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The great yawn of history; Ayub Kerman Cave

The great yawn of history; Ayub Kerman Cave

Kerman is the largest desert province of Iran with its historical and natural attractions. It is considered the heritage of Iran; Some of them are less known and some of them are registered in the list of national monuments of Iran, just like Ayub Cave in Kerman, which is located near the city of Babak, in the village of Dehnj and is known as the great yawn of history.

This cave is made of volcanic lava and its opening is the largest opening of the igneous cave in Iran, whose grandeur is amazing and the stories that are told about it are very interesting in their kind. Now in IRANVIVA Tourism Magazine I have written to you about his stories and legends to learn more about the most special cave in Iran and travel to its heart.

Where is Ayub Cave?

Kerman, Shahrbabak, 7 km from Dehnj village

What are the sights in Ayub Kerman Cave?

Arezoo pond, halal and haram holes, the footprints of Hazrat Ayub and the stone texture of the honeycomb are some of the attractions of Ayub Cave in Kerman.

When is the best time to visit Ayub Kerman Cave?

The best time to visit Ayub Cave in Kerman, according to the desert geography of Kerman, is spring, late summer and early autumn.

How is Ayub Kerman Cave a cave?

The historical cave of Kerman, which is located in the city of Babak, Kerman, is known for its large opening, which is 60 meters long and 80 meters high. It is made of igneous cave stones, which is why this cave is considered to be the largest igneous cave in Iran. So, in fact, this cave was formed from volcanic lava in the past years and has reached us. معرفی کلی غار ایوب Kerman cave is located on a mountain of the same name, which reaches a height of 3200 meters and is part of the central mountain range of Iran. Due to its geological and archaeological importance, this cave has been registered as one of the national monuments of Iran on February 30, 2006 with the registration number 13945.

It is interesting that Ayub Cave of Kerman is also known by another name, which is funny in its kind and shows the special feature of this cave, that is, its very large opening, and for this reason it is also called the long yawn of history.

How old is Ayub Kerman Cave?

Caves around the earth are usually born for a variety of geological factors; The cracking of rocks, erosion or slipping of rocks is one of the factors that we mentioned. And since ancient times, caves have always been the first natural home and refuge for humans. قدمت غار ایوب This The cave in addition to that It is one of the Kerman sights , it has a deep history in the heart of history. Job Cave is made of volcanic lava; That is, the water under the dacite lava exploded after joining together to form this cave in the heart of the mountain.

Of course, after a long time after the formation of the main body of the cave, the humidity and cold air inside the Ayub Cave also caused the expansion and contraction of its walls and the separation of large pieces of stone from its heart, and therefore caused the cave to expand over time. Has been.

In addition to all these expansions and contractions, the wind also came to the aid of the erosion process of Kerman cave and the impact of sand particles on the walls of the cave has caused the formation of nest-shaped walls inside the cave. غار ایوب کجاست؟ Of course, according to the archeological artifacts left inside the cave and various researches have shown that Ayub cave in Kerman was once inhabited by people whose time dates back to the Parthian period. It returns and this makes Ayub Cave one of the special archeological sites of Iran.

Why is the name of the cave named Ayub?

Do you know why this cave is called Ayub? It has an interesting story. Every year during the spring and summer seasons, a large number of people from cities around Kerman, such as Rafsanjan, Sirjan, Yazd, Mehriz, etc., come to Kerman Cave for pilgrimage, as well as for fun and mountaineering. Now why pilgrimage? They believe that Prophet Ayub lived in this cave for some time and today the work of that Prophet is left in the form of his footprints on the chest of the cave rocks. جاهای دیدنی کرمان At the same time, the name of Job remained on this cave. There is also a refreshing spring inside Ayub Cave in Kerman, on which the villagers of Dehanj have closed the spring and directed the water inside it through a pipe to the outside of the cave and a water reservoir because they believe that Ayub the Prophet suffers from skin disease and that the water inside He found the cave and washed himself in it, his skin was healed. Because of such beliefs, the people of Dehnj village in Babak city of Kerman have named this cave Ayub.

What are the sights of Ayub Cave?

Apart from the igneous rocks of the walls of Ayub Kerman Cave, and the walls that have become nests due to wind erosion, there are different parts inside the cave that can be both a place of pilgrimage for visitors and a place of recreation and rest. دیدنی های غار ایوب

غارنوردی در پیچ و خم ایوب

Do we have to caving to see Ayub Kerman Cave?

Ayub Cave of Kerman, since it is located at a height, to reach it, you need to have a little mountaineering and rock climbing along the way. But as soon as you reach the mouth of the cave, you will realize its greatness!

The entrance to the cave As soon as you step into the cool of the cave, you will see a green ladder to your right that leads to a room with a large window facing nature. The view from inside the room is stunning and indescribable. The mountains in front of the mouth of Ayub Cave in Kerman have very interesting designs and colors, which makes us have mountainous and pristine views in front of us. دیدنی های غار ایوبAround this room, we also see the remains of a series of hand-made walls, which shows that this cave has been used a lot in the past. The depth of the cave eventually reaches 200 meters, and to reach the end of it, you have to go up a steep path, but from the middle of the road, metal fences have been installed to facilitate the flow of tourists.

