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The ban on selling Turkish tours continues

The ban on selling Turkish tours continues

Secretary of the Association of Airlines announced the continuation of the ban on the sale of Turkish tours. However, there are more than 30 weekly flights between Iran and Turkey.

Maghsoud Asadi Samani, Secretary of the Association of Airlines with emphasis On the non-lifting of the ban on the sale of travel tours to Turkey, announced the start of sales of domestic and foreign tours, especially the travel package to Turkey by some travel service offices for the upcoming holidays. He acknowledged that the ban on tours and travel packages to Turkey has not been lifted, but that travelers who buy a plane ticket from a travel agency usually request a reservation. They also have hotels. Therefore, in addition to selling tickets, agencies may offer them services such as airport transfers, hotel reservations, etc.

Asadi Samani stated that it is important to sell tickets individually. , Emphasized on not selling tickets and providing travel services in the form of packages collectively and said:

Iran has banned the sale of tours and Turkey has not made such a request to Iran. ; Incidentally, Turkey seeks to revive its tourism industry after general vaccination and increase revenues.

Asadi Samani pointed out that there are more than 30 flights a week between Iran and Turkey. Kurdish:

Flights of Iran and Turkey are more than flights of Iran to other countries; Of course, not all of these flights to Turkey are for tourism, and some of them are connection flights.

Secretary of the Association of Airlines, noting that currently only 30% of the flights between Iran and Turkey before We arrived from Corona, he said:

Although flights between the two countries have increased, we are still a long way from the number of flights before Corona.

in the number of domestic flights with the period before Corona is very far away. One of the effective issues in reducing the number of flights is the passenger acceptance protocol with 60% of the aircraft capacity, which unfortunately this mandatory protocol still continues.

Expanding vaccination in the country, regarding the possibility of changing prices after removing the 60% passenger acceptance protocol, he said:

Today, the price of a plane ticket is the same as in 1998. However, ticket prices are a function of supply and demand, and price changes depend on this mechanism.

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