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The best cafes in Ahvaz for a tummy tuck in a hot evening

The best cafes in Ahvaz for a tummy tuck in a hot evening

As a traveler to Ahwaz, you can not leave the city without visiting the best cafes in Ahwaz. Surely, after a lot of sightseeing and seeing historical and recreational places of Ahvaz , you will get tired and hungry. Of course, the heat can not be forgotten! A cool and hearty drink will quench your thirst. Where better than Ahwaz cafes to go around the stomach and eat and relieve fatigue?

In this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine , we decide to review the best cafes in Ahvaz for sightseeing. We provide the introduction of these coffee shops along with photos, addresses and Google maps that are easy for you to select and access. Join us.

What are the staff cafes in Zaytoun neighborhood?

Green Cafe, Rustic Cafe, Flamingo Cafe

What are the cafes in Kianpars neighborhood?

Plaque Cafe, Maham Cafe, Sun Cafe, Diego Cafe, Alley Cafe, Tower Cafe, Ivy Cafe, Govinda Cafe, Carla Cafe, Donut Cafe

Where is the address of Fardin Cafe?

Ahvaz, Mellat Alley, Iqbal St., corner of 16th Street

1- Coffee shop license plate

Plak is one of the best cafes in Ahvaz, which welcomes its customers with its attractive design and beautiful decoration. This coffee shop is very close to Kianpars Street and its hall has a capacity of 36 guests. The license plate is one of the best places for two-way appointments, parties and small celebrations.

Plak Coffee Shop is ready to receive you every day of the week from 9 am to midnight and there is no time limit. The menu of Plaque Cafe has a great variety and you can order all kinds of hot and cold drinks, desserts and delicious cakes.

Address of Coffee Shop No.: Ahvaz, Kianpars, 17 East St., corner of Maroon

کافه پلاک از کافه های اهواز

Plaque Coffee Shop on Google Map

2- Coffee Shop Maham

We recommend Moham Coffee Shop to people who are from Gulogiah. This cafe from Ahvaz sights Green and beautiful space, decorated with flowers and cheerful colors that create a good mood And it will be a unique scene for the background of your photos. This flower arrangement and natural decoration is the strength and difference of this cafe with other coffee shops in Ahvaz.

The staff and staff of this cafe, who are very friendly and friendly, as well as its pleasant and bright atmosphere, will create a memorable memory for you. The menu of Maham Cafe is ready to serve its customers with a variety of hot and cold drinks, cakes and desserts. The parking lot of this cafe relieves your worries about finding a parking space. You can also use the café’s free internet.

Address of Maham Coffee Shop: Ahvaz, Kianpars, at the beginning of Mihan Street

کافه محام از دیگر عصرگاه های شهر

All kinds of hot and cold drinks and delicious desserts and salads are ready to order in the cafe menu. Espresso snacks and coffee are a special offer of Diego Coffee Shop to its customers. Breakfast is also served in this café. This comprehensive menu has also included Diego in the list of the best restaurants in Ahvaz . There is also a library for book lovers in this café, which gives you a good opportunity to study and relax.

Address of Diego Cafe: Ahvaz, Kianpars, at the end of 11 East Street

کافه دیگو

Digo Cafe address on Google Map

The staff of the Alley Cafe cooperates with you in the best way to hold ceremonies and celebrations for your customers, and you can reserve your table in advance. Alley Coffee Shop will be your host every day from 10 am to 12 pm.

Address of Coffee Shop Alley: 11 Gharbi St., Kianpars, Ahvaz

کافه های اهواز

Alley Cafe address in Google Map

7- Coffee Shop Tower

Burj Coffee Shop is one of the cafes near Kianpars Street. Tower Cafe with wooden decoration and traditional colored windows, provides a cozy and pleasant environment to spend a pleasant time.

Burj Coffee Shop is very popular among the locals. Friendly or family appointments can be held in this café. A variety of hot and cold drinks, delicious desserts and cakes, delicious food and fast food make up the menu of this cafe. You can also read the library library books.

Tower Coffee Shop Address: Ahvaz, Kianpars, East Movahedin St., Kosar Tower

کافه برج

Tower Cafe on Google Map

8- Ivy Coffee Shop

Ivy Coffee Shop has a special and unique design that makes the cafe environment more pleasant and attractive. Ivy is one of the best cafes in Ahvaz, which provides natural flowers and colorful vases, a green and beautiful atmosphere for more relaxation of guests.

The menu of this coffee shop offers a variety of hot and cold drinks, desserts and delicious snacks. Ivy has a relatively large hall and serves its customers every day from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

One of the best places to arrange friendly appointments, read a book or celebrate is Ivy Cafe. If you want to hold your celebrations in this cafe, you have to make the necessary arrangements by phone with the management of the coffee shop in advance for the desired date. This cafe is not far from the best hotels in Ahvaz and has easy access.

