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The best fast foods in Mashhad; A list that challenges your pocket!

The best fast foods in Mashhad; A list that challenges your pocket!

It has probably happened to you that you went to Mashhad for pilgrimage and sightseeing and your heart wanted delicious food. Or you are tired of eating traditional foods of Mashhad ie shishlik and chelokbab. Or even late and you want fatty and delicious food. You should know that one of the honors of Mashhad is that you can find the best restaurants and fast foods in Iran in this city. In fact, the people of Mashhad themselves believe that the best of everything can be found in this city. Therefore, follow this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine to see what are the best fast foods in Mashhad and where in the city can you find them? .

What are the best fast foods in Mashhad?

Travel is the best time to forget about regular diets and make yourself happy by eating some fast food. If you have traveled to Mashhad, you can go to fast foods such as Rojeh Food Factory on Khayyam Boulevard or Ace Burger on Vakilabad Street. One of the places where you can be sure that you get quality pizzas and sandwiches is the Olive Garden. In addition to delicious food, this restaurant also has a beautiful outdoor space that you can enjoy in the hot seasons.

What is a good fast food near Imam Reza shrine?

Occasionally you go to the shrine of Imam Reza and after that your heart desires delicious food. In these cases, you can go to Padideh Fast Food on Imam Reza Street. This restaurant is one of the old style places of Mashhad that still serves sandwiches with onions and parsley. There is also Rojan Fast Food on the same street, which serves a variety of pizzas and sandwiches until late. The best thing about this fast food is exactly when it closes. Even if you go on a pilgrimage at 3 in the morning and you want pizza, you can go to Rojan fast food.

Where can I find the best Kentucky in Mashhad?

If you love fried chicken and Kentucky, you must go to Bozorgmehr fast food restaurant. This restaurant grills different parts of chicken. Even if you like spicy food, you can order these fries as a spice.

1. Bozorgmehr Restaurant

One of the best fast foods in Mashhad that you can go to for night trips is Bozorgmehr Restaurant in Mashhad. In this restaurant, you can taste the best Kentucky in Mashhad with Bozorgmehr special sauce. رستوران بزرگمهر از بهترین فست فودهای مشهد In Bozorgmehr restaurant, you can order two-piece and three-piece Kentucky with potatoes, bread, and special sauce. In addition, you can order extra fried potatoes, pickles, and extra glass sauce separately. It is interesting that the prices of Bozorghr restaurant are cheaper than other places, and this makes you choose this restaurant for your periods. Different parts of chicken with delicious breadcrumbs that are served hot and fresh, along with potatoes and fried mushrooms with the best quality can easily make your night memorable. In addition, Bozorgmehr restaurant hall has a capacity of more than 50 people. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. Address of Bozorgmehr Restaurant in Mashhad: Mashhad, Malek Abad Boulevard, at the beginning of Bozorgmehr South Street, Kentucky Bozorgmehr Phone number of Bozorgmehr Restaurant in Mashhad : 05137638555

Address of Bozorgmehr restaurant in Mashhad on the map

2. Kunduz Fast Food

Another of the best fast foods in Mashhad that you must visit is Kunduz fast food. The best thing about this fast food is its strategic location. This restaurant is located right next to Proman Shopping Center in Mashhad. This means that you can first go to this shopping center and look in stores and boutiques as much as you want. After being tired and hungry, take refuge in Kunduz fast food for rest and delicious food. فست فود کندز در بهترین فست فودهای مشهد In terms of fast food, the menu of Kunduz restaurant has no shortcomings. You can order a variety of delicious pizzas in this fast food. Of course, regular users and customers of this restaurant love Kunduz meat pizza. If you are not comfortable choosing the type of pizza, you can also consider this point. Another thing that makes Kunduz fast food one of the best fast foods in Mashhad is the unforgettable quality and taste of its sandwiches. A variety of burgers, with mushrooms, with mushrooms and cheese, or simple burgers with 150 grams of fresh meat are prepared by hand. In addition to chicken burgers, roast beef, fried fillets, and tandoori ham, you can also order at this restaurant. Of course, if you ask the customers of Mashhad Kunduz, everyone says that these sandwiches have a special taste that will not be forgotten soon. Kunduz fast food address of Mashhad: عل Allameh Amini Sharghi street, Parsian 4 complex, Kunduz fast food Kunduz fast food phone number of Mashhad : 05137641485

