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The best restaurants in Kermanshah and experience Kermanshah kebab ribs

The best restaurants in Kermanshah and experience Kermanshah kebab ribs

What comes to mind when you put Kermanshah and Gomgerdi together? Certainly barbecue ribs and a variety of meat dishes. The fact is that the people of Kermanshah eat more kebabs than most cities in Iran. Therefore, when you travel to this province to tour and see the mountains and historical sights, you should not miss the best restaurants in Kermanshah. So follow this article from Iranviva Tourism Magazine to get to know the best restaurants in Kermanshah and see where you should go to eat every meal.

Know the best restaurants in Kermanshah from the users’ point of view

So what are the popular foods of Kermanshah now? First and foremost is the ribs. In general, red meat plays an important role in Kermanshah food. From Abbas Ali soup to sliced ​​almond stew and all kinds of kebabs, all these foods are made with red meat. In addition, Kermanshah has many restaurants where you can order a variety of these foods. In the following, you will get acquainted with the best restaurants in Kermanshah and see what each of these restaurants has and what food is served in them.

1- Bamgah Emarat Restaurant

Imagine you have gone to Kermanshah and you want to see the historical and scenic places of the city. Of course, you should also think about your accommodation and food. The best option for you is to find a place where you can have all of these together. Bamgah Emarat Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Kermanshah, which is also a historical eco-tourism resort.

The mansion of this residence was built during the Qajar period and has a capacity of 26 guests. Of course, the cafe and restaurant of Bamgah Emarat are also ready to serve food to these guests, travelers and citizens. The environment of this restaurant is completely historical. It can even be said that the roof of the mansion has maintained its Ghajri atmosphere.

The dishes served in the mansion’s garden are all Iranian dishes. Kebabs and of course ribs are one of the most popular dishes of this restaurant, but besides it, barberry pilaf and sliced ​​stew also have their own customers. After dinner, you can sit next to an old samovar and enjoy delicious charcoal tea. What could be better than this?

Address of Bamgah Emarat Restaurant: Kermanshah Jaloukhan, in front of the Grand Mosque, Shahid Entezari Alley, No. 52

Phone number of Bamgah Emarat restaurant: 08337213794

بهترین رستوران های کرمانشاه

The address of Bamgah Emarat restaurant on Google Map

2- Your Excellency Restaurant

His Excellency Kermanshah restaurant combines the two uses well. This place is one of the best restaurants in Kermanshah because it is both a restaurant and a meeting hall. In fact, the stylish decoration and the large hall of this restaurant allow you to choose your Excellency to celebrate your birthday or wedding with a large group of friends and family.

Do not doubt about the menu of His Excellency Kermanshah restaurant, which is one of the best menus in the city. The tasteful chef of this restaurant serves creative types of kebabs that you have probably never tasted before. For example, the Egyptian kebab of His Excellency Kermanshah restaurant has a layer of saffron rice that is dominated by a rectangle, a layer of red meat kebab, and a layer of grilled almonds. A combination that if you try, you probably will not forget the taste soon.

Address of His Excellency Kermanshah Restaurant: Shariati St., next to Bank Saderat

Phone number of His Excellency Kermanshah restaurant: ۱ 09187344005

رستوران عالیجناب کرمانشاه

4- Tarbestan restaurant

Tarbestan restaurant is one of those places where you can always hear live Kurdish music. The ambiance of the restaurant is old-fashioned and the sky-blue chairs remind you of Grandma’s house. Of course, instead of restaurants, there are boards that you can use if you order Daisy and complete the image of a traditional space. Traditional Daisy with fresh vegetables and hot Sangak bread can not be spent on the table and chairs. This is why it is said that Tarbestan restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Kermanshah.

If you go to Tarbestan restaurant for lunch, be sure to order a stone daisy for Tabarestan. A variety of kebabs, salads and desserts are waiting for you for dinner. In general, one of the good things about this restaurant is that it has food for a variety of tastes. If you do not have dinner at night, you can order a variety of breads and salads. If you like rice, you have a variety of rice dishes and kebabs.

Address of Tarbestan Restaurant: Kermanshah, Shahid Keshvari Blvd., in front of the Governor’s Office, Parsian International Hotel, located on the mezzanine floor

Telephone number of Tarbestan restaurant: 08334219174

رستوران طبرستان کرمانشاه

Tabarestan restaurant address on Google Map

5- Kambaden Restaurant Garden

Kambadan Restaurant Garden is one of the best restaurants in Kermanshah where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This beautiful restaurant garden is located in the western park of Taghobestan historical site. For this reason, you can easily access the mountain park and the historical site. In place of the beautiful green area of ​​the restaurant, there are pavilions that you can use with family and friends.

