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The best destinations for autumn travel in Tehran

Autumn reminds me of my fortieth birthday; When human beings reach the peak of maturity, the excitement of youth is replaced by pleasant calm and is at the peak of maturity. Autumn is also a season in which nature culminates in evolution and prepares for a glorious end to rest for three months of winter, after which it welcomes the resumption of spring. Autumn travel around Tehran to nearby villages and plains will erase the despair of autumn evenings.The areas around Tehran have many attractions that are as spectacular in the fall as in the spring. From mid-October to mid-November, when the weather is not too cold yet and the autumn colors are less visible, the best time for trips to Sights of Tehran and its surroundings. In this article, we introduce 21 autumn travel destinations around Tehran, some of which are in Tehran and some are around.

Where are the best autumn destinations around Tehran?

Zarrin Dasht villages, Ahar, Kordan, Eagle, Lar plain and Alamut region

Where are the autumn sights of Tehran?

Darband and Darkeh, Oshan Fasham, Lavizan Park, Chitgar Park, Sorkheh Hesar Park, Saad Abad Museum Garden

What are the most beautiful villages around Tehran?

Gozo village, Abnik village, Sangan village, Eagle village

Zarrin Dasht village; A village that turns golden in the fall

Gold, gold and yellow are associated with autumn. Zarrin Dasht is one of the water-rich rural areas and Firoozkooh sights which has many gardens and agricultural lands. All the trees in the village turn yellow and orange in the fall, making it literally “golden”. The Hableh River, which flows through the village, complements the unique features of this golden plain.

جاهای دیدنی تهران در پاییز If Zarrin Dasht is the destination of autumn travel around Tehran, all your five senses will be overwhelmed with pleasure! In this village, you can see the beauties of autumn, hear the sound of the river, drink the mineral water flowing from the springs, walk on the river bridge, feel the cool breeze on your skin and breathe the air of the village with all the oxygen and good aroma.

For autumn trips to Zarrin Dasht, you have to drive 120 km. To reach this area, enter the Tehran-Damavand-Firoozkooh road. After reaching Aminabad village, you have to turn to Zarrin Dasht road.

Gozo village; The most dreamy destination for autumn travel around Tehran

We all probably have the experience of seeing or admiring a picture or video of a waterfall or foreign natural area on TV or Instagram. After seeing these pictures, I always thought that if I were a citizen of these countries, I would definitely visit all these areas. The interesting thing is that a waterfall, which is as dreamy as the same videos and Instagram pictures, is only about 250 km away from Tehran.

روستای گزو؛ رویایی‌ترین مقصد سفر پاییزی اطراف تهران One of the main reasons why Gozo is unknown is that there is an asphalt access route to it. It does not and you should add a little nature tourism to your autumn trip around Tehran. The first route of Gozo village is 23 km of dirt and forest roads, which is located behind Alborz dam and after Karsang road. Another route from underwater Savadkuh leads to Gozo village in Mazandaran. The best way to navigate to Gozo Falls is to use a map.

سفر پاییزی اطراف تهران Ahar is a large village through which rivers such as Shokrab and Pish Konak also pass. Orchards, Ahar waterfall, traditional rural texture and springs and nature of this village are some of the attractions that will restore the lost energy during your autumn trip around Tehran.

To reach this village, you have to reach Lashgarak road from Shahid Babaei highway. After the police, you have to go to Fasham and then enter the side road of “Paradise Valley”. This road reaches Ahar village.

Ahar village on Google Map

World Leaf Village; An Ancient Sheet of History in Lavasan Barg Jahan is one of the oldest villages around Tehran and archaeologists have found various pottery artifacts in this area. Jahan River originates from the mountains of this village and finally reaches Latian Dam . The historical fabric of Barg-e Jahan village is being destroyed and only traditional buildings and walls can be seen in some of its neighborhoods; But its unique nature is still spectacular and makes the soul fly.