Kunduz fast food address on the map

3. Ace Burger

Ace Burger has two branches in Mashhad, both of which are very popular among the best fast foods in Mashhad and travelers. As the name implies, the most delicious thing you can order here is a variety of burgers with delicious sauces. Some of the burgers you see in the Ace Burger menu may have weird names. For example, a burger cowboy is the same burger that has barbecue sauce instead of regular sauce or spas. Or in addition to the burger, the burger mix also has a layer of grilled fillet and cheese. آس برگر مشهد Of course, you should not think that burger is the only food you order in Ace Burger. Baked and fillet sandwiches are also served in Ace Burger, whose quality and taste are exemplary. It is not surprising that Ace Burger is known as one of the best fast foods in Mashhad. Because the special salad for burger and a plate of ham, potatoes, and cheese of this restaurant is also one of the best in all of Mashhad. Another point that has made Ace Burger a favorite place of Mashhadis is its modern and beautiful interior design. All doors and walls are made of glass burgers. So while you are eating your delicious food in peace, you can also enjoy the bustle and life on the street. First branch of Ace Burger: Address : Four hundred and six hundred machines, between Ghazi Tabatabai 2 and 4 Phone number : 05137261050

Address of the first branch of Ace Burger on the map

Second Branch of Ace Burger: Address : Vakil Abad Boulevard, corner of Student Phone Number : 13 05138935363

Address of the second branch of Ace Burger on the map

4. Pacino Fast Food

One of the most cozy places in Mashhad where you can eat delicious and quality fast food with friends and family is Pacino fast food. This fast food serves a variety of American and Italian pizzas along with salads, appetizers and desserts. Of course, the unique thing about this restaurant is that along with fast food, it also serves a variety of red soups and cream, which can be considered a good snack on cold winter nights in Mashhad. فست فود پاچینو مشهد Another feature of Pacino fast food is that you can order hot chocolate, tea, and a variety of drinks in addition to cold drinks. There are many people who must have a cup of hot tea after a meal to complete their meal. Pacino fast food is great for these people. Because after the meal, you can order a cup of tea with your favorite dessert and say goodbye to Pacino happily. Finally, it is not without reason that Pacino is one of the best fast foods in Mashhad. When your meal is served in this restaurant, it is accompanied by a tray full of all kinds of delicious and homemade sauces. The variety of these sauces is so great that you probably do not know which one to choose. But whichever one you touch, make sure it’s the best sauce you’ve ever eaten. Pacino Fast Food Address: Malek Abad Blvd., Farhad 25, No. 143, Pacino Fast Food Pacino Fast Food Phone Number: 05137658085

Pacino Fast Food Address on the Map

5. Olive Garden Restaurant

Another of the best fast foods in Mashhad that offers delicious Italian food to customers in two branches is the Olive Garden Restaurant. If you go to the Olive Garden Restaurant during the warmer seasons, you can choose to sit in the restaurant outdoors or indoors. There is not much space inside the restaurant, but the decor is very beautiful and pleasant. In the cold seasons of the year, the indoor can be a bit crowded. Most of the customers of Olive Garden love the steak and mashed potatoes of this restaurant. Of course, fried lasagna and pizza also have their own fans. رستوران باغ زیتون از بهترین رستوران های مشهد The best thing about this restaurant is that no sausages are used in the dishes. In general, the health of restaurant food is very important for the chef of the olive garden. For this reason, vegetables are only obtained from workshops licensed by the Ministry of Health. In addition, vegetables that are prepared daily are completely disinfected with healthy and natural ingredients. Finally, the restaurant opposes using a freezer to store food for long periods of time. That is why everything is prepared and cooked fresh and up-to-date. It should be noted that all these factors have slightly increased the price of restaurant food. But the health of most foods is worth it.