One of the dishes you can eat in the garden of Kambaden Restaurant is Daisy with mutton, which is served with fresh buttermilk and vegetables. In addition, stuffed fish and chicken can be ordered on Thursdays and Fridays; But keep in mind that to order these foods, you must call and make a reservation in advance.

Finally, one of the most popular dishes in the garden of Kambaden Restaurant is the long and narrow skewers of kebab heart and liver, which are served on weekends.

Garden Address of Kambadan Restaurant: West Park – Second Cut on the Right

Garden phone number of Kambadan restaurant: 09106183900

باغ رستوران کامبادن

6- Jamshid Hotel Restaurant

If you are going to Kermanshah for tourism, Jamshid Hotel is one of the best places you can stay. This hotel is located near the historical site of Bostan Arch. This means that you can easily see the antiquities and experience the beautiful mountain view and the great weather from the window of your room. Most importantly, one of the best restaurants in Kermanshah is downstairs. In fact, you have everything you want.

Jamshid Hotel’s restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner to hotel guests and others. One of the famous dishes of this restaurant is rib kebab, which you must order once. Of course, you can also order other types of kebabs along with pilaf or bread. In general, the Iranian food served in this restaurant has a special and general reputation.

Restaurant address of Jamshid Hotel: Kermanshah, Bostan Arch Square

Phone number of Jamshid Hotel restaurant: 08334999666

رستوران هتل جمشید

Restaurant address of Jamshid Hotel on the map

7- Souri restaurant

Souri restaurant is also one of the best restaurants in Kermanshah that has live music every night. This restaurant is built in one of the historical houses of the city, which dates back to the Qajar era. The outdoor space of the restaurant on cool spring and summer nights provides a happy and pleasant atmosphere for guests. In addition, the capacity of this restaurant is about 150 people. This means that if you decide to hold your small party in a restaurant, a Syrian restaurant is the best option for you.

It is very popular among the menu items of Suri Chelou restaurant. Fans of this food say that the muscle meat melts in your mouth and the quality and fragrant pilaf is cooked with Kermanshahi oil. Aside from Chelo Musk, Shishlik and Syrian chicken also have a lot of fans. In addition, fish lovers all believe that Syrian fish is one of the best fish they have ever eaten. So if you are looking for a happy and exciting night with delicious food, be sure to visit the Syrian restaurant.

Address of Syrian restaurant: Kermanshah, Customs St., next to Shahr Barz Khaneh, Fasihi Alley, No. 127

Syrian restaurant phone number: 09358571557

بهترین کبابی های کرمانشاه

9- Shirin and Farhad Restaurant

If you went to Kermanshah in the summer and your heart wants a little cool summer air, be sure to visit the city. The beautiful mirage and waterfall of Darband Sahneh gives you the opportunity to spend a few hours in a cool paradise under the shade of walnut trees. Now, if the good weather and the great view double your appetite, you can also visit Shirin and Farhad restaurants in the courtyard.

Traditional restaurant tables are the best place to sit. And of course, the food that you should order in Shirin and Farhad is a variety of kebabs. These kebabs are served with fresh buttermilk and double your enjoyment of a day trip to Sahneh city.

Address of Shirin and Farhad Restaurant: Sahneh, Darband Street

Shirin and Farhad Restaurant Phone Number: 09183380213

رستوران شیرین و فرهاد

10- Shayli Restaurant

It is not without reason that Shaili restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Kermanshah. This restaurant with a stylish environment and different spaces is ready to receive guests with different tastes. For example, if you want to have a small birthday party with friends, you can use the upstairs coffee shop. Or if you have invited a group of relatives to the restaurant for dinner, the tables are the best place for you. Anyway, all parts of this restaurant are designed in a chic and orderly way, and you will not regret choosing Shaili restaurant.

The dishes served at Shaili Restaurant are also prepared for all tastes. From seafood such as steak to seafood such as shrimp and salmon, even the most discerning customers will love the delicacies. Of course, the restaurant menu also includes the usual dishes of the best restaurants in Kermanshah, such as stew and kebab ribs. These foods are served to customers with the best quality and in beautiful dishes. Finally, choosing a stylish restaurant for a chic lunch or dinner can be a good day for you and your fellow travelers.

