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The academic knowledge of tourism managers is a condition for the correct definition of eco hotels in Iran

ISNA / According to the latest news, the academic knowledge of tourism authorities is a condition for the correct definition of eco hotels in Iran.

Mehrdad Farshidi, a tourism and hotel instructor, said that the academic knowledge of tourism managers is a prerequisite for the correct definition of eco-hotels in Iran: “Since the hotels were divided according to use, various names have been chosen for them.” These names relate to specific items and conditions, including the physical condition of the hotel, the type of customers, the construction site, and the type of services that the hotels provide. One of the types of hotels that has been popular for several years, especially in countries with style, are eco-hotels or green hotels.

He continued: Of course, EcoHotel is slightly different from the Green Hotel, but they are usually classified in one section. In fact, both refer to hotels that are more environmentally friendly. Some experts believe that eco-hotels, due to their name, are ecotourism hotels that serve in natural and rural environments, and others believe that eco-hotels are the same as green hotels.

“Of course, we can consider both factors in eco-hotels, because it is one of the most important principles in preserving the environment, especially in natural areas and villages that have their own natural geography,” he added. Have been preserved and have not yet become a human attraction, it is a matter of environmental compatibility.

Renewable energy is a priority for green hotels or eco-hotels

Farshidi pointed out: “Green hotels, which we are witnessing in countries other than Iran, adapt eco-hotels to the environment in their own way, and the most important item is to minimize damage to the environment.” These days, we hear more or less mistakenly from some hoteliers or officials who have established a green hotel, but I must say that the green hotel has its own conditions and definition. “Green hotels, or hotels commonly called eco-hotels, are the ones that do the least damage to the environment,” he said. This means that if energy is to be used in these hotels, renewable energy is a priority. For example, it can be said that wind energy is used to generate electricity and solar energy is used to generate electricity and so on. Also, in this type of hotels, suitable sewage systems are installed, in which the effluent and sewage are treated and used elsewhere in the hotel.

The hotel instructor continued: “In other words, the water used in eco-hotels for showering or hand washing is stored in a stone flash to be used for another time.” In these hotels, waste is separated from the source, and glass, paper, dry waste, etc. are separated in the hotel from the beginning. Eco-hotels also use natural fibers for their textiles.

Farshidi stated: In this type of hotels, it is tried to use chemicals in a minimal way and natural detergents in washing textiles; So it can be said that the hotels that include the above are EcoHotel or Green Hotel.

He added: “As mentioned, eco-hotels should be built in natural areas, so in large cities and metropolises, eco-hotels can not be built in the true sense. Of course, if we combine the meaning of EcoHotel and Green Hotel and define a meaning for it, we can have such hotels in big cities.

The tourism and hotel instructor continued: “Currently, eco-lodges and hotels built in natural areas are also known as green hotels or eco-hotels.” Of course, ecotourism can be introduced as an eco-hotel when the principles of environmental compatibility are observed. Regarding the executive and support programs of these hotels in the country, Farshidi said: In order for us to achieve a real green hotel, first of all, the officials and trustees of travel and tourism in Iran must have the correct meaning and concept of Have green hotels for themselves. This meaning and concept depends on the scientific and academic knowledge of people who want to make decisions for tourism and hotel management in Iran, which unfortunately is one of our main problems in this area.

Creating green hotels requires constructive communication between agencies

He stated: Achieving green resources for environmental compatibility in the construction of hotels requires communication with offices and administrative departments. For example, the use of electricity should be coordinated with the Ministry of Energy, and the issue of water and sewage, the issue of wastewater and the issue of separation of waste from the source should be communicated with the municipalities. Proper coordination and organization should be established by the main custodians of travel, namely the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, with these departments and government organizations.

The university professor pointed out: in the meetings that are held, the level of familiarity of decision makers in various organizations and officials with the Green Hotel should be provided so that the trustees, given the facilities at their disposal, form constructive interactions in this area. Give. Of course, the main problem in converting hotels to green hotels is the issue of budget and costs that must be spent, which is not possible except by using bank facilities, because if the investor or hotel owner is to bear the entire costs alone , The cost of investment has risen and to compensate it is necessary to increase income.

