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Tehran Jamshidia Park; Backyard holidays

Suppose tomorrow is your holiday and you want to find a cozy corner in Tehran. How are you looking for a place? For example, where the coolness of the air, the dancing of the leaves in the wind and the sound of birds, are you satisfied? All that I say is in the heart of Tehran, not a northern forest! where in Tehran? Put your foot in Niavaran and head to Jamshidieh Park in Tehran, you will understand what I am saying.

In this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine we are going to take you on a trip to the northernmost point of Tehran to see the beauties of this Let’s hit the area.

What are the restaurants in Jamshidia Park?

Kurdistan Restaurant, Azerbaijan Restaurant, Jamshidia Restaurant

What are the sights of Jamshidia Park?

Ferdowsi Park, waterfalls and lakes, stone sculptures, exhibitions

Is Jamshidia Park in Corona open?

There is no limit to visiting Jamshidia Park, but we suggest that you follow the health protocols if you go.

What is the phone number of Jamshidia Park?


Does Jamshidia Park parking have capacity?

The parking lot of this park has a capacity of 250 cars and is located in an open space.

General introduction of Jamshidia Park

“Jamshidieh Park in Tehran”, which is also known as “Jamshidieh Stone Park” among the locals, is one of the parks in District 1 of Tehran Municipality. I would like to say about the size of this park, if you put 10 football fields together, it will be almost the size of this park, about 10 hectares.

This park is located in a part of “Doloo” lands, which once belonged to the Qajar Dulu family (the Dulu family belonged to those Qajar families who, as the saying goes, used to paddle money). Originally, Jamshidia Park belonged to one of the descendants of this family, namely “Jamshid Doloo Qajar”, who were famous tribes and many lands were named after them.

In Sand Park, the name of Jamshid Doloo Qajar is mentioned as the owner, who gave his 69,000 square meter property to Empress Farah Pahlavi. Earlier, a nursing home was to be built in Tehran’s Jamshidia Park; But this decision was never implemented. Instead, a public park was to be built on this vast land for the benefit of the people of the region. It was around 1977 that this area took over the park and became one of the tourist attractions and Tehran sights became. تاریخچه پارک جمشیدیه Jamshidieh Park in Tehran is located in the north of Niavaran Street and from the east It leads to Jamshidia Street, from the west to Kalkuchal Road, from the north to Kalkuchal Mountain and from the south to Doloo Garden. This park is so big that if you want to walk it all the way, it will not be a short and easy daily walk. پارک جمشیدیه If you ask me what makes Jamshidia Park special, I’m talking about its waterfalls, lakes and rocky fountains. Tehran’s Jamshidieh Park is located on the main climbing route to the Kalkuchal refuge, and many climbers cross the park to climb this peak. پارک زیبای تهران Jamshidieh Park has 4 main entrances and is proudly identified in polls as the second park that Tehran citizens introduce to their guests! Now, what do you think should be the first park in Tehran? You guessed it, Mellat Park is the first park in Tehran to be recommended by locals to people outside the city. پاییز پارک جمشیدیه

Why Jamshidia?

Jamshidia Park was originally one of the lands of one of the great men of the Qajar period named “Jashmid Doloo Qajar” and there is a garden of the same name next to the park. Jamshid Doloo gave about 69,000 square meters of his land to Farah Pahlavi and a public park was built on these land, which later became known as Jamshidia Park in Tehran. This park is located in Jamshidia neighborhood. پارک جمشیدیه

History of Jamshidia Park

Tehran Jamshidia Park dates back to the first Pahlavi period, that is, when Farah Pahlavi decided to turn this area, which she had received as a gift from Jamshid Doloo, into a public park. The story is that at first, a nursing home was to be built in this area, but for some reason, the plan was changed and finally the process of building a public park began. پارک تاریخی و جذاب تهران Jamshidia Park has been renovated twice since its construction and its original design was done by a person named” Kamran Diba ” Is. Kamran Diba was educated at Harvard University and was a painter, modernist architect and urban planner. Apart from designing Jamshidia Park, which is one of the most beautiful Tehran parks , this person has beautiful buildings and He has also designed another monument that includes Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Daneshjoo Cultural Center, Niavaran Cultural Center and Shafaq Park. پارک جمشیدیه So Kamran Diba with that higher education Bringing a souvenir from Farang, he was able to design one of the most beautiful parks in Tehran, and finally Jamshidia Park was opened to the public in 1977.

