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Tehran Eram Zoo; Adventure in the nostalgic attraction of the city

Tehran Eram Zoo; Adventure in the nostalgic attraction of the city

The desired variety of sights in Tehran leaves you free to choose. With so many different tourist attractions on the weekends, you have many options for fun and leisure. Tehran Eram Amusement Park and Zoo is one of the best attractions in the city that has created good memories for Tehranians from the past to the present. In this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine , we intend to visit the zoo of this complex and know a little about its history and different sections. So to get acquainted with this island, travel with Alibaba until the end of this article.

Where is Eram Zoo?

4 km of Tehran-Karaj highway

What different species are there at the zoo?

The zoo’s animal diversity includes mammals, reptiles, aquatic animals and birds.

What are the amusement facilities of Eram Zoo?

Cafe, restaurant, lake, amusement park, parking and…

What are the zoo opening hours?

in the first half of the year every day from 8 am to 10 pm In the second half of the year, every day from 8 am to 5 pm

Introduction to Tehran Eram Zoo from the past to the present

Eram Zoo is one of the sights of Tehran, which is located in the green and entertainment complex of Eram. The first signs of the formation of Eram Zoo, also known as Tehran Zoo, date back to the Qajar period.

It all started when Iranians became acquainted with the zoo during their travels to Europe. The first Iranian zoo was known as the “Wildlife Complex”. The savage assembly was established during the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah and at that time was located on Takhti or Saadi Street today.

But the process of establishing a zoo in the style of Nasser al-Din Shah did not end with a few animals trapped in the zoo, and Shah Ghajri’s subsequent trips to Europe and imitating them, caused him to become more and more fascinated with animals and the zoo.

پلنگ ایرانی زیبا

The story of the establishment of Eram Zoo in the fifties by the efforts of” Rahim Ali Khorram “took a more serious form and in 1353 Eram Park, which at that time was known as” Khorram Park “was opened. . After the revolution in 1969, the zoo was added to this entertainment complex.

Currently, the distance of this garden is about 5 hectares. Eram Sabz Sports and Recreation Complex is operating with an exciting playground, a large zoo, Eram Lake and… on the highway from Tehran to Karaj, near Ekbatan metro station in Tehran.

Arm Zoo Animal Species

Tehran Eram Zoo has a significant variety of animals. The zoo’s animal diversity includes mammals, reptiles, aquatic animals and birds.

In addition to domestic animals, you can see species from other parts of the world, such as Africa, at the Eram Zoo. Most of the keeping conditions of these animals are compatible with the geographical location of Eram Garden.

باغ وحش ارم تهران

Maral or Iranian red deer, African lions, Persian lion, Persian yellow deer, European yellow deer, Persian leopard, camel, zebra, horse, kangaroo, giraffe, Persian Bengal tiger, Siberian tigers, reserves, baboons, chimpanzees, Siberian tigers, Sri Lankan elephants, squirrels, hyenas, wolves, foxes, Gilan brown bears and 2 of the spectacular and even rare species of animals living in Eram Zoo in Tehran.

Eram Zoo reptiles include the short-nosed crocodile, the python, the tortoise, and so on. Also among the bird species are Egyptian vultures, eagles, peacocks, sargias, pelicans and dernas that live in the geographical and climatic location of Eram Garden.

خرس های لاغر و پیر

Eram Zoo Facilities and Fun

Tehran Eram Zoo, in addition to the pleasure of getting acquainted with different animal species, has also provided other recreational facilities for tourists, which we will briefly introduce in the following.

1- Restaurant

The traditional restaurant and the island restaurant are among the delicious attractions for spending time in the Eram amusement park and zoo in Tehran. The island restaurant is located in the amusement park of two Eram Sabz complexes and welcomes its guests in the open air.

The variety of food and drinks in this restaurant has left tourists free to experience different flavors, but in terms of quality, you should not expect a very different and first-class food.

2- Buffet

Food booths are another feature of the Eram entertainment complex, which is built for the convenience of tourists and can provide them with delicious snacks and simple drinks.

امکانات رفاهی مجموعه تفریحی ارم

3- Coffee Shop

In Tehran Eram Amusement Park and Amusement Complex, you can go to different cafes and create attractive moments for yourself with a variety of hot and cold drinks as well as delicious cakes and desserts. Jazireh Restaurant Cafe is one of the cafes in this complex, which in addition to the delicious food menu, also welcomes you with the cafe menu of this complex.

4- Grocery store

Eram collection, in addition to the experience of fun and excitement in the amusement park and adventure in the zoo, has provided you with the possibility of various and desirable shopping in the grocery stores in and around this complex.

5- Prayer room

Another amenity of Tehran Eram amusement park and zoo is the prayer hall and tourists can use it to perform their religious duties.

6- Workshop

Various training workshops such as astronomy, firefighting and… are held in Eram entertainment complex. Therefore, in addition to having fun and creating happy moments, this collection also has something to say in educational facilities.

جاذبه های گردشگری تهران

7- Lake Lake

Eram Lake is one of the treasures of Eram Recreation and Tourism Complex, which has provided beautiful areas for Tehran tourists with its impressive area. In addition to boating, fishing enthusiasts can also spend an exciting day on the lake shore.

8- Eram amusement park

Eram Amusement Park is located approximately one kilometer northwest of Eram Zoo and is one of the oldest and most famous amusement parks in the capital. Eram amusement park has a high share in the nostalgic moments of Tehran citizens and the childhood of many Tehranians is used with the pleasure of a family picnic in this green and exciting park and is tied to the exciting equipment of this complex.

A variety of play equipment is installed in this park. In addition to riding exciting and breathtaking game equipment, you can also go for computer and brain games. One of the attractions of Eram Amusement Park is the existence of an indoor complex called the Magic Castle, which has led to the completion of this entertainment complex.

شهربازی ارم

Lake Eram, telecrossing and fishing from the lake are other recreational attractions of the Eram collection. Restaurant, cafe, bathroom, parking and… are among the various amenities of this entertainment complex.

9- Arm outdoor pool

Next to Eram Zoo in Tehran, one of the main attractions of Eram Recreation Complex, I must mention its outdoor pool, which is located in the neighborhood of the complex amusement park. Tehran summers with Eram pool can be extremely enjoyable.

zoo opening hours

In the first half of the year, every day from 8 am to 10 pm

In the second half of the year, every day from 8 am to 5 pm

Address and access route to Eram Zoo

Address: 4 km of Tehran-Karaj highway, after Shahid Sattari highway, next to the right passage of Shahid Bakri highway bridge (lane line)

Eram Zoo on Google Maps

Both beautiful and ugly

The zoo, with all its adventurous feel, is one of the saddest attractions in the city. It hurts the human heart to watch the captivity of the beautiful creatures of the earth that could live freely in nature. Despite the interest in learning more about wildlife, we hope to find a way to combine animal freedom with human discovery and intuition.

امکانات رفاهی مجموعه تفریحی ارم


City sightseeing is a weekend pastime, and amusement parks and recreation centers are among the first choices for fun. Tehran Eram Amusement Park and Zoo has provided fun moments for Tehranians from the past to the present.

If you pass the corona danger, it can still be claimed that the excitement and happy laughter of the tourists in this complex can be overpowering. Therefore, with the reduction of this disease and the return of health, be sure to include this collection in your list of entertainments.

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