Farshidi added: “This increase in income requires an increase in the price of hotel rooms, which is practically illogical.” Therefore, it should be developed with the use of government facilities and the use of expertise without rent-seeking and misplaced mismanagement, so that the hotels with the instructions that are provided to them, along with the advice of scientific experts and constructive interaction with the devices. Different progress towards survival and investment in the development of green hotels.

Establishment of eco-hotels leads to tourism boom

“In connection with the tourist interaction with green hotels and the increase in their use of these hotels, we may not see a direct impact on the tourism industry in terms of the pleasure that a tourist may enjoy while staying in these hotels,” he said. But given that the whole world is now aware of the damage that humans are doing to the environment, this hotel, instead of harming the environment around it, is also taking action to preserve and protect it, which is very psychologically It is effective.

This instructor of tourism and hotel management stated: It shows its psychological effect when a tourist, while staying in a hotel, while learning ecotourism training, encounters an environment that, for example, is cleaned with natural materials and does not use chemicals. The water and wastewater cycle does not cause environmental pollution, which in turn causes more belonging.

Farshidi added: “The mentioned items will make tourists more welcome, because the use of this type of hotel will create a special feeling of pleasure in tourists.” Of course, the educational performance of these hotels should not be forgotten, for example, a tourist who has not been trained in environmental behavior by staying in such hotels will implement similar methods in their community and home.

Formation of green hotels based on the history of nature tourism

Referring to the history of these hotels, he noted: “Basically, there is no specific history for such hotels.” The history of green hotels goes back to the history of nature tourism all over the world. In fact, nature tourism has this feature and creates the mentality in people that nature should not be destroyed and should be sacrificed for its beauty, protection and health. Therefore, just as tourism does not have much history in human societies, tourism tools, one of the most important of which is hotels and accommodation centers, do not have much history.

The hotel instructor continued: “Although tourism has been widespread and specialized for less than half a century, accommodation centers have also become specialized in some way. Of course, in the last three decades, when human beings have noticed the increasing destruction of the environment and environmental pollution, and in line with that, they have thought about preserving and protecting the environment for a better life, this kind of thinking has also affected hotels and tourism. Has been.

Farshidi added: “Currently, experts are looking for ways for tourists to contribute to the protection of the environment and not cause any environmental damage.” Perhaps this is why in recent months, instead of using the word ecotourism, we are talking about ecotourism, because the difference between ecotourism and ecotourism is the same issue of environmental sustainability. A nature lover is a person who is interested in nature but has no sense of responsibility towards nature, but ecotourists are those who, in addition to paying attention to the beauties of nature, also strive to preserve, preserve and protect the environment and nature.

There are no specific instructions for building green hotels in Iran

Regarding the criteria for building an eco-hotel, he said: “I did not see any specific instructions regarding the criteria and instructions for the construction, operation or change of use of normal hotels to green hotels in Iran, but there is room for professors of tourism universities who have academic education.” By studying the guidelines developed by international organizations, especially the World Tourism Organization and the World Ecotourism Organization, they have to teach the guidelines and adapt them to the characteristics that exist in our country. As mentioned, it is possible to change the use of hotels to green hotels by using the facilities provided by the government to investors.

In addition to the environmental impact, green hotels are important for owners in terms of cost reduction

“Apart from the beauty of the environment and the environmental impact they have, green hotels are also very important for hotel owners and investors in terms of cost reduction,” he said. In fact, it lowers their costs and, given that it will not have a detrimental effect on the environment, it also lowers the general costs of urban society. Farshidi said: “But in Iran, the first steps in this direction have not been taken yet and it is necessary to consult with university professors who are related in this field.” Environmental professors, natural resources professors, tourism professors, hotel professors, professors familiar with chemicals and detergents used in cleaning, and various professors whose opinions in this field can be important, are in this category and can be Their tool formed organizations that provide education primarily to people related to tourism and accommodation. These include hotel owners, hotel staff, and even cultural heritage personnel who issue permits. He continued: “In this regard, the mentioned people should be acquainted with the generalities of the matter and then the necessary ground should be provided for the development of the work.” By carrying out these steps, we must try to increase the compatibility of accommodation centers with the environment by constant monitoring and control, and prevent environmental degradation by these accommodation centers.

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