سفر پاییزی اطراف تهران

One of the advantages of Barg Jahan village is its proximity to Lavasan region and Afjeh village. For this reason, you can spend some time in any of these areas during your autumn trip around Tehran. Barg Jahan is 40 km away from Tehran and can be reached through two routes. One of the routes goes from Lavasanat to Barg-e Jahan and the other passes through Latian Dam.

Leave the world on Google Map

Borgan village; Destination of autumn travel around Tehran and Karaj

Proximity Barghan village to Tehran and Karaj is the first thing that encourages you to visit this village Choose the title of the autumn travel destination around Tehran. But once you reach this village, you will find more reasons to spend a day in this area. This village is one of the old areas around Tehran and even before the establishment of the city of Karaj, people lived in this area. In Barghan, like many other scenic areas around Tehran, the traditional Qajar texture and architecture have been integrated with nature, creating unique areas for walking and photography.

روستای برغان؛ مقصد سفر پاییزی اطراف تهران و کرج

This village is located on the way from Karaj to Kordan and between the two rivers Sanj and Shahroud. To access this village, you have to go through Kordan Road.

Barghan village on Google Map

Cheshmeh Ala village; Both autumn fun and drinking refreshing water Cheshmeh Ala is one of the resorts of Damavand, which due to its short distance, is one of the first priorities of Tehranians when planning an autumn trip around Tehran. Mineral springs that also have healing properties are the main reason for the fame of the supreme spring and even the naming of this area. Cheshmeh Ala is a small village that also has orchards and welcomes tourists in different seasons.

روستای چشمه اعلا

If you have chosen the highest spring for a day trip, you can also visit the nearby autumn areas. This spring has enough amenities for a day picnic, but it is enough to walk and visit it without sitting for an hour or two.

Cheshmeh Ala is located 4 km from Damavand and 45 km from Tehran and its route passes through Damavand road.

Eagle Village; Autumn Waterfall Watch Autumn, if combined with water, waterfall or river, becomes more autumn, a more romantic, colorful and beautiful season than what is normal! Autumn alone has no sound and is just spectacular, but when combined with water music, it has a lot to say. Wrap your cool, red hands around a cup of hot tea and watch the tea steam rise from your hands. Let the reflection of the crows around and around break the isolation of that tail. Go a few steps further, little by little, the faint sound of the waterfall turns into a roar that engulfs the environment. The Eagle is full of natural attractions and has a rural historical texture. So it must be one of the destinations of autumn travel around Tehran in Alibaba list.

روستای ایگل؛ تماشاگه آبشار پاییزی Eagle is in the path of Lavasanat and Oshan Fasham. Before reaching Ahar village, you will see the Eagle painting. We have just talked about other autumn destinations to tell Eagle’s address, which means you can visit them all in one day.

Eagle Village on Google Map

Lar plain is both a destination for autumn travel around Tehran and a spring destination

I can not choose between autumn and spring Lar plain. In spring, this plain is full of flowers and as soon as you see it, you like to run in the middle of the plain. In autumn, the glory of golden plants along the majesty of Damavand Mountain creates a landscape that you have probably never seen before. Lar plain is a complete natural collection of plains, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, mountains and great weather.

دشت لار

Camping groups camp in the Lar plain on summer nights and spend the night in the starry sky of this plain, but when traveling around Tehran in the fall, the weather is colder than not being trapped by a sleeping bag and tent. Lar plain is on the border of Tehran and Mazandaran provinces and on the slopes of Damavand. You can reach this plain from Lavasan road, Abali road or Garmabdar village.

Lar plain on Google Map

Abnik village is similar to Sohrab’s poem

“Let’s not water the flowers” is my favorite contemporary poem from Sohrab Sepehri’s book Green Volume, and Abnik is a place that reminds me of the village described in this poem, where their footsteps follow in the footsteps of God, its people know what an anemone is and There is music in the alley of his gardens! Where its people understand water and do not flower it and build a village with water! By traveling around Tehran in the fall and seeing Abnik and reading Sohrab’s poetry, you will realize that he has portrayed the nature of Sohrab’s poetry in the best way.

