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Tehran Carrot Plain; A piece of paradise but close to Tehran

Carrot plain is somewhere near Tehran. One of the features that multiplies my interest in Iran is that there is a natural attraction a short distance from all its small and large cities. The number of people who travel to Tehran for tourism is very small. Most travelers to Tehran go to this city for business and commercial purposes and return to their hometown after a few days. If you have such trips to Tehran, I have a better suggestion; Have a little fun and nature tourism spice up your business trip to get rid of the tiredness of a few days of hard work. .

Where is the Carrot Plain?

This plain is located in Afjeh village, Lavasan city, Tehran province.

What amenities are available on the plain?

There are no amenities in the Carrot Plain; But Afjeh village is located near the plain and has welfare and accommodation facilities.

When is the best time to visit the plain?

Spring is suitable for accommodation and overnight stays and autumn is suitable for visiting the plains.

What is the access route to the plain?

You have to enter Lashgarak road through Babaei highway and reach Afjeh village. Then he went from the dirt road to the plain of carrots.

carrot plain; Incredible view around Tehran

Gerchal plain is located in Central Alborz and is part of Lavasan soil in Shemiran region of Tehran province. This plain is located above Afjeh village and for this reason it is also known as Afjeh plain. The distance from the Carrot Plain to Tehran is 22 km and to Lavasan is 5 km, which means that with a short drive you can reach an attractive destination for your weekend!

Gerchal plain is located at an altitude of 2400 meters. Some tourists go to this plain just for picnics and camping. Some people are more athletic and rest in the plains after mountaineering. A group of nature lovers stay in this plain even at night and enjoy its unique sky.

If you are not a resident of Tehran and you plan to visit the Carrot Afjeh Plain, you can plan a tour of several villages Have a nice weather around Tehran . Imameh tourist areas, Fasham and Ahar village are also located at a distance of 30 to 40 km of this plain; Of course, there are other tourist attractions in the area of ​​Afjeh village, which we will talk more about in the following sections.

Carrot Plain Background; Why did this plain become famous for carrots?

Traditions show that this plain is one of the oldest resorts around Tehran and even Safavid kings were hunting in this plain. The question that has probably occupied your mind is probably the reason for the fame of the plain called carrot. If you go to a plain where carrots are planted all over and it looks orange, you call it a carrot! This is the reason why the past of this region is known as the Carrot Plain. Of course, carrot planting did not continue in this plain and our generation lost this unique view.

پیشینه دشت هویج

Gerchal is another name that is used to plant carrots. Refers to this area. In the local language of the people of this region, “gar” means fire and “chal” means place. This name can be confusing; Perhaps because of the carrots that made the plain the color of fire, it was called the place of fire. The second reason could be that the Gerchal plain is warmer than the surrounding areas. That is why it is called the place of fire.

Today, this plain is known as a natural tourist area. In Afjeh village, orchards and some agriculture are common. But the spread of agriculture in this region is not as great as in the past.

What is the weather like in the plain?

Carrot plain is spectacular in different seasons of the year. In the spring, the unique nature of this region is accompanied by the cherry blossoms of Afjeh village. The spring climate, the flowing atmosphere and the pure oxygen that you breathe in the plain provide everything for energy. The spring nights of Afjeh plain are a bit cooler; Therefore, if you are planning to stay overnight, you must use a suitable sleeping bag.

In summer, the plain temperature rises slightly and it may be a little difficult to tolerate the heat, especially at noon and in the afternoon. Of course, the good news is that in the village of Afjeh and the heights near the plain, the air is a little cooler. Therefore, you can spend the hot hours of the day in these areas and return to Gerchal plain when it is cool.

پیشینه دشت هویج

The autumn of the Afjeh carrot plain is more like the past than ever. Because the plain is filled with autumn yellow and orange colors and is similar to the “fire place”. There is more cold in this season and tourists must go to this area with enough warm clothes. Overnight stay in autumn and winter is not recommended; Unless you rent a residence in the surrounding villages to have a warm and comfortable place to sleep.

The winters of the plains are also white and snowy. Some people go to this area for winter fun and snow games in winter. But remember that this plain does not have facilities for winter sports and ski slopes and is a completely natural attraction without human intervention!

beautiful nature of carrot plain

Plant species that are wild plants in the Gerchal plain; But walnut and cherry trees are also found in the vegetation of this area. This plain is green in hot seasons and turns orange in autumn. In the spring, snow melts the mountains around the plains, creating seasonal streams, waterfalls, and streams.

