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The best restaurants in Kish and experience the authentic taste of the best southern cuisine

When we travel, delicious local food is one of the must-try items; Especially on the trip to Kish , which will definitely be one of the most attractive trips of your life, we suggest food Try the best restaurants in Kish. Join us to review the complete list of Kish restaurants and you can choose the best option according to your taste.

Some of these restaurants are so high quality that you should go directly to them from Kish Airport Go and experience your first meal in Kish. So do not miss this article to get acquainted with the best restaurants in Kish.

What is the best fast food in Kish?

Kish hashtag restaurants and burger houses are among the best fast food restaurants in Kish.

Which Kish restaurants have live music?

Mir Mahna, Payab, Kaban and Baba restaurants have live music in Kish.

What is the best food court in Kish?

Damon Kish Food Court Restaurant

1- Royal Star Kish Restaurant

Royal Star Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Kish that serves seafood along with delicious food. The experience of tasting food in this restaurant is enjoyable not only for travelers, but also for people living in Kish. Royal Star Kish Restaurant serves customers in two meals, dinner and lunch, and if you are a traveler or resident of Kish, you can have a traditional or seafood lunch in this restaurant.

The decoration of this restaurant consists of two parts, open and closed, and can satisfy people with different tastes. A very complete menu for each meal, coffee shop menu, convenient parking, playground, free internet, live music and telephone reservation are other advantages of this restaurant and the very good attitude of the staff of this restaurant has made it very popular.

Address of Royal Star Kish Restaurant: Sadaf Boulevard, Phase One, Anther Building, Third Floor

2- Mir Mahna restaurant in the best restaurants of Kish

Mir Mahna Restaurant is another of the best restaurants in Kish, which serves a variety of grilled, traditional and seafood dishes. This restaurant is located in the east of Kish, near the recreational pier, and you can enjoy a live performance of music by Damon Band (the best Kish band) while eating.

You should note that you must have a table in advance to go to this restaurant; Because the excellent quality and taste of the food in this restaurant is so great that it is always crowded. This restaurant is also close to Kish shopping centers and you can go to this shopping center from this restaurant.

Address of Mir Mahna Kish Restaurant: Parvin Etesami St., next to Top Rose Motel

3- Totti Frouti Kish Restaurant

If you are one of those people who enjoy eating in a beach restaurant, Totti Fruit Restaurant, which is almost the best restaurant in Kish, can be a good choice for you.

This restaurant serves Western food and the presence of a coffee shop equipped with beautiful decoration makes it even more attractive!

This restaurant has been operating in Kish recreational pier since 1984 and is currently one of the best restaurants in Kish. The back of this restaurant has a completely wooden space facing the sea, which you can use to eat and enjoy the beautiful sea view of the Persian Gulf.

Address of Totti Frouti Kish Restaurant: At the end of Dori Boulevard, next to the new recreational pier

رستوران توتی فروتی کیش از بهترین رستوران های کیش

4-Payab Kish Restaurant

Payab restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Kish, which has created an open and relaxed space for travelers. In this restaurant, the food is of very good quality and you can satisfy a variety of tastes.

This restaurant has a teahouse for people to enjoy tea and you can enjoy the environment of this restaurant and live music.

In this restaurant it is possible to book and send food for free; So if you do not want to use the restaurant environment but you want to taste quality and delicious food, you can use the free delivery service of this restaurant.

Address of Payab Kish Restaurant: Olympic Square

رستوران پایاب کیش

5- Kuh-e-Noor restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Kish

One of the most special restaurants in Kish that has a cave-like environment is Kuh-e-Noor restaurant. Upon entering this restaurant, you will feel that you have entered an old cave and it will surely be a new and enjoyable experience for you.

Of course, if you do not like such an environment, but you want to taste good food, this restaurant is still suitable for you; This restaurant has a large space and next to the cave-like space, there is also an open space and you can taste your food in this section.

Kish Noor Kish Restaurant Address: Kish Island, Amirkabir Square

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6- Padideh Shandiz Restaurant: One of the most famous and best restaurants in Kish

What do you think about a restaurant 42 meters above the ground and with a glass floor? For many people who are afraid of heights, this restaurant may not be a good option, but for people who like excitement, Shandiz phenomenon is a good option to enjoy the taste of authentic southern food in Kish.

In front of this restaurant is a 100-ton anchor that holds a Guinness record; Because this anchor was built in just 35 days and was able to create an attractive tourist attraction. The advantages of this restaurant include serving a variety of quality food, a pleasant family environment and excellent service by its friendly staff.

Padideh Shandiz Kish Restaurant Address: Hormozgan, Kish, at the beginning of Jahan Road

7- Kish Spaghetti House Restaurant

If you are one of those people who are not very interested in traditional and grilled food, you can try Kish Spaghetti House.

This restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Kish that serves Italian, steak, lasagna and غذ dishes and can be a good choice for you. The price of food in this restaurant is reasonable unlike other best restaurants in Kish, and you can also have your food delivered to your hotel or accommodation.

Location of Kish Spaghetti House Restaurant: Parmis Hotel, downstairs

8- Kish White Whale Restaurant

Kish White Whale Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Kish; What is the reason for its registration? The architecture of this restaurant is exactly the shape of a white whale.

This restaurant has a very complete menu that serves a variety of Persian and French dishes. This restaurant is located by the sea and has a very attractive view to eat. The food at this restaurant is usually more expensive than other restaurants, but the excellent quality of the food and its attractive scenery are probably worth the cost.

Address of Kish White Whale Restaurant: Sanai Square, behind Maryam Bazaar and Farabi Hotel, beach bar

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9- Damon Kish Food Court Restaurant

Foodcourt Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Kish, which serves very tasty food. This restaurant is located on the second floor of Damon Shopping Center! If you are planning to go shopping and you want to go to a great restaurant after shopping, we suggest you choose Damon Shopping Center and go to Food Court Restaurant after your purchases.

This restaurant serves a variety of Persian, Italian, Turkish, Chinese, Indian and Mexican dishes with the best quality and can create a pleasant experience for you. In addition to lunch and dinner, this restaurant also serves breakfast and eating a delicious breakfast in this restaurant will help to start a very enjoyable day.

Address of Damon Kish Food Court Restaurant: Vesal St., Damon Shopping Center

10- Kish Cinnamon Restaurant

Cinnamon Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Kish, which Kish residents are also very interested in.

This restaurant usually serves Iranian dishes such as kebabs, fish, stews, tehchin, qimeh nesar, beans, kebabs, lentils, but the food is so delicious that most of its customers serve it in Italian restaurants. prefer. Of course, in addition to the residents of Kish, this restaurant is also attractive for Iranian and foreign travelers, and for once, you should experience its delicious food.

Kish Cinnamon Restaurant Address: End of Andisheh Street, in front of the Persian Gulf Sound

11- Darwish Kish Cottage Restaurant

You are not a foreigner and you want to experience Iranian food in one of the best restaurants in Kish? Darvish Cottage Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Kish, which serves traditional Iranian dishes such as Kabab Kobideh, Qormeh Sabzi and Mirza Ghasemi. It is interesting to know that this restaurant is one of the restaurants that also serves vegetarian food and we recommend it to vegetarians.

In front of this restaurant is a famous Greek ship that makes the atmosphere of the Persian Gulf waters more pleasant! It is necessary to know that in addition to food, this restaurant also serves tea and hookah, and the menu price of this restaurant is very reasonable compared to other restaurants.

Address of Darvish Kish Cottage Restaurant: Kish, Beach Building 2, Jahan Road, after the Greek ship

12- Kaban Kish Restaurant

If you are one of those people who like crowded environments, Kaban restaurant is very suitable. This restaurant, like many other restaurants, has live music. The variety of food is also very high and there is American and Italian food with a variety of hot and cold drinks. This restaurant is not very suitable for people who are accustomed to eating in a quiet environment.

Address of Kaban Kish Restaurant: Kish, Sadaf Town, upper floor of Basak Building, Kaban Restaurant Cafe

13- Foodland Kish Restaurant (Kish Food Land Restaurant)

If you are looking for the best restaurant in Kish that serves a variety of dishes, Foodland Restaurant or Kish Food Land is a good choice for you.

In this restaurant, the variety of Iranian, Middle Eastern and Western dishes is very high and for each type of food, a separate booth is provided. In the Iranian booth, you can order a variety of traditional and seafood dishes, which we suggest you try the milk and tahchin food.

In addition to the quality of the food, this restaurant also has an interesting decoration; In this restaurant, there are 3 separate halls, each of which has its own decoration and lighting. The variety of food in this restaurant includes more than 100 food models and it can be considered the most unique restaurant in Kish and Iran. Most of the food and spices used in this restaurant are prepared from abroad and meet international standards.

The restaurant also has two separate coffee shops, the first for hot and cold drinks and the second for tea and hookah.

Layali Cafe is also located in this restaurant, which is only active for 2 hours at night! If you are a night owl, you can spend time with your family or friends in this coffee shop from 12 pm to 2 am and enjoy its pleasant environment.

Address of Foodland Kish Restaurant: Marjan Bazaar, at the western end of Marjan Bazaar, next to Shiraz International University

14- Uncle Akbar Kish Seafood Restaurant

Uncle Akbar Seafood Restaurant is one of the local restaurants in Kish and does not have a very luxurious environment! It is a restaurant with a normal environment, but due to the excellent quality of food, it has become one of the best restaurants in Kish.

The restaurant serves a variety of seafood with fresh ingredients. The best dishes of this restaurant are shrimp and fresh fish that are cooked in the best condition.

