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Tang Hayqar Firoozabad; Grand Canyon of Iran

Tang Hayqar Firoozabad; Grand Canyon of Iran

When we travel to Firouzabad city , in the Zagros Mountains and in The heart of the rock and its majestic rocks, we see a gorge called Tang Hayqar Firoozabad or Grand Canyon of Iran, which is like a beautiful and natural mirage between two mountains to be a bed for Qara Aghaj River which passes through it. This gorge is so majestic and beautiful that it attracts the eyes of every viewer. The length of this pristine valley, according to various sources, is estimated between 8 and 14 km and the depth of its walls reaches about 450 meters. Join us in this fascinating and readable article to know where Tang Hayqar is and find out its beauties.

تنگ هایقر

The civilization hidden in the historical and cultural monuments of Fars province and the existence of favorable and poetic atmosphere, has created a unique combination that fascinates every tourist. Among the rugged heights of the Zagros Mountains, there is a strange gorge called Haigar. Fanguzabad Tang Haigar is a beautiful place with pristine nature for water recreation. When you stand on the heights of Haigar, you are dazzled by this attraction; As if the song of birds and the sound of water flow intoxicates you and takes you to a mysterious world; It is as if the anticline and layered walls of the Zagros have opened their mouths to invite you to watch this beauty and all this greatness in the heart of the mountain.

Hayker was a battlefield; A field for the brave Qashqai who killed the English invaders. Hayker literally means the death of a person. Whenever the Qashqai warriors succeed in defeating a British soldier, they hear the shouts of Hayqar so that their comrades can be aware of this incident and get extra morale.

Firuzabad Strait is also known as the Grand Canyon of Iran. Grand Canyon is the name of a gorge in Arizona . The Grand Canyon, known as the largest gorge and one of the most beautiful valleys in the world, attracts many visitors every year. The Grand Canyon became known as one of the world’s nature tourism hubs, while the Grand Canyon of Iran, for all its beauty, has not received enough attention from people, tourists and officials.

گرند کنیون آمریکا pi

Hayqar Strait is a beautiful and natural area and you can visit it in any season of the year.

Spring: The best travel season in terms of swallows and unique vegetation

Summer Season: The best season to escape the heat and enjoy water sports

Autumn: In this season, the river water is cold and has a good climate.

Winter: Cold water can be annoying for you.

بهترین زمان سفر به تنگه هایقر

Mountaineering enthusiasts can cross the walls of the Zagros. Also, walking in and out of the valley can be fun and exciting. Crossing the cool water of the river with friends or family and watching the natural beauties around the valley can create a beautiful and exciting day for you and completely lift your spirits. According to the article, where is Tang-e-Hayqar?

دیدنی ها و تفریحات

Staying in the city and villages around Haigar can tell you the history and culture of Iran. Also, staying in a tent and using the fresh and pollution-free climate along with getting to know the Qashqai tribe can be attractive to you.

ایل قشقایی

According to the article “Where is Tang-e-Hayqar”, you should know that if we move south from Shiraz, we will enter the Qir-Firoozabad road after 150 km. On this road, we move to the south and after about 25 km, we enter the Qir-Firoozabad sub-route. On this road, after seeing the signboard of Haygar Dam facilities, we reach the gorge.

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