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The best villages around Tehran for a breath of fresh air

You do not always have to leave the country or travel to distant cities to see the natural attractions and breathe the fresh air. There are many areas in our country that many tourists travel to Iran to visit. If you live in the capital, you may say that these places are far from Tehran, but we must say that you are sorely mistaken. There are several villages and areas around Tehran where you can breathe clean and light air in the heart of green nature. In this article, from Alibaba Magazine , we try to introduce the most unique villages around Tehran.

What are the villages in the south of Tehran?

Yousef Reza, Rudafshan, Klein, Chal Tarkhan and Khaveh are among the villages in southern Iran.

What are the closest villages to Tehran?

Afjeh village is the closest village to Tehran and is 30 km away from the center of the capital.

Villages around Tehran for fun

There are several tourist areas around Tehran that some people may not be aware of. In the following, we will introduce the best villages around Tehran for sightseeing.

1- Afjeh village

Afjeh is one of the best villages around Tehran. In this village, there are natural and historical attractions such as Paschurik waterfall, Moab waterfall, Carrot plain, Cheraghan neighborhood, Nasreddin Shah palace, Saka castle, Qajar bath and Lar plain. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Tehran, we suggest you visit Afjeh village.

The best time you can choose to go to this village is spring and summer. During this period, the glory of Afjeh is even greater than Tehran palaces and in the best conditions in terms of green nature , The ideal climate, spring blooms and beauties and. Will be located. There is no place to stay in this area so far, and if you plan to spend the night in nature, you should have camping equipment with you. Not to mention that the village of Afjeh is 5 km away from Lavasan and to reach it you have to leave about 30 km northeast of Tehran.

روستاهای اطراف تهران

2- Upper Chanaghchi village is one of the best villages around Tehran

This village is located in Dozaj rural district and is located around Zarandieh city in Markazi province. To go to Upper Chanaqchi, you have to go near Saveh. Historians date the village to Safavid times. Since then, this area has been a good place for recreation and many people travel to this village to change the mood and avoid the hustle and bustle of the city. In addition to Muslims, there are a small number of Christians living in the village of Upper Chanaqchi.

These multi-religious inhabitants are one of the amazing features of the village. Many people in the country refer to this pleasant village as a symbol of religious solidarity. To reach Upper Chanaqchi, you must enter the Saveh-Buin Zahra road. This area is located at a shorter distance than other villages in Tehran, and of course you have to take a shorter route to reach it.

3- Arange village

This area is about 18 km away from Karaj city. This beautiful village competes with the most spectacular Tehran Museums . You can see the ancient stones by walking in the old cemetery of Arange village. This area has more gardens than other villages around Tehran and is naturally greener. In these orchards, various fruits such as red apples, cherries, walnuts, pears and berries are harvested. This village is about 2 km away from Chalous road.

It goes without saying that the way to reach the village of Arangeh is asphalt. In this beautiful village, several villas have been built and many people choose it to spend their weekends. At 18 km of Chalous road, you will see Arangeh sign. There are various small and large restaurants and eateries for sightseeing in this village, which thanks to their delicious home-cooked food from the best cafes Tehran are.

To reach this village, you have to leave Chalous road from the side and reach this beautiful area after a distance of 2 km. Among the spectacular attractions of Arangeh, we can mention Khor waterfall and Haft Cheshmeh valley. Also in winter, due to snowfall, the heights of this village become a ski slope.

ارنگه از روستاهای اطراف تهران

4- Ahar village

In the city of Rudbar, Qasran and Shemiranat, a village called Ahar attracts attention. Ahar is one of the largest areas between the villages around Tehran. This village has a good climate and is one of the best choices for the people of Tehran. A large number of Tehranians go to Ahar village to avoid air pollution and fresh air.