Gerchal plain has everything you expect from a natural attraction! Hikers who are interested in mountains and heights can hike in the mountains around the plain. People who prefer camping and are looking for friendly or family outings in nature can also camp under the shade of the plain trees and go on a picnic.

دشت سبوستان

Carrot Plain Attractions

The Gerchal Plain is more than just a plain in the middle of a mountain. In addition to being a natural attraction, this area also has historical sights. During the Safavid and Qajar eras, due to the travel of kings and nobles to this plain for hunting, caravanserais were built along the plain of carrots to the plain of Lar. If you spend a day or two staying in the Carrot Plain and surrounding areas, there are several places you can see them. In the following, we have fully introduced the attractions around the plain.

Dasht Sabustan

Sabustan plain or Suston plain, which is also known as walnut plain, is located on the northwest side of Afjeh carrot plain and on the way to Atashgah peak. In this plain, there is a beautiful Charand waterfall with a height of 50 meters, which is also known as Suston waterfall. In Sabustan plain, there are orchards, especially plum, cherry and walnut orchards. Wild fruit trees can be seen around the waterfall. Of course, if you do not have a nature trail in your group and do not know the wild fruits, it is better to avoid eating the fruits of the trees around the waterfall. Sabustan Plain is a good place to relax on the way to the summit or family picnics. The shade of the trees, the flowing waters and the green environment of this plain attract the attention of every tourist. Soston waterfall is clear from the carrot plain and to reach the Sabustan plain you have to move towards it (northwest of the plain). On the way to the waterfall, you should reach Pakoob route and after a short walk, you will see Sabustan plain.

Sabustan plain and Soston waterfall on the map

Dr. Vaziri Museum Cave

You may not believe that there is such an attraction in the Carrot Plain region. Dr. Nasser Hooshmand Vaziri established the museum at his own expense on a thousand square meters of land in 1984 and exhibited his sculptural works there. The works of this museum cave narrate the stories of Iranian mythology and Shahnameh. It is interesting to note that many of these sculptures are made using recycled materials. Dr. Vaziri is doing this in order to create a culture for recycling and preserving the environment.

غار موزه وزیری

In the cave of the Vaziri Museum, there are various corridors, each of which is dedicated to a specific task. The different parts of this cave are:

  • Bastami House
  • Cave interior
  • Gallery
  • Outdoor
  • Sculpture Workshop
  • Handicraft Workshop
  • Recycled Sculpture Hall

Sarai Bastami with a capacity of 90 people is one of the most attractive community halls where you can hold your meetings. The interior of the cave also includes eight nested corridors that have been dug in the heart of the mountain and its walls are covered with concrete.

غار موزه وزیری

Some of the spectacular attractions of this museum cave are

  • Chess Collection
  • Recycled sculptures such as soft drink sculptures
  • Sculptures inside the corridors of the cave interior
  • Sun collection (there are more than 600 suns and metal pitchers from different historical periods in this collection)

Address, location and opening hours of Vaziri Museum Cave

To reach this museum garden, you have to go from Lashkark Road to Lavasan and enter Imam Khomeini Boulevard. After that, you should reach the upper and lower slow road and turn left from Bojan crossroads. After the observers’ pit, you will reach the cave of Dr. Vizi Museum. The museum is open on non-holidays from 9 to 12:30 and in the evenings from 14:30 to 19 and its working hours are closed on holidays and Fridays; That means it is open to the public from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Vaziri Museum Cave on Google Map

Safavid bath

Safavid bath is the traditional bath of Afjeh village. This bath is divided into two parts for men and women, and in its architecture, it has all the components of a bath, including an arch, truncated arches and sweat domes. The bath of this village dates back to the late Safavid and early Qajar eras. Tourists also visit this bath while visiting the traditional texture of Afjeh village. It is interesting to know that the Safavid bath is still active as before and the people of Afjeh use it.

Afjeh village is a small village, so it is not surprising that the address of the Safavid bath is not on the map. With a little sightseeing in this village, you will enjoy seeing its historical texture and you will reach the village bath. To reach this village, you can reach Lashgarak road through Babaei highway. Afjeh is located 9 km northeast of Lavasan.

حمام صفوی

Village of Afjeh on Google Map

Nasiri Palace

There is no news about Nasiri Palace at the moment and it is more like the ruins of Naseri! But its Qajar architecture is still attractive to visitors. This palace was built by the order of Nasreddin Shah Qajar and is considered a part of Shahrestanak village. After the construction of this palace, Nasser al-Din Shah used to come to Shahrestanak once a year with his servants and hold a cooking ceremony. In the history of the Nasserite palace, nothing can be seen but indifference to this magnificent building. But still the tourists of the carrot plain have not forgotten it and go to Shahrestanak to visit it.