Jamshidieh Park initially had an area of ​​about 10 hectares, but in 1374, another 16 hectares were added to it. This added section is known as Ferdowsi Park as we mentioned. جمشیدیه در برف

Vegetation and fauna of Jamshidia Park

There are various trees in Jamshidia Park as far as the eye can see. The trees in this park include elm, cypress, sycamore, black maple, spruce and fruit trees such as pears, apricots and apples. In addition to these diverse plant species, Tehran Jamshidia Park also has a diverse animal species that includes more than 60 species of birds. We promise that one of your pastimes in this park will be watching the birds and listening to their music. جاهای دیدنی تهران

What to do in Jamshidia Park?

Jamshidia Park, as one of the sights of Tehran, has a very large area and different facilities, so you can experience different amusements in different parts of this park. Elevations, rivers, waterfalls and various fountains are all among the attractions and beauties of Jamshidia Park. In this part of the article, we will tell you what exciting entertainment awaits you when you walk in the park. تفریحات پارک جمشیدیه


Picnic is the simplest entertainment you can have in Tehran Jamshidia Park. All you have to do is take a mat and a set of food with you and enjoy the beauties that this park shows you. If you may forget to take a snack, do not worry at all. There are various shops in parts of the park from which you can buy a variety of drinks and snacks.


Mountaineering is one of the most important entertainments of Jamshidieh Park as one of the sights of Tehran. Everyone who wants to go to Tochal and the northern heights of Tehran will be placed in this park together. کوهنوردی در پارک Near the statue of the great and famous poet of Iran, namely: “Ferdowsi”, a sign has been installed that acts as a guide to the mountaineering route of Kalkuchal . On this route, you will first reach a river that has been fenced off from the park. If you go a little further, the fences will end somewhere and you can get closer to the river.

Follow the path to the Kalkuchal refuge. This region is in fact a symbol of social solidarity of the people during the popular government of Dr. Mossadegh and the coup d’etat of August 19, 1943. Of course, the tower in this area has not been accessible for some time and climbers cannot enter it. Some young people in the 1930s built the tower, and if you get close enough to the tower, you might be able to see their names. کوهنوردی حرفه ای


Jamshidia Park in Tehran, with its size, is one of the best choices for walking. So put on the right shoes and enjoy a strolling walk through the beauties of the park walkways surrounded by cypress and elm trees. پیاده‌روی If you like to listen to music while exercising and walking, we suggest you take a few minutes with your eyes closed and without listening to the music to hear the sound of the wind blowing through the elm leaves and the birds talking to each other. You can not find a really more beautiful voice in the heart of Tehran.


One of the most beautiful seasons for photography in Tehran Jamshidieh Park is autumn, that is, just when the trees with a lot of sweetness and sorrow throw their thousand-colored leaves in the wind and the wind scatters them everywhere in the park to pave the way. Colors form on the ground. عکاسی در پارک If you enjoy hearing the rustling of leaves and seeing the colors of autumn, I suggest you choose the autumn season for photography; But do not forget that this park has its own beauties in each season and can not be distinguished between different seasons.

If autumn is a thousand colors, winter is beautiful to the whiteness of snow, and in addition to photography, you can also play in the snow. In spring and summer, the sound of birds will fascinate you and the greenery of the trees will intoxicate you. Close your eyes as you pass by the pines to let the smell of the freshly ripened branches take away your intelligence; Take a deep breath to fill your lungs with the scent of pine. دیدنی های تهران


One of the most interesting entertainments of Jamshidieh Park in Tehran, which few people pay attention to and have only their own special admirers, is bird watching. In this large and beautiful park, more than 60 species of birds have been identified that you can see with your camera and enjoy the childish hustle and bustle of their life at the top of the trees. If you enjoy bird watching and playing, we suggest you bring an eyepiece with you.پرنده نگری

Sights of Jamshidia Park

Jamshidia Park, as one of the places of interest in Tehran, has many tourist attractions and sights, which we will introduce and review in the following, so that you can visit them on your next visit.

Ferdowsi Park

Tehran Jamshidieh Park has been reconstructed twice since its construction and one of the reconstructions that was done in the years 1374 to 1375 has added 16 hectares to this park. This 16-hectare park, known as “Ferdowsi Park”, has more than 6317 square meters of flower beds, different effects such as fountains and various sculptures, one of the most important of which is the large Ferdowsi statue. بوستان فردوسی Ferdowsi Park has a climate similar to Jamshidia Park and many locals consider it the son of Khalaf Jamshidia.