There is a river on both sides of the village, and thanks to these rivers, many creatures live in this area. The famous river “Shokrab” is one of the rivers passing through this village. “Pish Konak” is another river of this village with its clear and cool water, a hangout for tourist camps and nature lovers. This river originates from the heart of Gajreh and Sipal mountains and also passes through Ahar. To reach this village, you have to enter Shahid Babaei Highway and then go to Lavasan-Lashkark road. After this road, exit towards Oshan and after a short time, reach Ahar village.

روستای آهار اطراف تهران

5- Barghan village is one of the most beautiful villages around Tehran

This village is a part of Savojbolagh city of Alborz province. Sanj and Shahroud rivers pass around Barghan village and for this reason, this area is known as one of the most beautiful villages around Tehran. Over the past few years, various tourism companies have organized numerous tours to visit the village. Our suggestion to you is to visit Barghan in your summer entertainment program.

In the spring, many recreational facilities in the village begin their activities. Also in this season, Barghan village will have a pleasant climate. According to the explanations given, it can be concluded that spring is the best time to visit the village of Barghan. Not to mention that this season you can take a dip in the rivers of the village.

Among the sights of this village, we can mention Karaj Fire House, Barghan Hosseinieh, Barghan Mosque, bridge, seasonal fruits, patriarchal castle, forty girls shrine and.. Two equestrian clubs have been built in this village and people can experience this sport by visiting them.

روستاهای اطراف تهران

6- Kordan, a popular area between the villages around Tehran

Kordan is one of the most famous villages around Tehran. This village, like Barghan, is located in the city of Savojbolagh. Due to the pleasant climate and greenery, Kordan village has become one of the most popular villages for tourists. Historical documents and evidence show that this village is a thousand years old and dates back to the sixth century.

At that time, Kordan was the political center of Karaj. During the imposed war, many people took refuge in this village, and for this reason, the Kurds are now considered a marginal area. Gradually, the area attracted the attention of many wealthy people and villains, and several villas were built for leisure. These constructs have turned Kurdistan into the commercial hub of Karaj. At 20 km of Qazvin-Karaj freeway, you have to follow the Kurdish signs and enter the road.

Some say that many flowers Mahallati Flower Market are grown near the Kurdish region because of the climate Very well, this village is very suitable for this job. This is the reason for the extraordinary climate of the Kurds.

روستاهای اطراف تهران

7- Taleghan village

This village is from Tehran sights summer areas between the heights of Alborz mountain range and It is 133 km away from Tehran. In summer, the population of this region doubles. Many people go to Taleghan to enjoy the fresh air. The people of this region speak Mazandaran and Tati languages. There are several waterfalls, several caves, various springs and orchards in this village. The presence of these natural attractions has made Taleghan an ideal area for tourism. This village is about 120 km away from the center of Tehran and to reach it you have to go to the northwest of Tehran.

روستای طالقان

8- Philband, a pleasant village around Tehran

Filband village is one of the summer areas of Mazandaran province. This area is one of the most popular villages around Tehran due to its short distance from Tehran. In winter, the snowfall is very heavy and because of this, Philband will be almost deserted. So note that it is better to choose spring and summer time to visit this pristine area.

This village is located at a distance of 2300 meters above sea level and for this reason it is known as the eastern roof of Mazandaran. In the past, people had to cross the difficult path to reach this village; For this reason, this area became known as Philband.

The dictionary states the meaning of elephant, fatigue, and fatigue or fatigue. The reason for choosing this name is the difficult path to reach the village. Philband summer plain is one of the few areas in the country where it is possible to see the cloud ocean. Also, the small and home restaurants of Filband village are so crowded that they compete with the best restaurants in Tehran . /

روستای فیلبند مازندران

Despite such blessings around Tehran, there is no excuse for staying home. You can travel again this weekend and spend a day or two exploring the green heart of nature. If you have experience traveling to any of these villages, share it with us. Of course, it is not possible to reach this village by Tehran Metro , but finding or renting a car and traveling to them It’s worth it.

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