This restaurant is recommended for people who do not care much about the luxury of the restaurant environment but are looking for very high quality food.

Address of Uncle Akbar Kish Restaurant: Ferdowsi Boulevard, in front of Paniz Bazaar, Hafez Complex

رستوران دریایی عمو اکبر کیش

15- Baba Ghodrat restaurant in the best restaurants of Kish

One of the best restaurants in Kish, which is of course one of the chain restaurants in Iran, is Baba Ghodrat Kish Restaurant. Baba Ghodrat Restaurant is one of the restaurants where a variety of food is served and whatever taste you have, you can enjoy Baba Ghodrat Restaurant to the fullest.

The prices in this restaurant are a bit higher than most good restaurants, but its quality is worth trying. In this restaurant, there is enough parking space to receive all travelers and you can enjoy live music while eating.

Address of Baba Ghodrat Kish Restaurant: Roudaki St., next to Parmida Hotel

16- Salood Kish Restaurant

Salood restaurant can also be considered as one of the best restaurants in Kish; Because this restaurant uses first-class ingredients and cooking food in this restaurant is quite professional.

This restaurant serves a variety of traditional, grilled and of course seafood dishes and can meet different tastes. The menu of this restaurant is very diverse and of course its prices are quite reasonable compared to other restaurants.

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So if you want to have a hearty dinner or lunch at a reasonable price, this restaurant can be one of your choices.

Address of Salood Kish Restaurant: Jahan Road, next to Hur Cottage

رستوران سالود کیش

17- Kish Energy Restaurant

Have you ever wondered how much fun it is to eat in a concert hall? Kish Energy Restaurant is actually a small concert hall with a capacity of 500 people that makes your fantasy a memory.

The capacity for 500 people may be small for a concert hall, but it is too much for a restaurant! Kish Energy Restaurant can be considered the largest and best restaurant in Kish for people who are very interested in concerts and live music on stage.

In this restaurant you can access 4 sections of appetizers, main course, desserts and drinks in the menu. The menu of this restaurant includes all traditional dishes and its variety suits all tastes. The most important facilities of this restaurant are private parking, free wireless internet, excellent service, proximity to the city center, its large and attractive, and finally the space is different from other restaurants.

Address of Kish Energy Restaurant: Old entertainment pier, beach bar after the conference hall

18. Kish Burger House

In addition to Kish restaurants, you might also like to try the city’s burgers. Kish Burger House is one of the best restaurants in Kish, where all kinds of burgers with the best quality are at your disposal.

You can find all kinds of burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, burgers and anything else you can think of at the burger house. Burger prices are also very reasonable compared to other restaurants on Kish Island.

Kish Burger House Address: Sadaf Town, in front of Morvarid Bazaar

19. Hasht Kish Restaurant

One of the best restaurants on Kish Island that serves Persian and fast food is Hashtag Restaurant.

This popular restaurant is crowded most of the time and you may have to wait a bit; But it is definitely worth it. Users describe both Iranian and fast food, but apparently the fast food of this restaurant is slightly better than Iranian food.

So if you are planning to have a fast food dinner, we recommend this restaurant; Of course, we must say again that this restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Kish and its Persian food is very tasty and delicious. This restaurant is easily accessible from the best hotel in Kish and there are no restrictions to reach it.

Address of Hasht Kish restaurant: in front of the karting of Hadish building

20- Ivan Morvarid Kish Restaurant

If you like pizza, Pearl Porch is the right choice! Avan Morvarid serves a variety of Persian, French and fast food dishes, but is best known for its pizzas. On the Pearl Porch, when pizza is brought to you, it is divided into 4 parts, each of which has its own taste. I suggest you do not forget to eat Ivan Pearl pizzas for a dinner.

Address of Ivan Morvarid Kish Restaurant: Opposite Morvarid Bazaar

21- Shandiz Safdari Kish Restaurant

At the westernmost point of Kish Island, next to the Greek ship, there is a restaurant called Shandiz Safdari. This restaurant is also one of the most expensive and best restaurants in Kish that serves a variety of foods. The restaurant has a capacity of about 900 people and has hosted a large number of artists, actors and athletes.

The Shishliks of this restaurant are very famous and this restaurant is known for its 50-year history of serving Shishliks, the father of Shishliks in Iran. The live music atmosphere also makes eating in this restaurant very enjoyable! Near this restaurant, there is also Kish Bungee Jumping, which belongs to this restaurant, and you can spend hours there. Of course, if you can rent a car in Kish, you will be much more comfortable.

Shandiz Safdari Kish Restaurant Address: Jahan Road, between the Greek ship and Hur Cottage


If you go to one of these restaurants during your trip to Kish, or have visited them before, tell us about your experiences. This list can be completed with your help and your experiences and help travelers to this beautiful island to enjoy food.


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