The end of the cave has a strange and mysterious mood, although it is a bit cluttered and crowded, but looking at the books that are spread everywhere and the decorations inside the cave, you think about the untold stories of Ayub Kerman cave, who need to spend hours and even days. This cave has taken refuge and left some things.

Of course, the frescoes on the walls of Ayub Cave in Kerman are not without charm, the holes caused by water and wind erosion have created interesting views on the walls.

What legends are hidden behind Ayub Cave? ‌

Many stories have been told about Ayub Cave in Kerman and each part of it has been linked to a legend, each of which is fascinating and audible in its own way. And even the reason why some people go to this cave is still to believe in these legends! جاهای دیدنی کرمان

Batch position Moonlight

There is a part in the central courtyard of Ayub Cave in Kerman, which is also called home, and they usually sit here to relieve fatigue. About 150 meters above this house is the place of the moonlit child. There is a hollow in this place that has a human-like footprint engraved on it, which the locals attribute to the Prophet Job.

More interestingly, there is a legend that on Friday nights a number of children called moonlit children (something like a ghost!) read the Qur’an there, and some even said that they heard their voices! جاذبه های کرمان

The Pond of Wishes

In a part of the eastern wall of Ayub Cave in Kerman, a narrow stream of water flows from the roof, which eventually flows into a small pool at the foot of its wall. The water of this pond is very refreshing and cool. Above this pond, there is a flat and flat place where you can see a small hawai-shaped hole. In fact, this hole is known as Arezoo Pond or Joqan

The locals believe that if you wish, make an intention next to this hole and then throw a piece of stone into it; If the stone is thrown out after hitting this hole, your wish will be fulfilled!بازدید از غار

Halal and forbidden holes

This part of the cave legends is very interesting and at the same time funny! If you go to Job Cave and look to the west of its wall, you can see a large, circular but small diameter hole in the heart of the rock. This hole is known as halal and haram coat. The locals believe that if a person is a halalzadeh, he can pass through this hole, otherwise he cannot pass!

What items should we take with us?

Since the cave is a tourist and even a place of pilgrimage, stairs and fences have been built to make it easier to get to and from it, but this does not diminish the reality of being a cave and being a mountainous area!

مسیر دسترسی به غار Ayub Cave is very high from the ground and you need to climb part of the route to reach it. So the right clothes, the right shoes, and a bag and a light bag are some of the things you should have with you. Also have water with you because the water of Ayub Kerman cave spring may not be available for drinking.

What should we observe?

_ Since the path to the cave requires a short climb, it is better for the elderly and infirm not to visit Ayub Cave in Kerman because it may be dangerous.

_ Also do not forget the necessary equipment and tools and proper mountaineering cover. Remember, the lighter you are, the easier your trip will be.

نکات احتیاطی غار ایوب

The most important thing to photograph caves is not to use arrows at all as bats may attack you.

_ And the last point is that please do not throw your garbage on the ground and do not write a souvenir on the walls of the cave to preserve the pure and beautiful nature of the cave for the future.

The best time to visit Ayub Cave in Kerman

Because Ayub Cave in Kerman is located in a desert geography and has a mountainous environment, it can be said that the best time to visit it and the sights of Kerman is spring, late summer and early autumn.

بهترین زمان بازدید از غار

At these times of the year, the climate in the desert is milder and does not get too cold or hot, and a comfortable and relaxing trip can be taken. Remember that at night, in Ayub Mountain and in the cave in general, the weather is very cold, so it is better to choose the day and clear weather to go to Kerman Cave.

When is Ayub Kerman Cave open?

The working hours of the historical complex of Ayub Kerman Cave are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you can visit it.

Where exactly is Ayub Kerman Cave?

Address of Ayub Cave, Kerman: Kerman, Shahrbabak, 7 km from Dehnj village, Ayub Mountain, historical complex of Ayub Cave

How to get to Ayub Cave?

In order to reach the famous cave of Kerman, you have to move towards Kerman province and Babak city. By vehicle, you can choose Bandar Abbas road to Tehran and Jozem crossroads. Then, 7 km from Babak city, you will see a village called Dehanj, where the cave is located.

جاذبه های گردشگری کرمانشاه

Ayub Kerman Cave, the millennial house of Iranians

Ayub Cave of Kerman is one of those places of interest in Kerman and Iran that in addition to natural attractions and nature tourism, you can also get acquainted with its archeological and historical attractions. It seems that this cave has always been with the people of Iran for a long time and has a story to tell that even though its legends are still narrated by the local people and many people travel to this cave to get help and pilgrimage.

Where is the mystery of these rock walls left by the volcanic eruption supposed to take us? Will other legends about Ayub Kerman Cave say in the coming years that they are completely different from what we know today?

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