قصر ناصری

Shahrestanak is located 60 km from Karaj and to access You have to cross the side road that connects Chalous road to this village. Naseri Palace is located in the heart of the village and with the help of the map location you can find it:

Welfare and service facilities of Afjeh Carrot Plain

Gerchal plain is pristine nature and there are no amenities or even shops. For this reason, to visit and stay in it, you must prepare everything before reaching the plain. But around the plain there are complete amenities and accommodation. Many tourists stay in eco-lodges or surrounding villas and travel to the Carrot Plain and surrounding attractions.

Afjeh village is the closest area to Gerchal plain that has the necessary amenities such as accommodation, restaurant, shop and.. Some tourists also stay in Lavasan villas and travel on the 9 km route between Dasht and Lavasan.

دشت هویج در زمستان

Camping equipment on a trip to the Carrot Plain

If you are planning to spend the night in the Carrot Plain, there are two important things to keep in mind. First of all, do you have all the necessary equipment for camping? The second point is whether you have chosen a good time to visit the carrot plain of Afjeh and stay in it? Remember that even with the best camping equipment, this plain is still not suitable for overnight stays in autumn and its temperature drops drastically.

تجهیزات کمپینگ

If you are planning to camp in the Gerchal plain, you will need the equipment mentioned below.

  • Tent (sufficient capacity for all camp members).
  • Sleeping bag
  • warm cloth
  • Canned foods and nuts
  • First aid kit and medicines needed
  • Drinking water
  • Flask
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Mobile phone and power bank

In general, take everything you need to stay overnight; But keep in mind that you should not overload your backpack. Because you may need to walk part of the way.

تجهیزات کمپینگ

The best time to visit the Carrot Plain

We have already talked about the climate of the Carrot Afjeh plain in different seasons of the year. So now you know why I say the best time to visit the plains is spring and autumn. From the Nowruz holiday, which is at the beginning of spring, you can plan a trip to this piece of paradise and enjoy its greenery and favorable weather. In autumn, everything has warm and happy autumn colors and the plain becomes the best location for photography. Of course, autumn is not a good season to spend the night in the plains and is only a good time to visit the plains daily.

بهترین زمان سفر به دشت هویج

In summer, the Gerchal plain becomes a place of fire, and if you go to visit it, you have to have a fan in your hand all the time! Of course, you can walk in the village of Afjeh and cooler areas in the middle of the day when the sun shines directly, and go to the plain in the early or late hours of the day.

In winter, if it snows heavily, the dirt roads to the Carrot Plain will probably be blocked and you will have to walk to this plain. Of course, in my opinion, Gerchal plain is not a good choice for winter entertainment; Because it has no facilities for winter recreation and sports and is only white. For this reason, I recommend that you go to the sights of Tehran in winter instead of the Garchal plain.

Where is the Carrot Plain?

Address of Dasht-e Gerchal: Afjeh village, Shemiran city, Tehran province.

Plain location on Google Map

Access route to the plain

To reach the Carrot Plain from Tehran, you must first reach the northeast of the capital and enter the Babaei Highway. Then enter Lashgarak road through the highway and continue your way until you reach Lashgarak square. After the square, there are signs of Afjeh village and by following them, you can reach this village. Before reaching Afjeh, you will reach a crossroads, one of which is the asphalt road of Afjeh village and the other is the dirt road of Gerchal plain. Off-road vehicles can travel overland. But if you have a normal car, go as far as possible on the dirt road and walk the rest of the way.

If you go from Karaj to the Carrot Plain, you must enter the Kharazi Highway from the Alborz Martyrs Highway. After that, go from Hemmat Highway to Zainuddin Highway, and finally reach Babaei Highway and go to Lashgarak Road.

بهترین زمان سفر به دشت هویج

last word; Travel guide from Carrot Plain to Atashgah Peak

In this article, we have provided a comprehensive guide to traveling to the Carrot Plain, and now you have enough information to travel to this plain. This plain is an ideal destination for all tourists, whether family groups or mountaineering and nature teams. An important travel advice is to never underestimate the importance of these simple, short weekend getaways. They can give you back the energy you lost during the week. You do not always have to spend a whole week traveling! With the right planning, you can enjoy one or two days as much as the same week!

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