First branch of Olive Garden Restaurant

Address: Malek Abad Blvd., Mashhad 13, corner of the first intersection Phone number: 37612336051

Address of the first branch of Olive Garden Restaurant on the map

The second branch of Mashhad Olive Garden Restaurant

Address: Sajjad, Mashhad, Bahar 10, 3/10 St. Phone Number: 05137621382

6. Italian restaurant Liu

Liu restaurant has the highest number of fans among the Italian restaurants in Mashhad. The food served in this restaurant is all prepared from fresh and healthy ingredients. In addition, you can see all the preparation and cooking steps on this restaurant on Instagram. Another thing that can be mentioned about this restaurant is the great variety of pizzas of this restaurant. At Liu you can order American, Italian, and vegetarian pizzas. Of course, among all these, Sue Mio pizza has more fans. رستوران ایتالیایی لیو مشهد Another remarkable thing about Liu Italian Restaurant is its beautiful and modern atmosphere and its arrangement. The tables of this restaurant are designed in such a way that you can invite a large group of your friends and colleagues and enjoy the company. Of course, Liu’s restaurant gets very crowded on holidays. That’s why it is better to book a table by phone before going there. Address of Liu Italian Restaurant : Mashhad – Ahmadabad Boulevard – Mulla Sadra Boulevard – corner of Mulla Sadra 19 Phone number of Liu Italian Restaurant : 051338403390

Address of Liu Italian restaurant on the map

7. Pizza Night Food Fast

Another of the best fast foods in Mashhad where you can enjoy excellent pizza is fast food pizza at night. This restaurant is open every day until 2 am. In addition, the price of pizzas and sandwiches is more reasonable than other restaurants. Therefore, if you are looking for a night out in the Ahmadabad neighborhood, night pizza is the best option. فست فود پیتزا شب در بهترین فست فودهای مشهد The interesting thing about night pizza is that the types of pizza that are served in single sizes and They are two people. This means that if you go to a pizza for a night with a friend, you can share a pizza and order potatoes and salad along with it. Night pizza sandwiches also have an acceptable variety and quality and are made and served with the freshest and most delicious ingredients. At night pizza fast food, you can order a simple burger or with cheese and mushrooms at a reasonable price. The burgers of this restaurant are all handmade and are made of 130 grams of fresh meat. Along with these sandwiches, crispy and salty fried potatoes also stick.

  • Night pizza fast food address: Mashhad, Ahmadabad, st. Kolahdooz, Ahmadabad Boulevard
  • Night Pizza Fast Food Phone Number : 05138419651

Night pizza fast food address on the map

8. Atavich Fast Food

فست فود عطاویچ مشهد

If you have come to Mashhad for travel and excursion and you want the familiar taste of fast food in your city, you can go to Atavich fast food restaurant in Mashhad. Atavich Restaurant opened its first branch in 2001 and today has 56 branches in different parts of our country and one branch in Istanbul, Turkey. One of the reasons why we know Atavich as one of the best fast foods in Mashhad is the unique variety of Atavich pizzas and sandwiches. The Atavich menu is generally divided into three sections: the regular menu, the economy menu, and the giant menu. Atavich’s typical menu includes a good variety of pizzas with a creative square design. These pizzas are all prepared and served in three sizes: medium, large, and X-large. In addition, you can order a variety of meat and poultry burgers in Atavich. Johannesburg Atavich’s sandwich, for example, includes a delicious burger with cheese and a chicken burger on it. Atta Chicken and Atta Hatdag can not be overlooked at all. The truth is that it is not enough to go there at once to try and enjoy all kinds of Atavich food. Finally, if you want to taste Atavich’s most delicious and popular food, pasta cheese, at home, luck is with you. Because Atavich has a separate menu for dishes that are made without the intervention of hands and are semi-prepared. That’s why it is enough to order these foods, take them and cook them in the oven or microwave for a few minutes and enjoy hot and fresh food.

  • Address Atavich Mashhad: Mashhad – Sayad Shirazi Boulevard – between Sayad 1 and 3
  • Atavich Mashhad phone number: 0513865818. and ٠٥١٣٨٦٥٨١٨٠

Atavich Mashhad address on the map

9. Shabdiz Restaurant

رستوران شبدیز

Shabdiz restaurant has been serving customers with 3 branches since 10 years ago. This restaurant has also served a variety of pizzas and burgers to the list of the best fast foods in Mashhad. The most popular dishes in this restaurant are fried chicken pieces and pizza for clover. This pizza is made from minced meat, hot dogs, mushrooms, and cheese. In addition, grilled chicken pizza also has its fans. Fans of spicy flavors also always order Mexican Shabdiz pizza. One of the best things about Shabdiz Restaurant is its very open space and large private parking lot. Shabdiz main branch hall has a capacity of 160 people. For this reason, Shabdiz restaurant is one of the best places to hold birthday parties and family and friendly gatherings.