Shaili restaurant address: Rafatieh Square, at the end of Pezeshkan Street

Phone number of Shaili restaurant: 08337263040

بهترین رستوران های کرماشاه

11- Three pine restaurants

Another of the best restaurants in Kermanshah, which is located near the historical site of Bostan Arch, is Se Kaj Restaurant. First of all, you should know that the green area of ​​the restaurant and its traditional tables are the best place to sit. These boards are beautifully arranged around the pond, and watching the mountain scenery, the pond, and the cats playing is a really special atmosphere. If you are lucky, you may even have live music on the night you go to Se Kaj Restaurant and enjoy Kurdish music while eating.

Of course, the most popular dish of three pine nuts is special kebab. It can even be said that travelers coming from cities near and far to Kermanshah are not willing to leave the city without tasting the kebab ribs of the three pines. But in addition to the barbecue ribs, the triple pine nuts also have their regular customers. These kebabs have a wider width than ordinary batter and are prepared on three skewers side by side. Our suggestion is to order different dishes and by tasting each other’s dishes, you can taste more of the three pine menu items.

Address of Se Kaj Restaurant: Kermanshah – Taghbestan – next to Shadi city (inside the compound)

Telephone number of Se Kaj restaurant: 09188562899

رستوران سه کاج

12- Motamed restaurant

As the name implies, a Motamed restaurant is a place where you can be sure that you will get delicious food and a relaxed environment. It is not surprising that this restaurant is also on the list of the best restaurants in Kermanshah, because the food of this restaurant is presented to the customer with exemplary quality and excellent decoration.

The dishes of this restaurant are very diverse. But regular customers usually praise Akbar Jojeh for a trusted restaurant. This delicious dish with a special pomegranate sauce has attracted a lot of fans. In addition, those who love barberry pilaf with chicken believe that this food is served in a reputable restaurant with quality rice and good taste.

Address of Motamed restaurant: 22 Bahman, 30 meters from the second corner of Chaleh Chaleh intersection

Phone number of Motamed restaurant: 08336388329

رستوران معتمد کرمانشاه

13- Islamic Restaurant

Kermanshah Islamic Restaurant has a more intimate atmosphere. In this restaurant, there is no news about tables, chairs and stylish decoration. But we have made this restaurant one of the best restaurants in Kermanshah because the quality of its food is unique. Islamic restaurant is really one of those places that teaches you not to judge by appearance. In addition, this restaurant is located in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Kermanshah. So you can enjoy a delicious meal after hours of sightseeing and shopping in the city.

One of the best things about Islamic restaurants is that the amount of food served is much larger than elsewhere. Therefore, no matter how hungry you are, you can be sure that you will come out of the Islamic restaurant of garlic. In addition, the prices of this restaurant are relatively lower than the competitors. But the quality of the food, most of the customers of the Islamic restaurant go to this restaurant because of the delicious and quality sliced ​​stew. Of course, there are many fans of kebabs in Islamic restaurants.

Address of Islamic Restaurant: Kermanshah, Javanshir St., Lokha Alley

Phone number of Islamic restaurant: 08338246902

رستوران های کرمانشاه

14. Shandiz Green Restaurant

Another of the best restaurants in Kermanshah that has an open environment and live music is Shandiz Sarsabz restaurant. This restaurant has two types of pavilions, the first type which is a little more modern and has a rectangular frame. There is a lot of flower arranging between the pavilions. So if you go to the green Shandiz restaurant for lunch, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the garden. The nights also have the atmosphere of night periods and music and light and the smell of fire.

The restaurant menu includes all the usual dishes of Kermanshah. Of course, the green Shandiz saffron kebab chicken is one of the delicious dishes of this restaurant. Another must-try at Shandiz Sabzab is bread and yogurt. Yes! Green Shandiz bread and yogurt are so delicious and desirable that it may change your mind about this simple dish forever.

Address of Shandiz Sarsabz Restaurant: Kermanshah, 100 meters after Imam Hossein Square, towards Elahieh Belt

Phone number of Shandiz Sarsabz restaurant: 09181337030

بهترین کبابی های کرمانشاه

The last word

Kermanshah is known for many things, the love legends of Shirin and Farhad, the heroes and writers of sports, historical monuments, high mountains and soaring. But in addition to all this, delicious food and audible music are also among the attractions of Kermanshah that make this city spectacular and attractive.

Whichever restaurant you choose in this beautiful city, barbecue ribs and stew slices are probably the best options for you. But finally it is Kermanshah and kebab, whatever it is, you can be sure will have the best possible taste and quality.

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