روستای آبنیک شبیه به بالادست شعر سهراب است

Abnik is a village that is crossed by many rivers and streams and is inhabited. Waterfall, Johnston Plains and Mountains, historic shrines and Buick Agha Cave are some of the attractions of Abnik. To go to this village, you have to reach the intersection of Lavasan and Oshan Fasham from Lashgarak Road and turn towards Fasham at this intersection. Abnik is on its way to Fasham.

Abnik on Google Map

Verdij village; Autumn mountains

The beautiful nature of autumn does not leave the village of Verdij unlucky and turns the whole village golden. But next to it, it is the Verdij Mountains that make it a tourist village. With these mountains, the climate of the village becomes cool and pleasant and there is an attraction for people who are interested in mountaineering. The unique shape of the mountains of this region makes them more attractive. Verdage rocks are hollow, polished, sponge-like, and are known as rock spirits.

روستای وردیج؛ کوهستان پاییزی

The side road that leads to the village of Verdij is located on the Kharazi Highway in Tehran. The distance from this village to Tehran is 40 km. This village is suitable for a morning to afternoon autumn trip around Tehran, because it does not have enough tourist facilities to stay. The lands and gardens of the area are also owned by the residents and it is not possible for travelers to enter them. The tourist attraction of this village is the nature that exists around it.

Verdage on Google Map

Sangan village autumn paradise

If you are curious to know what heaven looks like in autumn, have an autumn trip around Tehran and go to Sangan! Sangan is famous for the unique waterfall that is located in this village. Sangan nature is a combination of waterfalls, caves, rivers, trees and plants and is what nature lovers are interested in. Background The photos you take of Sangan Falls in the fall are the warm, fiery colors of autumn, doubling the appeal of the images.

Kurdish village; The most entertaining destination of autumn travel around Tehran

The places that we have introduced so far as the destination of autumn travel around Tehran, had only natural attractions and there was no mention of recreational facilities. But this is not the case with Kordan, and the excitement of recreation has sparked a walk in nature. Paragliding, mountaineering, recreational villages and tourist centers of Kurdistan are suitable for people who like to travel to a space with full facilities. Many families also spend the night in Kordan and enjoy the cool weather of this region. Of course, on autumn nights the weather is a little colder and if you want to spend the night outdoors, you will also need a fire!

روستای کردان؛

Kurdish sights are now known as a luxury tourist area around Tehran. This is the main reason for the many tourist facilities in this village. To reach Kordan Karaj, you must drive on the Qazvin-Karaj highway. In 20 km of this highway, you will see the exit that goes to Kordan side.

Go to Google Map

Alamut region is a destination for a memorable autumn trip

I traveled to Alamut in the spring and have not yet been able to see this paradise in the fall, but the thought that the trees and plants I have seen turn green turn orange, yellow and red in the fall excites me! It is not easy to choose between Alamut Castle and Lake Evan as the best tourist attraction in this area, but with a small difference, I choose a unique lake surrounded by trees and plants. Alamut Castle is located in a mountainous area and is attractive for people who like rocks and rocks.

منطقه الموت مقصدی برای یک سفر پاییزی خاطره‌ساز

Alamut is one of those autumn travel destinations around Tehran that is further away from the capital. For this reason, I recommend planning a two-day trip to this place. You can spend the night in Qazvin or in the accommodations of Alamut region. Alamut Road is a winding road and will probably remind you of the beautiful but winding Chalous Road.

Autumn sights of Tehran for people who do not have the opportunity to leave the city

Many times we miss autumn fun and taking photos and walking on dry leaves, but we do not have time for autumn travel around Tehran. Thus, sometimes our city of a thousand colors has many attractions to see that take only a few hours to visit and even after a working day can be visited.