The first branch of Shabdiz restaurant in Mashhad

  • Address: Mashhad, Haft Tir Boulevard, corner of Haft Tir 15
  • Phone number: 05138666666

Address of the first branch of Shabdiz restaurant on the map

The second branch of Shabdiz restaurant in Mashhad

  • Address: Mashhad, Khayyam 11 corner of Quds 15
  • Phone number: 05138666666

Address of the second branch of Shabdiz restaurant on the map

Third branch of Shabdiz restaurant in Mashhad

  • Address: Mashhad, و Vakil Abad Boulevard, corner of Vakil Abad 67
  • Phone number: 05138666666

10. Wild stuffed grill

گریل فود پر وحشی مشهد

Wild stuffed grill is one of the best fast foods in Mashhad where you can order delicious plates of steaks. The plate for the wild grilled food consists of two pieces of lem chops, a 130 g steak, a 150 g chicken steak, two mini burgers and fries. This plate can easily satisfy two people with delicious and varied promises. As the name implies, the best foods you can find in a wild grill are steaks and grills. Royal Steak, Beef Steak, Chicken Steak, and Wild Fish Steak are all popular dishes at this restaurant.

  • Wild Grill Food Address: Mashhad, Conservatory, Vakilabad Bypass, Conservatory Boulevard
  • Wild Grill Food Phone Number: 05138828223

Wild grilled food address on the map

۱۱. Fast food pizza pizza

فست فود پیتزا پیتزا از بهترین فست فودهای مشهد

Pizza fast food Pizza is one of the oldest and largest fast food complexes in Mashhad. This collection offers a variety of pizzas and sandwiches at reasonable prices to customers. The interesting thing about this restaurant is that the quality of food is the same in all its branches. All branches have a relatively large space that makes it easy for you to invite a large number of friends and family members. But if you want to enjoy the beautiful view in addition to delicious and quality food, you can choose Kuhsangi branch. One of the most delicious and popular dishes that you can order in fast food pizza pizza is Italian pizza in different flavors. These pizzas are made on Italian dough but are not as thin as other Italian pizzas. For example, ry Italian beef pizza is made from grilled beef, mushrooms, cheese, and special sauces. In addition to a variety of pizzas, burgers and sandwiches can also be ordered at Pizza Pizza. In addition, delicious appetizers such as potatoes and fried mushrooms are among the strengths of this restaurant.

The first branch of fast food pizza pizza

  • Address: Mashhad, Haft Tir Boulevard, corner of Haft Tir 30
  • Phone number: 05138660966

Address of the first branch of Pizza Pizza Fast Food on the map

The second branch of fast food pizza pizza

  • Address: Mashhad, Kuhsangi Street, between Kuhsangi 22 and 24
  • Phone number: 05138400400

Third branch of fast food pizza pizza

  • Address: Mashhad, Vakilabad Boulevard, corner of Vakilabad 19
  • Phone number: 05136080400

Address of the third branch of Pizza Pizza Fast Food on the map

Third branch of fast food pizza pizza

  • Address: Mashhad, Sajjad Boulevard, Bahar Crossroads, Bahar Passage
  • Phone number: 05137686700

Address of the third branch of Pizza Pizza Fast Food on the map

۱۲. Factory food

فود فکتوری مشهد

Factory food is undoubtedly one of the best fast foods in Mashhad, both in terms of the beauty of the decor and in terms of the quality and variety of foods. The decor of this restaurant is just like a photo gallery that you can use from any corner to take memorable photos. In addition, the roof of the restaurant is completely covered with red barrels, which adds to the beauty of the space. Another unique feature of the factory itself is the variety of foods served. The most popular of these foods are fillet minion, ribbon, and lem chops, which are very popular among regular food factory customers. There are other dishes on the menu of this restaurant that you may have never heard of. Do not worry about ordering these foods, because the menu itself has provided a complete description of these foods. Finally, Factory Food is also known for the delicious and varied types of pasta it serves. Alfredo pasta, Pesto pasta, Arabica and several other models are among the pastas served in this restaurant. Another thing that makes Food Factory attractive is the presence of a variety of seafood in its menu. If you like seafood, you can order fried shrimp, lychee steak, and seafood mix plate.

  • Food Factory Address: ، Mashhad, Khayyam Blvd., Khayyam St. 11, Hoshyar Alley
  • Factory food phone number: 05137666793

Factory food address on the map

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