Ivy Coffee Shop Address: Ahvaz, Kianpars, Wahhabi St., corner of 15 Kianabad St.

کافه پیچک اهواز

Icon Cafe address in Google Map

Address of Karma Cafe: Ahvaz, Pasdaran Zaytoun Boulevard, between Zahed and Zumrod (next to the airport crossroads)

کافه های اهواز

Karma Cafe address in Google Map

10- Govinda Herbal Cafe

Govinda herbal coffee is one of the most different coffee shops in Ahvaz. The food of this cafe restaurant is all prepared from vegetarian and healthy food and is the best choice for vegetarians. The menu of this cafe with a high variety will give you a different experience of eating in a restaurant. The aim of this cafe is to promote the culture of vegetarian food and health among the people. We suggest you visit this cafe-restaurant and try its food even for once.

Address of Govinda Cafe: Ahvaz Kianpars, next to the Red Crescent Cinema

کافه گوویندا اهواز

The address of Govinda Vegetable Cafe in Google Map

11- Cafe Pavilion

Cafe Pavilion with beautiful scenery and decoration, welcomes customers every day from 6 pm to 11 pm. This cafe has a calm and pleasant atmosphere for friendly get-togethers and conversations. You can order a variety of hot and cold drinks, ice cream, cakes, chic and smoothies from the menu of this cafe. If you want to hold a special celebration or ceremony in this cafe, the staff and management of this cafe will cooperate well with you and receive your guests.

Pavilion Cafe address: Ahvaz, Amaniyeh, Railway Square, Khojasteh Street

کافه پاویون

Pavilion Cafe address in Google Map

12- Green Cafe is one of the best cafes in Ahvaz

Café Green, located in the Olive Karmandi neighborhood, is a cozy and secluded environment for two-person or friendly and family get-togethers. You can enjoy a variety of hot and cold drinks, chic and smoothies in this cafe. To spend time and a place to relax and drink a hearty coffee, Cafe Green will be one of the good choices that will make your memory of a memorable era.

Address of Green Cafe: Ahvaz, Zaytoun Karmandi, Kamil St., corner of Zavieh

بهترین کافه های اهواز

Green Cafe address in Google Map

13- Carla Cafe

Another cafe located in Kianpars neighborhood is Carla Cafe, which serves its customers from 6 pm to 1 am. Cafe Carla will host your celebrations and events and you can have a memorable celebration with the help of the staff of this cafe. The menu of this cafe includes a variety of hot and cold drinks, cakes, chic and a variety of fast food.

Address of Carla Cafe: Ahvaz, Kianpars, at the end of East خ East Street

کافه کارلا

Carla Cafe address on Google Map

14- Cafe Aja

Aja Cafe is actually a confectionery cafe located in Kianabad neighborhood. In addition to delicious cakes and pastries, the café also serves hot espresso-based drinks, espresso-based cold drinks, tea and drinks, juices and chic, and breakfast. The café’s breakfast menu serves a variety of omelettes and halves for café guests. Aja Cafe will be your host every day from 14:00 to 22:00.

Address of Aja Cafe: Ahvaz, the main Kianabad corner of East 2nd Street

کافه آژا

Address of Aja Cafe in Google Map

15- Rustic Cafe is one of the best cafes in Ahvaz

Rustic Cafe with wooden decoration, attractive and calm and cozy environment, is waiting to receive you and your guests. The quiet and beautiful location of this cafe provides a suitable atmosphere for birthdays and friendly celebrations. The menu of this cafe offers a variety of hot and cold drinks. Rustic Cafe is a good place for friendly or business appointments. You can also spend an hour away from the hustle and bustle of work in the tranquility of this cafe.

Address of Rustic Cafe in Google Map: Ahvaz, Zaytoun Karmandi, Kamil St. between Zohreh and Zavieh

کافه های اهواز

Rustic Cafe address in Google Map

Take a look at other cafes in Ahvaz

The number of cafes in Ahwaz is so large that not all of them can be included in one article. In the following, we have mentioned other good cafes of this city.

Donut Cafe

Ahwaz Donut Cafe is a cozy and relaxing place for friendly and family meetings, which is located in Kianpars, Ahwaz. All kinds of hot and cold drinks are served in this cafe and you can hold your celebrations and small ceremonies in this cafe.

Lantern Cafe

Lantern Cafe is a cozy cafe with wooden decorations and paintings, which is located in Khansari, between Naderi and Kafi, in the basement of Milad Complex. You can enjoy a variety of delicious drinks and cakes in this cafe.

Flamingo Cafe

Flamingo Cafe is another coffee shop in Ahvaz, which is located in Zaytoun Karmandi, Kamil Street, at the corner of Zamzam Street. How to serve orders in this cafe is very attractive. We suggest that you be a guest of this cafe.

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