Waterfalls and lakes

Waterfalls and lakes have been formed everywhere in Tehran’s Jamshidieh Park and Ferdowsi Park, which have added to the beauties of this park. The sound of boiling water from the waterfall and passing by you will be the most beautiful sound of nature when you walk slowly in the park. If you are lucky, you may also see beautiful birds that come to waterfalls and lakes to drink water. دریاچه پارک جمشیدیه

Stone sculptures

One of the attractions of Jamshidia Park in Tehran is the boulders that have been transformed into sculptures over time due to climate change and evoke the image of some animals in the mind. This beautiful stone zoo is located at the top of 600 steps and if you want to see it, you should try and climb 600 steps. If you think 600 steps is too much and you regret it, we must say that you will miss an interesting event. We say this to encourage you a little and to climb. بوستان فردوسی Apart from these self-made sculptures, there are statues in different parts of Jamshidia and Ferdowsi parks, each of which conveys a natural, mystical and cultural meaning, and some of them have an extremely beautiful and modern design.

Various exhibitions

Various seasonal exhibitions are held in parts of Jamshidieh Park and Ferdowsi Park in Tehran, where the handicrafts and art of Tehran artists are sold. One of the reasons that some residents and people come to visit Jamshidia Park is these seasonal exhibitions.پوشش گیاهی پارک

Gallery and Amphitheater

Gallery and amphitheater is another sight to visit in Jamshidia Park. In this amphitheater, great programs are displayed, which we recommend you to watch.

What are the facilities of Jamshidia Park?

Jamshidia Park has full facilities and is well equipped. The facilities of this park include a restaurant, an amphitheater, a cafeteria, a pavilion, a green and flower garden, a bathroom, a drinking room, a bench and various fountains.آلاچیق های زیبا

Jamshidia Park Restaurants

If you are into climbing stairs, something good is waiting for you. Delicious tours that include several cafes and restaurants with a variety of traditional and modern architecture selling a variety of foods.امکانات پارک جمشیدیه

Kurdistan Restaurant

One of the most popular restaurants in Jamshidia Park is Kurdistan Restaurant, which is located at the highest point of the park and you have to climb many stairs to reach it; But in front of you will see the beautiful nature in front of you and you will enjoy eating delicious and different food.

Azerbaijan Restaurant

Another popular restaurant located near Jamshidia Park on Omidvar Street is Azerbaijan Restaurant. This restaurant serves traditional Persian food and after a walk in the park you can enjoy a hearty meal.جاذبه های پارک جمشیدیه

Jamshidia Restaurant

This restaurant, like the restaurants of Kurdistan and Azerbaijan, serves the best Iranian food that you will enjoy eating.

The best time to visit Jamshidia Park

Jamshidia Park has its own effect in every season, but if you are fascinated by the beauties of nature, we suggest you choose spring and autumn. In the spring the trees are green and the flowers are in bloom, and in the autumn the dancing of the colorful leaves in the sky and their collision with the ground is like a large but colorful army of indescribable joy. بهترین زمان سفر Autumn with a thousand colors and trees, each in a different color, walking on dry leaves or walking among the lush trees in the spring and hearing the sound of different birds, can be the best time for you.

Park access path

In order to be able to go to Jamshidia Park, you must first reach Tajrish Square by subway or bus. From Tajrish Square, you can take taxis to Niavaran and Jamshidia Park. In Niavaran neighborhood, you can access the park from Omidvar and Faizieh streets. پاییز زیبای تهران

Jamshidia Park address on Google Map

If you have decided to use a personal car, this is the address of Jamshidieh Park in Tehran in Google Map for you:

Precautions and restrictions for visiting the park

Due to the antiquity of Jamshidieh Park in Tehran, it is not unlikely that some of its places, such as passages, are a little uneven, so be a little careful when walking. This park is located in the heights of northern Tehran and therefore it is natural that some parts of it have stairs; So these sections are not suitable for the disabled and people with disabilities.

Do not forget that in winter this region is colder than other parts of Iran due to its proximity to the mountains; So if you go to Jamshidieh Park in Tehran in winter, have suitable clothes with you.جاذبه های گردشگری تهران

Tehran Jamshidia Park and the song of birds

During our short trip to Tehran’s Jamshidieh Park, we learned about the story of its formation and the reason for its naming, and talked about the beauties of this park so that you can choose it as one of Tehran’s sights and a great picnic destination during your next vacation.

پوشش حیوانی پارک This park has its own beauties in different seasons of the year and can surprise you by showing one of its beauties in any season. If getting to know the park and going to it is a pleasant experience for you, we suggest you introduce it to your other friends or go to Jamshidia Park with your friends in the next period.

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