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Thailand Samping Market A promenade for lovers of cheap shopping

Thailand Samping Market A promenade for lovers of cheap shopping
Shopping and shopping is one of the hobbies that most tourists think about in their travels and they definitely make time for it. Going to the traditional markets of different countries may not have the luxury and luxury of wandering in luxury shopping complexes and passages with reputable brands, but in addition to saving on shopping costs, enjoy the customs and traditions and wander in the heart of a tourist area. Tourists will. If you are into bargaining and you like the colorful hustle and bustle of a traditional market, join us in the Sampang Market article Thailand. Where to join to introduce you to the fun of shopping in the Thai Samping Market.

To experience a major shopping experience in Thailand, you need to enter the Bangkok Go and get the Sampeng Lane market from the locals; Narrow alleys with vendors rising in the middle of the heat and hustle and bustle. You can walk for hours in its alleys and back alleys and buy everything from chicken milk to human life at incredible prices; Items such as clothing, textiles and jewelry to the latest electronic products.

You might be wondering if all this traffic, old pedestrians and trucks carrying fresh vegetables, amidst the hustle and bustle of crowds, spas and handcarts that are constantly on the move, is worth it. Spend an hour of a tourist trip shopping in the Thai Samping Market. You may want to know that it is the color, the hustle and bustle, and the variety of goods that make up the traditional markets of every city and country, and the Bangkok Sampang Market is no exception. If you buy more than ten items, you will be treated like a major customer and the price of the goods will decrease strangely. In the meantime, you should be a little more bargaining and enjoy pairing with sellers so you can add incredible discount experiences to your travel memories.

If you have never heard of silk sarong, you should know that sarong is a fabric that is part of the traditional clothing of men and women in Africa and East Asia. One of the best places to find a silk scarf and even buy it as a souvenir is Bangkok Sampang Market. Jewelry, children’s toys, women’s shoes, handicrafts, dried fruits, women’s shoes, copy CDs, decorative items, kitchen utensils and electronic items are among the most popular items in the Sampang market.

According to the article “Where is the Thai Samping Market?” To go to this market, you must first find the street on Soi Wanit 1. Sampang is located on Soi Wanit 1, a narrow alley parallel to the main China Town Road. Keep in mind that the Sampang Market is not limited to one street and all the alleys and back alleys around it are also part of the Sampang Market. So, think about getting lost in it for a few hours, because there is no special order in the arrangement of the active booths in this market. Therefore, make your next tourist appointments several hours later. The Sampang market closes as the sun sets.

In this traditional market, in addition to shopping, you can also taste unique meals. If you visit this market at sunset and go to Yaowarat Street, you can experience snacks and snacks in addition to eating dinner, the taste of which will remain in your memory. Mo ping (grilled pork), shafteh rice with mango, fish cake, kanum bo ank (crispy tacos mixed with sweet ingredients), traditional breads, spring roll, isan sausage (rice with pork) and various ice creams are snacks. Which are cooked in the best way in the spamp market. To taste these foods, you can sit on a chair and at tables that are located in the narrow and dark corners of the street.

Exciting and cheap shopping and a variety of foods are events that persuade you to endure the hustle and bustle of the Sampang market. Of course, the temples in the old part of the Chinatown are another attraction around this market.

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