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The end of the last season of renovating Abbas Ramezani’s house in Seh Ghaleh Sarayan

Aria Heritage / According to the latest news, the end of the last season of renovation of Abbas Ramezani’s house in three castles took place.

Mohammad Arab said that the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism, in order to attract people’s participation in the preservation of cultural heritage, will exchange a memorandum of understanding with the owners of historical monuments in cities and villages, and by allocating funds with the participation of people, monuments Historical monuments are preserved, maintained, repaired and reconstructed, and in this regard, 500 million Rials were allocated from national resources for the restoration of this historical monument in 1399.

The head of cultural heritage, tourism and handicrafts of Sarayan city added: this building is located in the historical area of ​​Seh Qala city and its restoration with the aim of turning it into an ecotourism unit in the past years from national resources by activating a restoration workshop including excavation and style Roofing, installation of facilities, excavation and demolition of roofed and floor spaces of the yard, foundation and reinforcement of load-bearing elements, removal of extensions, restoration of the entrance gate, restoration of the interior facade of the yard, brickwork inside the yard, repair of damaged coverings and re-implementation of cover Was.

Continuation of sand and gypsum grouting in two layers, mud kiln and re-coating of thatch roof in two layers, soil and gypsum coating as well as final plastering of roofed spaces, paving of all rooms and roofed spaces, digging sewage wells , Restoration of the walls around the building on the north, south and west sides by re-executing the wall with traditional clay and masonry and finishing the thatch, complete restoration of the windbreak including winding winding and strengthening the windbreak blades with suitable timber boards, strengthening the walls Windbreak and soil and plaster coating of the inner parts of the windbreak, repair of the roof face and reinforcement of the windbreak stem and restoration of the windbreak decorations were performed.

Arab continued: “Ceramic tiles and the implementation of four bathroom facilities, flooring of the two remaining rooms that had not been done before, brickwork on the floor of the south porch and the room under the windshield and plastering were among the restoration measures in this building.” And the continuation of the restoration work includes the construction of doors and windows and the equipping and operation of the building by the municipality of Seh Qala as the owner.

He stated: Ramezani House inside the passages of the historical context of the city of Se Qala is one of the original examples of Iranian architecture with the features of this architecture, namely introversion and the central courtyard. The building includes the entrance, porch, corridor, courtyard, porches, kitchen, rooms around the courtyard, windbreak room and storage. The main axis of the building is located in the northeast-southwest direction, which passes through the center of the courtyard and the two porches of the building are located on both sides of the courtyard along the main axis. The southwest porch, which is the main porch of the building, has a key arch, followed by a windbreak room and then the royal room along the axis of the building. There are paintings of clocks inside the arches of the royal room, each of which shows a specific clock, and for this reason this historic house is known as the clock house.

Arab also said: the use of known principles of Iranian architecture to adapt to climatic, cultural, religious conditions, in the design of this building is the most important feature of this building. This historical monument was registered with the number 29947 in the list of national monuments of the country.

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