Oshan Fasham Valley; Peace and quiet in the hustle and bustle of Tehran

Oshan Fasham is a valley in Lavasan region of Tehran and is one of the most popular autumn travel destinations around Tehran. Of course, since the distance from Oshan Fasham to Tehran is not long, we introduce it as one of the attractions of Tehran. Even in an autumn evening you can go to this area and watch the nature love season.

دره اوشان فشم

Many of the villages that we introduced as autumn destinations are also located near Oshan Fasham, and if you have more time, you can visit these villages as well.

Oshan Fasham area on Google Map

Closing and understanding; The permanent resort of Tehranians

The existence of a prison and understanding in Tehran shows that we do not always have to go on an autumn trip around Tehran to watch autumn, and the sights inside the city are as attractive as those around it! Darband and Darkeh need not be introduced and we all know these areas with good weather, restaurants with attractive decoration and sorrel and beans and hot lips.

دربند و درکه

In addition to the autumn nature, Darband and Darkeh also have hiking trails and amenities and recreational facilities, so your options are not limited to autumn hiking and photography, and you can also experience exciting activities such as sledding.

Closed on Google Map

Darake on Google Map

Lavizan Park; A good place to hang out with family and friends

Lavizan Forest Park has a fun space for all family and friends. One of the best ways to handle this is to spend some time in the evenings with the people you love. So, even if you do not have time for autumn travel around Tehran, be sure to make a plan to spend a few hours in Lavizan Park to get rid of the tiredness of the short autumn days.

پارک لویزان

Lavizan Park has various amenities such as restaurant, coffee shop, buffet, sports complex, hall and playground for children. So you do not need to bring a lot of picnic items with you. Everything you need is in this park.

Lavizan on Google Map

Chitgarh Park and a lake reminiscent of nature

Although Chitgar Park is man-made and inside the city of Tehran, but it creates a good feeling in nature and autumn travel around Tehran in humans. I think Chitgarh Lake is the main reason for this good feeling in the park. Chitgarh Park, along with other small forests in the capital, was established in the 1940s and is still one of the largest nature parks with rich flora and fauna.

پارک چیتگر و دریاچه‌

There are also welfare, recreational and sports facilities in Chitgarh Park. Many Tehranians choose this park for morning exercise. Secret Garden, Women’s Garden, Equestrian Club, Cycling Track, Paintball, Restaurant and Buffet are some of the facilities of Chitgarh Park.

Chitgar Park on Google Map

Sorkheh Hesar Park; Small version of an autumn forest in Tehran

Despite Sorkheh Hesar Park, even climbers do not need to travel around Tehran in autumn and go to the peaks of Sorkheh Hesar! Sorkheh Hesar is a shrinking example of the unique forests of Iran located in the capital.

The presence of various animals and plants in Sorkheh Hesar Park has turned this area into something more than a recreation center. Sorkheh Hesar Park is one of the natural attractions of Tehran. Part of the park has amenities and recreation facilities, and the other part is designed like a natural forest, which is a favorite of nature lovers.

پارک سرخه حصار

پارک سرخه حصار روی گوگل مپ

Saad Abad Museum Garden; An autumn from Tehran that is remembered for Tehran

The gardens of Tehran museums also have many old and large trees, and it is enough to know them as one of the sights of Tehran in autumn. In this article, as a representative, I have introduced Saad Abad Garden, but all the gardens of Tehran museums, along with the magnificent palaces built in them, are spectacular in the autumn.

باغ موزه سعد آباد

Saad Abad Museum Garden is one of the largest museum gardens in Tehran, which has various palaces and is a suitable place for autumn photography and walking in an atmosphere full of yellow and orange.

The number of autumn travel destinations around Tehran is enough for all the holidays of this season.

Autumn travel around Tehran further highlights the glory of autumn, the leaves that have lived spring and summer and are now heading towards golden experiences on earth. Autumn may not be as frustrating as we think, especially if you know where to spend an autumn evening. In Alibaba Tourism Magazine, we have introduced 21 autumn travel destinations around Tehran that you can try one of them on any vacation you have and return home at night.

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