short escape from the summer heat! The vegetation of the region doubles its attractiveness in spring and summer. In spring, the snow of the mountains melts slowly and from the corners of the mountains and hills, small rivers and streams flow to the Karaj River and seven springs, creating spectacular views.

سازه عظیم سد امیرکبیر

In winter, the temperature of Amirkabir Dam area is lower than Tehran and Karaj. On the other hand, there are no winter recreation facilities in this area. For this reason, usually no one goes to Amirkabir Dam this season. Of course, in winter, groups of migratory birds land on the lake to rest. Winter is the season of silence and stillness of Amirkabir Lake. It is interesting to know, however, that some people travel there in winter due to the special tranquility of this area.

Address, access path and Google Map

Karaj Dam is located in the north of this city. This dam is located 25 km from Chalous Road.

To reach Chalous Road from Tehran, you have to go from Shahid Lashkari Highway (special road) to Karaj. Tehran-Karaj highway, the end of Hemmat (Kharazi) highway and North Tehran highway are other access routes to Chalous road from Tehran.

Karaj Dam location on the map

Most of us think about travel when it comes to nature. But you do not always have to travel long distances to reach a pristine picnic or hiking spot. Sometimes there are unique areas closest to where you live; Like the Karaj Dam, to which the people of Tehran and Karaj pay less attention. A special offer! Spend your next free time in Amirkabir Dam and the nature of that area!

آب و عمق زیاد سد

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